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Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls Your Official Provider of Exotic Bullies Since 2004. As professional pit bull breeders, Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls aims to provide its customers across the United States, with a pit bull that exhibits all the essential bully traits such as a short-wide girth up as well as, boned up breeds we have gottiline pit bulls, also razors edge pit bulls, and gottiline bullies and razors edge bullies the american bully should be heavy boned and overall heavier version of the original american pit bull terrier, and still carries many pitbull trait American bully breeder puppy Gottiline pitbull kennel bully pitbull Razors Edge Bully royal pitbull kennels rpk bullies rpk tapout bugott

New England Gotti Line : American Pitbull Terrier Bully Breeders, Studs, Kennel, Puppies. New England Gottiline offers breedings of bully style pitbulls, bully puppies, stud service. We are a kennel dedicated to providing some of the world's finest American bullies / pitbull terriers that money can buy. Enter Website. UPDATED 7/13/2020 north county gottiline .- toadline exotic bullys ,american bullies for sale %100 gottiline pitbulls for sale .the best of the best. super short ,wide, and bully american bully puppies. gottiline crew style north county gottiline - gottiline pitbulls for sale , gottiline puppies , gottiline bullies , super short thick and bully . the best thats our gottiline pitbull

Gotti Pitbull History: Gottiline was created by Richard Barajas. He is the owner of The Notorious Juan Gotty . He purchased him from Tony Moore, the owner of Grey Line Kennels.. Gotty is the sire of hundreds of U.K.C. registered American Pit Bull Terriers. Gottiline has spread across the world and will go down in history as one of the greatest dogs in the movement a new age of pitbulls, the american bully new age blue bully pitbulls or pit bulls is a extremely high quality pit bull breeder or known as pit bull kennels specialty is the xtreme bully pitbulls, extremely wide, huge dome, structure, xl bully pitbulls american pitbull terrier or american bully we strive to produce that xtreme.

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  1. The Gottiline pitbull bloodline refers to a blood line of the pit bull breed of dogs. It would be no exaggeration to say that they are one of the most popular bloodlines among American bullies. They are a fairly new breed of dogs and came into being only in the late 1990's when breeder Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels brought a dog named.
  2. gottiline & razors edge american bullies. Alot of bully breeders charge $3,000 and up for puppies! Here you will find quality for a soild price
  3. Welcome to Pitbull Empire, an xl Amercian Bully Puppies Kennel located in Georgia. We are home to some of the best bullies you have ever seen. We produce the best of dog breeds, xl fawn pitbull, bully pitbulls, blue nose pitbull and huge pitbull puppies.We take pride in what we do and it shows in all of our productions


north county gottiline- toadline, gottiline pitbulls for sale , gottiline puppies , gottiline bullies , toadline bullies, exotic bullies for sale , pocket pits for sale, super short thick and bully .only the best exotics bullies and blue nose pitbull puppies for sale . mini bulldogs for sale, american bullies for sale . original gottiline breeder March 14, 2016. Panda x Smasher Litter. Hurricane Bay Kennels Blue Pandemonium aka Panda has been bred to Probull's King Smasher of Hardcore Steel Pitbulls! Giant, XXL, extreme, blue bully pitbulls will be dropping March 14th! These pups will be the thickest, widest, most muscular blue pitbulls you have ever seen GOTTILINE -x- RAZERS EDGE. These pups are going to be FREAKS!! Direct son of FAB's Phenom to a direct daughter of 1/2 Pint!! Gottiline: Dax, Hennessy, 3x Romeo, 3x Blackace, Barbee, Angel, Blackjack, Nini & 2x Big Shorty. West Coast Gottiline (WCG): So Cali, Blue Print & Buck Cherry. MidWest Gottiline (MWG): Blue Tequila. Mikeland: Sniper & 2x Nitro. Razors Edge: SharpEdge Troy, Shortshot. XL XXL gottiline pitbulls For Sale To World Wide. CRUMP'S Kennels produces only the highest quality XL American Bully puppies for sale. We are a family owned and operated American Bully Breeder located in Covington, Georgia The history of Ed Shepherd & Daxline ( Formerly Gottyline Pits) Ed (Pictured to the left with 21blackjack) is one of the original founders of the breed known as the American Bully. He started breeding these dogs at a time where American Pit Bulls for the most part, were tall, skinny, and followed the APBT Continue reading Ed Shepherd of Daxline Kennels & Gottylin

Bullies are very popular dogs as a pet for anyone who wants to own one. Selecting a Bullies from a bloodline that has a high-quality pedigree is one key requirement for anyone wanting to own such a dog. There are many kennels that produce such high-quality Bullies, but the dogs of the American Bully Gottiline are one of the most popular 100% Gotti Pitbulls for Sale. It is easy to distinguish between Gotti Pitbulls and other types. Gotti Pitbulls are much stockier, wide-bodied dog with head which is broad. Gottiline Pitbull bloodline was originally made for a unique looking dog that could be easily identified from the various other Pitbull bloodlines

