Which of the following firms has the least incentive to advertise

Which of the following firms has the least incentive to advertise? a. a manufacturer of breakfast cereal b. a wholesaler of crude oil c. a restaurant d. a manufacturer of home heating and air conditionin Which of the following firms has the least incentive to advertise? a. a manufacturer of breakfast cereal b. a wholesaler of crude oil c. a restaurant d. a manufacturer of home heating and air conditioning A

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  1. 20. Which of the following firms has the least incentive to advertise? a. a manufacturer of home heating and air conditioning b. a manufacturer of breakfast cereal c. a wholesaler of crude oil d. a restauran
  2. Which of the following firms has the least incentive to advertise? a. a manufacturer of home heating and air conditioning b. a manufacturer of breakfast cereal c. a wholesaler of crude oil d. a restaurant  
  3. Question: 31) Under Which One Of The Following Contracts Does An Agent Have The Least Incentive To Behave 31) Opportunistically? A) The Agent Pays A Fixed Fee To The Principal For The Right To All Future Payoffs B) The Agent Works For The Principal On A Per Unit Basis C) The Agent Recelves A Share Of The Profit D) The Agent Works For The Principal On An Hourly.
  4. If all firms in the market advertise, them each one sees its costs go up without an increase in its sales. Match each type of market to a possible incentive or disincentive for advertising in it. Order the following firms from least efficient to most efficient. 1.) Comcast is the only high-speed Internet provider for a particular urban.
  5. g 6)Which of the following market types has the fewest number of firms? A)perfect competition B)monopoly C)monopolistic competition D)oligopol
  6. Which of the statements is true regarding advertising? Perfectly competitive firms have the strongest incentive to advertise. Advertising is only potentially effective if a firm has some market power. Advertising increases economic efficiency. All of the statements are true regarding advertisements

Which of the following is the best explanation for this observation? A. More firms are likely to enter the consumer electronic market over time, forcing market prices down. B. Early adopters of these new products typically have a higher demand and higher income compared to those who are willing to wait. C The combination where Firm A advertises and Firm B does not advertise is Nash equilibrium because . it is best for each firm given what the other firm has chosen . the total industry profits are maximized . Firm A has an incentive to change its strategy and chooses not to advertise If the price of a variable input increases, which of. Firm A will reason that Firm B is unlikely to risk cheating. If neither firm cheats, Firm A earns $1000. If Firm A cheats, assuming Firm B does not cheat, A can boost its profits only a little, since Firm B is so small. If both firms cheat, then Firm A loses at least 50% of what it could have earned 10. In the long run, if price is less than average cost A) there is an incentive for firms to exit the market. B) there is profit incentive for firms to enter the market. C) the market must be in long-run equilibrium. D) there is no incentive for the number of firms in the market to change

The following table shows the profits associated with the pricing strategies of two oligopolistic firms, Agronomia and Farmingdale. Each firm has two possible strategies: to charge a low price or a high price. The first entry in each cell shows the profits to Agronomia and the second the profits to Farmingdale a) Each firm will earn $500 million in profit for a total of $1,000 million for the two firms. (b) Firm A will earn $650 million and Firm B will earn $300 million. Compared to the high-price strategy, Firm A has an incentive to cut prices because it will earn $150 million more in profit and Firm B will earn $200 million less in profit

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A) occurs when managers have more incentive to maximize profits than the stockholders-owners do. B) in financial markets helps to explain why equity is a relatively important source of finance for American business. C) would not arise if the owners of the firm had complete information about the activities of the managers has the incentive to cheat on the cartel and increase its output. If a member increases its output and the rest of the cartel members do not, the cheating member's profits will increase substantially. Each member reasons that if it is the only cheater, it can significantly increase its profit and so each firm has an incentive to cheat. Topic.