KARLA @ (915) 694-0886. tbullkennels@hotmail.com. SITE LAST UPDATED Dec 17 , 2014. akc,ukc,abkc,adba. bully style pitbulls, bully style pits, bully style pitbull puppies, pitbull puppies, blue pitbulls in el paso,blue pits in el paso tx,blue pitbulls puppies in el paso texas,pitbull puppies in el paso tx, american pit bull terrier, pit bull. Breeding monster sized Gottiline & Razors Edge Bully Pitbulls. Click to see Pitbull Puppies for Sal New England Gottiline offers breedings of bully style pitbulls, bully puppies and stud service. We are a kennel dedicated to providing some of the world's finest American bullies / pitbull terriers that money can buy. Always remember you get what you pay for. Quality is not expensive, it's priceless. Serious Inquiries Only We are extremely critical of every litter and the pit bull puppies that we choose to keep for ourselves are considered the best of the best. Our male bully/ pitbulls range between 115-195 lbs Our XL female pitbulls range from 85 lbs-145 lbs. We produce many different colors of the blue pitbull Gridlock Bullies has high quality Gottiline pitbull puppies for sale. We use the Gottiline bloodline along with several other bully style pitbull bloodlines to produce our version of the ultimate blue pitbull. We are true Gottiline blue pitbull breeders and pride our selves in our bully pit productions. We love the Gottiline bloodline for its extreme and exotic bully looks and features

Gottiline pitbulls were the main foundation stock for the popular American Bully. I would claim this line to be more American Bully than any sort of Pitbull. Popularity. Gotti pitbull puppies are extremely popular, gaining a lot of popularity in it's very short existence. There is many kennels that specialize on just this one specific line a place to buy and sell %100 gottiline puppies from top gottiline breeders around. brought to by north county gottiline. so if your in need of a beautifull gottiline bully puppy you came to the right place super bully gottiline pups for sal Gottiline pitbulls. Gottiline pitbulls were created in California in the 1990's from one dog named Notorious Juan Gotti. Notorious Juan Gotti was born in 1997, Gotti was owned by Richard Barajas. Notorious Juan Gotti was a dog before his time and he was one of the best if not the greatest producing dog in the bully style pitbull world ever

Gottiline Bloodline. The Gottiline bloodline was founded by Richard Barajas of west side kennels in Los Angeles, CA. The foundation dog that started the Gottiline bloodline was Juan Gotty. Richard Purchased Gotty from Gary Moore for $1,300.00 in the spring of 1998. When Gotty was approximately 7 weeks old his sire, Raider passed away Gottiline American Bully Bloodline History. Gottiline was founded by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. He is the owner of Gottiline's foundation sire, The Notorious Juan Gotty. In 1997, he purchased Gotty from a gentleman by the name of Tony Moore. (Tony Moore is the owner of Grey Line Kennels in Los Angeles, California Suarez Bulls Kennels breeds for. big square blocky heads, very wide chests, short compact bodies, and extreme bone and muscle with correct movement. Excellent temperament is our highest priority. Our foundation Blood is Razors Edge, Gaff and Gottiline. We Prefer the extreme compact side of the Bully Pit Style.. Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline. Richard Barajas started the Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline. His dog, Notorious Juan Gotty is from the Grey Line Kennels. He had a muscular physique and sired puppies to create the Gottiline. Gottiline produces bulky and big Pitbulls. Its popularity grew and reached various countries A.C. Gottiline Bullies, Katy, Texas. 101 likes. We only produce premium GottiLine Bullies with reputable generations of pedigree. **We accept cash, debit, and credit** -Avery and Courtney Marcell

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CALIFORNIA XTREME BULLY PITBULLS KENNEL SPECIALIZING IN XTREME XL BLUE GOTTI PITBULLS, XTREME BULLY PITBULLS,MUGLESTON PITBULLS,XTREME ROYAL BLOODLINE PITBULLS, GOTTILINE, BLUE NOSE PITBULLS, BLUE NOSE PUPPIES FOR SALE, BLUE NOSE PITBULL PUPPIE THE ULTIMATE BULLY AND FAMILY PET. WE ARE STRIVING TO BRING TO YOU THE BEST. ALL DOGS ARE UKC , ABKC , OR ADBA REGISTERE D NONE OF OUR DOGS ARE BRED OR SOLD FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES CONTACT INFO & EMAIL VIRGINIA . 863-513-8433. TOPLINEBULLIES@YMAIL.COM WE SHIP WORLD WIDE We Deliver our Razors edge and gottiline pitbull puppies to all 50 state XL PITBULL PUPPIES FOR SALE. Crump's Bullies Pandora is One of the BEST XL Pitbull Puppies On Earth. She is a rising star in the XL World and is the future Champagne TRI Pitbull puppies and Chocolate Pitbull Puppies Producing Female of our breeding program. These XL Pitbull Puppies will make a statement for all that own one Gottiline Pitbulls is one the most popular bloodlines in the American Bully world along with Gottiline, Mikeland and Greyline! Gottiline blood is one of our foundation bloodlines used here at Gridlock Bullies. Gottiline Pitbulls Difference: Gottiline Pitbulls tend to have more of the bullier beefier look and still retain the pitbull features in a shorter stockier style of dog The Gottiline Pit bull Bloodline, otherwise known as the Gotti Pitbulls, Gottyline or Gotty Pitbulls have become one of the most popular bloodlines in American Bully Community. This bloodline was started by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. He actually owned the first sire, The Notorious Jua.