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  1. A. ensure firms have pollution charge credits for all reduced emissions. B. provide incentive for firms to maintain regulation emission levels. C. provide adequate incentive for firms to reduce their emissions by more. D. ensure firms must pay the pollution charge for all reduced emissions
  2. imized at Q = 35, where average cost is $50. Which of the following is true? a. This firm charges $50 for the good. b. This firm charges more than $50 for the good. c. This firm charges less than $50 for the good. d. The firm has excess capacity at all output levels greater than 35 units. e
  3. If you have a problem with your investments, investment account, or a financial professional, use our investor complaint form to provide us your information. To ask a question or request information, use the investor question form . You can also call our free help line at 1-800-732-0330, or email us at Help@SEC.gov. (link sends email)
  4. QUESTION:3 For each of the following characteristics, say whether it describes a monopoly firm, a monopolistically competitive firm, both, or neither. • Faces a downward-sloping demand curve. • Has marginal revenue less than price. • Faces the entry of new firms selling similar products
  5. Market Structures. In economics, market structure is the number of firms producing identical products which are homogeneous. The types of market structures include the following: Monopolistic competition, also called competitive market, where there is a large number of firms, each having a small proportion of the market share and slightly differentiated products
  6. imum ATC. d. firms have an incentive to leave. e. the demand curve is tangent.
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A)It is impossible for new firms to enter the industries. B)Collusion and the creation of cartels is common. C)Producers cannot benefit from knowing other firms' plans. D)Firms have some degree of control over prices. 1.Which of the following statements is true for both monopolisticall 2. Firm portfolio diversification, which can reduce top executives' employment risk (i.e., job loss, loss of compensation, and loss of managerial reputation) Diversification reduces these risks because a firm and its managers are less vulnerable to reductions in demand associated with a single/limited number of businesses Which of the following is least likely to be associated with a firm's macro-environment? a) Study of the changing birth rate. b) Analysis of household savings ratios c) A new staff incentive scheme d) Cultural convergence. Business Development Management

The contracting officer may use a firm-fixed-price contract in conjunction with an award-fee incentive (see 16.404) and performance or delivery incentives (see 16.402-2 and 16.402-3) when the award fee or incentive is based solely on factors other than cost. The contract type remains firm-fixed-price when used with these incentives 5) Which of the following factors has the LEAST effect on the design of an organization's pay plan? A) legal B) union C) company vision D) company policy Answer: C Explanation: C) The factors that determine the design of any pay plan include legal, union, company strategy and policy, and equity. A firm's vision indicates what the firm wants t Each firm has the incentive to cheat because its marginal cost is $4.76 and the market price is $52.38. As a competitive market, supply equals demand. p = 100 - 2(5p) or 11p = 100. Price equals $9.09 and output equals 45.45 units Firm Fair and Just, Inc. has no inherent taste for discrimination except that it recognizes that the workers of a certain race or gender possess some undesirable characteristics that are not directly observable. Holding everything else constant, firm Fair and Just, Inc. chooses not to hire workers of this race or gender

Policy-makers have two broad types of instruments available for changing consumption and production habits in society. They can use traditional regulatory approaches (sometimes referred to as command-and-control approaches) that set specific standards across polluters, or they can use economic incentive or market-based policies that rely on market forces to correct for producer and consumer. 10) Which of the following statements is FALSE? A) A board is said to be classified when its monitoring duties have been compromised by connections or perceived loyalties to management. B) Even the most active independent directors spend only one or two days per month on firm business, and many independent directors sit on multiple boards, further dividing their attention Monopolistic competition builds on the following assumptions: (1) all firms maximize profits (2) there is free entry, and exit to the market, (3) firms sell differentiated products (4) consumers may prefer one product over the other. Now, those assumptions are a bit closer to reality than the ones we looked at in perfect competition A. Cost plus fixed fee. A. Cost plus fixed fee contract has the highest risk for the buyer, because this provides a payment to the seller of seller of actual costs plus a fixed fee which is determined in the contract. So, the seller doesn't have any incentive or award even if he meets certain deadlines or not. Log in to post comments Firm Fixed Price. The seller bears all the risk and performs the contracted work as identified in the Statement of Work. The share ratio for this contract type is 0/100. The cost of the work is the Target price, regardless of any over or under runs by the seller. Fixed Price Plus Incentive. The seller performs the work, bearing the risk of the.