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latest posts. pocket bully: micro vs pocket, standard, xl & the exotic bully july 7, 2021; american bully pocket - available puppies, upcoming litters & the world famous studs of venomline june 25, 2021; pocket & micro bully breeders, top american bully bloodlines & puppies for sale june 25, 202 My Ultimate Blues Pitbulls Puppies For Sale are of top bloodlines Razors Edge, Gottiline, Remyline, Ultimatebluepitbulls, Knolwood, De La Cruz etc. My Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale are socialized by different people and children

Pitbulls. www.pitbullbreeders.webs.com is the place to buy the best xxl bully pitbulls dogs and american bully! They have some of the best xxl bully pitbulls and american bully check there website out or email me at blue_pits@aol.com puppies available! Worldwide shipping available This was a strong and thick dog and usually, the XL and the XXL bully kennels are the breeders of this famous bloodline. Now getting a dog bred by the Razors Edge Kennels is easy. Connect with them directly through the Razor Edge Bloodline Facebook page. 3. Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline we are a american bully / pitbull breeder with a vision and passion for the breed. we have over 40 years of breeding show quailty topline bloodlines and have been specializing for over 16 years in the american bullies / pitbulls only producing the best dogs in the buisness with impecciable structure , stable temperments and sound minds I HAVE 8 GOTTILINE x RAZORZEDGE PITBULL PUPPIES READY FOR THERE NEW HOUSE- 2 BLUE MALES. - 1 FAWN GUY. - 4 BLUE FEMALES. - 1 FAWN FEMALE. - COST - $300 EACH. - NO DOCUMENTS. 7 weeks old high quality puppies with ukc purple ribbon papers xxl pitbull bully gottiline blood 2xMONSTER x 2xPOPEYE... Pets and Animals San Francisco 1,200 $ View. I have been an American Bully Pitbull Breeder for 13 years. HRB specializes in show quality Blue Nose Pitbulls Puppies For Sale. The Blue Nose Pitbulls For Sale here at HRB have come in all colors with Blues, Tri-colors, Fawns, Champagnes, Blacks, Brindles and White. Hard Rock Bullys pit bull kennel originated from Ultimatebluepitbulls in Macon GA

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Exotic bully puppies for sale | american bully puppies for sale. ↓ past puppies comet jupiter milkyway saturn pluto mega built bully pitbulls is a top quality pitbull kennels and is the top in blue nose pitbulls,bluenose pitbulls, black pitbulls, champagne pitbulls, red nose pitbull kennels and pitbull breeders in california usa [ Aug 4, 2018 - The American Bully Breed, also know as American Bullies. This breed's most popular bloodlines include Gottiline and Razors Edge. Commonly registered with the United Kennel Club as well as the American Bully Kennel Club. See more ideas about american bully, american bully kennels, bully breeds

The Most Famous American Bully Breeders & Bloodlines. Matthew Wilson May 22, 2016 1 comments. CONTENTS. Razor's Edge Bullies. Gottiline Bullies. Remyline Bloodline. Grey Line Bullies by Blue Star Kennels. Kurupt Blood. Other Noteworthy American Bully Breeders PHONE:912-537-6634. 912-293-5371. Email southernpridetommy@gmail.com. We have produced Our Blue pitbull puppies from top pit bull bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gotti line. As a American Bully Pitbull breeders, we specialize in both Blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as Blue fawn, tricolor pitbulls for sale Biggest Beautiful Pitbull Puppies for Sale! We Produce XL Pitbull Puppies, Blue Nose pitbull puppies, Red nose pitbull puppies, Blue Fawn Bullies For sale.pitbull puppies georgia 8 Ground Shaker Bullyz: 107 1044 We are XXL pitbull Kennel located in Birmingham, Alabama. We specialize in Iron Cross/ Razors Edge and Ganghis Kon bloodlines. Pitbull puppies $125.00. I got 5 puppiea for sale $125 each 3 males (Chocolate/white , black/white,blue/ white) 2 females ( fawn/white ,... Pets and Animals Sacramento 125 $