2. Firm portfolio diversification, which can reduce top executives' employment risk (i.e., job loss, loss of compensation, and loss of managerial reputation) Diversification reduces these risks because a firm and its managers are less vulnerable to reductions in demand associated with a single/limited number of businesses This philosophy has been built into compensation models, employee incentive plans, performance management programs, ingrained in the very fabric of many companies. The problem is that it doesn't work. In fact, following the practice of offering carrots and sticks can actually have the opposite effect, and decrease performance Drugstore chain Walgreens is offering an incentive to encourage more Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine as demand has continued to lag in some parts of the country. Walgreens announced Tuesday. Blue: Missourians ages 12-17 who have received at least one does of a COVID-19 vaccine at any time. Winners will receive a $10,000 education savings account through the Missouri State Treasurer. However, each firm in an oligopoly has an incentive to produce more and grab a bigger share of the overall market; when firms start behaving in this way, the market outcome in terms of prices and quantity can be similar to that of a highly competitive market. Tradeoffs of Imperfect Competitio

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In some circumstances, when firms have incentives to act in a manner inconsistent with the public interest, taxes or fees can align private and public interests. For example, taxes or fees charged on pollution make it more costly for firms to pollute, thereby affecting the firm's decisions regarding activities that cause pollution A firm has a general-purpose machine, which has a book value of $400,000 and is sold for $600,000 in the market. If the tax rate is 30%, what is the opportunity cost of using the machine in a project? (Points: 5) $600,000 $540,000 $400,000 none of the above 21. Which of the following portfolios have the least risk Learn how Product, Price, Promotion and Place create an effective Marketing Mix. Humorous examples depict various Target Markets in this easy-to-understand v.. Comparing corporate capital spending of 1,804 public companies in the three quarters prior to TCJA (Jan.-Sept. 2017) to spending in the three quarters following its passage (Jan.-Sept. 2018), the research finds some increase among multinationals (firms with at least one subsidiary abroad) but a slight decline among domestic-only companies According to FW Cook, 83% of the 250 largest S&P 500 firms use a formulaic annual incentive plan, or one that includes predefined metrics and weightings. These plans tend to incorporate multiple.

Twitch has embraced regional pricing with its subscription prices in India and other countries reduced significantly. The tier 1 subscription prices on web for India has been reduced by almost 80%. would be considerably reduced and might vanish altogether if firms did not have an incentive to disproportionately reward individuals who labored long hours and worked particular hours. Such change has taken off in various sectors, such as technology, science, and health, but is less apparent in the corporate, financial, and legal worlds Because oligopolistic industries have a small number of firms, the incentive to merge is quite high. Doing so then gives the resulting firm greater market control. Collusion : Another common method of cooperation is through collusion--two or more firms that secretly agree to control prices, production, or other aspects of the market

Most companies want to hire the most qualified employees and keep those employees loyal and productive. To attract and keep their best employees, companies provide a package that includes compensation (money), incentives (special perks or rewards for good work), and benefits (valuable options such as health insurance and paid vacation) Oklahoma has begun distributing the $1,200 Back to Work incentive payments for people who left unemployment for a new job. The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission said Thursday it has received more than 10,000 applications, but 90% of those were denied for various reasons. Some applications were.

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While firms would be better off collectively if they cooperate, each individual firm has a strong incentive to cheat and undercut their competitors in order to increase market share. Because the incentive to defect is strong, firms may not even enter into a collusive agreement if they don't perceive there to be a way to effectively punish. D) providing an incentive for the best-qualified workers to remain with the firm. 38. Efficiency-wage theories suggest that a firm may pay workers more than the market-clearing wage for all of the following reasons except to: A) reduce labor turnover. 1. Introduction. Following the seminal work of Prahalad, 2004, Prahalad, 2005, there has been a surge in interests among scholars, politicians, business media and corporate America in the so-called Bottom of the economic pyramid (BOP).Recently, the researchers have begun to use the term Base instead of Bottom to avoid any negative connotation Commissions, incentives, and bonuses are forms of variable pay. Benefits can also be divided into company-paid and employee-paid. Some, such as holiday pay, vacation pay, etc., are usually paid for by the firm. Others are often paid, at least in part, by employees—a notable example is medical insurance A firm currently has the following capital structure which it intends to maintain. Debt: $3,000,000 par value of 9% bonds outstanding with an annual before-tax yield to maturity of 7.67% on a new issue. The bonds currently sell for $115 per $100 par value

Other firms creating at least 150 net new jobs and investing at least $3 million Firms in strategic industries exclusive of Music Production and Entertainment that make significant capital investment that have at least 25 employees; manufacturing firms who retain at least 5 employees are also eligible to apply for participation in the Progra Agents have the capability to manage their own self-interest comparatively more then the best interests of the firm because of asymmetric information (e.g., managers know better than shareholders either they are talented and capable of meeting the shareholders' objectives and vagueness. Facts of self-interested managerial behavior involves. In the U.S., the rate of birth of new firms (as a percentage of all firms) fell from above 13% in the late 1980s to around 8% in 2015, according to the most recent official data

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b. Description of how you have approached the report (one paragraph) 4. Sub headings 5. Short paragraphs: six lines, comprising two points and one conclusion 6. Illustrated with at least one graph, table, and relevant picture 7. Recommendations to the: a. Firm b. Government 8. Conclusions, i.e. other recommendations and observations 9 The following is an industry breakdown showing the most commonly used financial metrics for all the sectors included in this article. The percentage breakdown column represents the number of companies that used each metric in their annual incentive plans during either fiscal year divided by the total number of companies that use C. A firm being threatened with dismissal from a client engagement. D. A firm being concerned about the possibility of losing a significant client. 58. The following circumstances may create intimidation threats, except A. Being threatened with dismissal or replacement in related to a client engagement. B Courts look at the firm's market share, but typically do not find monopoly power if the firm (or a group of firms acting in concert) has less than 50 percent of the sales of a particular product or service within a certain geographic area. Some courts have required much higher percentages. In addition, that leading position must be sustainable.

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That holding company has two shareholders, corporate records say. Mr. Ren, Huawei's chief executive, owns a little more than 1 percent of shares. The rest are owned by an entity called the Union. Business groups and Republicans have complained that raising taxes in the United States will put American companies at a global disadvantage and provide an incentive for firms to move overseas

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Over 90% of carry has been coming from private equity, meaning that KKR is underearning as a firm meaningfully. Guidance from management is that performance income should reach ~US$2 bn in the. 11-1. Suppose there are 100 workers in an economy with two firms. All workers are worth $35 per hour to firm A but differ in their productivity at firm B. Worker 1 has a value of marginal product of $1 per hour at firm B; worker 2 has a value of marginal product of $2 per hour at firm B, and so on B)causes a firm to become the target of a takeover. C)increases the likelihood that a firm will survive. D)causes a firm to remain small in the long run. 2) 3)Firms use incentives to pursue their most fundamental goal, which is to maximize A)sales revenue. B)profits. C)worker pay. D)worker satisfaction. 3) 4)The fundamental objective of a firm i

How Firms in Pure Competition Behave. How do firms in pure competition behave in the long run? With low barriers to entry, if the industry is making an economic profit there is an incentive for other firms to enter the business. As more firms enter, the supply of the product increases, driving down the price and reducing the profits B) eligible employees must have worked for the employer for at least one year C) employees must be employed at job sites with at least 50 employees D) up to 12 weeks must be granted in a 12-month period Answer: A Explanation: A) Employers may require employees to provide advance notice and medical certification, but this is not a requirement When firms act together in this way to reduce output and keep prices high, it is called collusion. A group of firms that have a formal agreement to collude to produce the monopoly output and sell at the monopoly price is called a cartel. See the following Clear It Up feature for a more in-depth analysis of the difference between the two Which of the following are typical actions a customer would take if the customer received nonconforming materials or products and the customer did not have the ability to bring the goods into conformance? A. Reject the entire shipment but pay the full cost of the contract B. Accept the entire shipment, no questions aske Initial Public Offering - IPO: An initial public offering (IPO) is the first time that the stock of a private company is offered to the public. IPOs are often issued by smaller, younger companies.

a. The firm must have incentives for local managers to share knowledge and ideas. b. The firm's managers must be aware that competencies can develop anywhere. c. The firm must be pursuing a strategy of differentiation. d. The firm's managers must help to transfer competencies around the company. e As of today, more than 1.6 million doses had been administered in the state; 57.2% of Hawaii's population of about 1.4 million have completed vaccinations, while 62% have received at least one dose

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Thus if it wants to sell more, it must lower the price. Does a monopoly have an incentive to advertise? Since the firm is also the market demand curve, it has one hundred percent of the market share; however, monopolies may advertise to increase overall market demand or to improve goodwill or public relations. Barriers to Entr The demand curve has shifted to the right. Given what we learned earlier in the semester, we should know that the market price will increase. If market prices are increasing, then firms are earning higher marginal revenues than they earn in a long-run equilibrium. This means that firms are earning positive economic profits Navigating Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Programs & Incentives. Friday, February 19, 2021. As COVID-19 vaccines become more available, employment-based programs requiring or incentivizing.

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Since Target's EVA has been increasing for the past three years, the firm has more profits remained after the costs of the company's capital. 7. Financial Perspective (Million) 2011 2012 2013 FCF Free Cash Flows 1069 =5434-4368 2048 =5325-3277 3067 =6520-3453 Assessment: Cash is the real asset that firms generate 1. Introduction. On June 5, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission) adopted Regulation Best Interest, which establishes a new standard of conduct under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act) for broker-dealers and natural persons who are associated persons of a broker-dealer (associated persons. Incentive provides a platform through which firms can motivate their employee's to improve their employee's productivity, scholars like Pouliakas, 2008; Pinar 2008; Arnolds and Venter, (2007) have all carried out research into monetary and non-monetary incentive and how they affect organizations

Incentive pay plans are meant to increase output, which can be measured quantitatively. For incentive plan targets, the employees must have confidence that they can achieve the targets. 3. Gain Sharing: It is a reward system in which team members earn bonus for increasing productivity or reduce wastages Nucor Steel is very well known for pushing authority and responsibility down to the lowest levels in the hierarchy, which shows how effectively the firm has designed jobs for enrichment. Incentive systems at Nucor are so effective that Nucor employees are the highest paid steel workers in the world

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According to Our World in Data, only 22.26% of people in Asia have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. In comparison, that figure is 53.03% in the U.S. and 63.56% in the U.K Government policy prevents entry or makes it more difficult; for example, protectionist measures may mean a tax is placed on foreign products or there is a limit to the number of overseas goods that can be sold; this would make it difficult for a foreign firm to enter a market The existing brands have a high level of loyalty The existing firms. Four key economic concepts—scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, and incentives—can help explain many decisions that humans make. Scarcity explains the basic economic problem that. Type A is more efficient than Type B: for example, as shown, at the output of 20 units, the Type A firms have a marginal cost of $2, as opposed to a marginal cost of $3 for the Type B firms. There are 10 Type A firms and 8 Type B firms in the market. Which of the following statements is correct? At price $2, the market supply is 450 units For example, establishing incentives for achieving sales quotas may result in more salespeople reaching daily sales goals. If the only incentive available to salespeople is hourly pay, employees.

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Firms that are currently losing money and cannot pay dividends may see their stock prices fall below book value. At the very least, stocks priced below book value make tempting takeover targets In some circumstances, whenfirms have incentives to act in a manner inconsistent with the public interest, taxes or fees canalign private and public interests. For example, taxes or fees charged on pollution make itmore costly for firms to pollute, thereby affecting the firms decisions regarding activities thatcause pollution incentives. The contract price is the price bid, with no incentives or fees added. Cost responsibility is placed wholly on the contractor. FFP is the preferred type when cost risk is minimal, or can be predicted with an acceptable degree of certainty. Government contracting officers are required to use firm-fixed-price or fixed-price with economi

The following table summarises the principal requirements. Table 1. Summary of key regulatory compliance requirements which at least one has more than 10 years of relevant experience, is an executive director and full- business in Singapore and attractive tax incentives for funds and fund managers. Outside of the traditional offshore. Acquisition.gov is the Federal Government's premier electronic source for the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). It contains Product Service Codes (PSC), the Federal Service Contract Inventory, FAR Archives, eBook versions of the FAR, optimized search engine for the FAR and other resources to improve Acquisition for contracting professional Labour economics seeks to understand the functioning and dynamics of the markets for wage labour.Labour is a commodity that is supplied by labourers in exchange for a wage paid by demanding firms. Because these labourers exist as parts of a social, institutional, or political system, labour economics is often regarded as a sociology or political science Incentives could boost employee health care- Senate studies tax breaks to help small firms provide insurance. The incentive under consideration will probably be in the form of larger tax deductions for companies that offer health care plans to their employees. Dallas Morning News, 2/1/07. Utah: Program Assists Uninsured to Get Health Coverage