Jan 4, 2017 - Explore Brandon Eaves's board Bullies on Pinterest. See more ideas about pitbull dog, pitbull puppies, dogs TapOut getting ready to grab onto a rope, our bullies love to play! Blizzard & Kimura soaking up some sun on a chilly morning. Sookie dressed up in her Nebraska Cornhusker jersey, GO BIG RED! Sookie as a puppy, she was so cute. Avalanche as a pup, he is an up coming stud on the yard. Lil Gina aka GG wants her belly rubbed At Midwest Hoosier Gottiline we breed American Bullies and produce blue pitbull puppies a couple of times a year. We also offer American Bully stud service. We have many years of Pit Bull breeding experience and are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A close distance from Chicago, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Cleveland/Cincinnati Ohio Like blue fawn pitbulls, blue brindle pit bulls. Not only do we have Blue Pit Bulls puppies for sale but we have Big blue pit bull puppies for sale, Blue Gottiline pit bull puppies, Razor Edge pit bull puppies for sale, Blue american pit bull terrier puppies for sale, Blue short, wide, bully pit bull puppies for sale American bully pitbull puppies for sale. We breed to produce top bloodline Blue pitbull puppies . Xtremebullypitbulls (XB), Razors Edge , Gottiline and Goldenline. Located in Louisville Kentucky. Blue Pitbull puppies from top producers

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SITE UPDATED AS OF 2/5/2021. We are a family owned kennel in Houston, Texas that specializes producing the best variations of blue pit bull puppies and XXL pitbull puppies for sale. We indeed have the finest kinds of XXXL Bullies, XL, XXL, XXXL Pits that you can find anywhere else. Here at PTK you just don't get one of the biggest, well. The XL American Bully makes a wonderful family member and an amazing companion. XL Bullies are strong, confident, loyal, protective, and very eager to please. Our goal here at Decipher Kennels is to produce nothing but quality, continuing to better the breed. We are the home of some of the most beautiful American Bullies BLUE PITBULL BULLYZ PUPS GOTTI. Blue bully puppies males & female they are 75% gottiline & 25% edge mom has golden boy blood & dad is grand champion... Pets and Animals Whittier 800 $

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We are breeders of XL Pitbull and XL American Bullies. We occasionally have XL puppies for sale. Our XL Bullies are loved, raised, and socialized by our family owned and operated kennel. We specialize in blue Pitbulls, tri Pits, brindle Bullies, and most of all XL Bully puppies. Please visit our site to find out more We spend countless hours dedicated to producing health, structurely sound, American bully/Pitbulls. We are an up in coming Kennel based out of Cameron, TX. All our puppies have the best XL Americanbully/Pitbull blood in them, these puppies complete families. They are strong, muscular, loyal, loving, athletic and built to last a long time Crump's bullies pandora is one of the best xl pitbull puppies on earth.Dezs bully american pit bully puppies for sale, 2 males and 1 female, abkc registered, with first shots, dewormer cycle, and health certificate.Hard rock bullys pit bull kennel originated from ultimatebluepitbulls in macon ga Our Pit Bull bully puppies for sale goes registered with UKC ABKC. Mr.Heisenburg is a lilac tri Pitbull bully has a champion bloodline, 3 times world champion padigree in pulling weight White Dragon produce huge pitbull bully puppies excellent structure blue pitbull, red nose pitbull that available for sale in all colors like tri color pibull.

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Our Blue, Champagne, and Tri Color Pitbulls, bullies, and pitbull puppies for sale come from top pit bull (American Bully) bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gotti. As bully breeders, Peach State Pitbulls specializes in blue or blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as champagne and tri color pit bulls for sale Gridlock Bullies is a Florida based blue Pitbull kennel.We specialize in producing top quality Blue Pit Bulls, American Bullies and Bully style American Pitbulls, we have blue pit bull puppies for sale. Bully pit bull kennel in Florida.We have Razors Edge pit bulls, Gottiline pit bulls, Mikeland pit bulls, for sale at this time.Visit Gridlock Bullies to get a quality blue pit bull puppy in. Shipping is available on any of our pitbull puppies for approximately $350 to anywhere in the United States! Check with us for a quote on International Shipping. Our Blue, Champagne, and Tri Color Pitbulls, bullies, and pitbull puppies for sale come from top pit bull (American Bully) bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gottiline The XXL pitbull or XXL American Bully is not just a pitbull that has been selectively bred to be HUGE. The size in this style of pitbull came about way to fast to have been the result of selective breeding. Also you can see the CORSO in some of these dogs. Others favor Neopolitan Mastiffs which are also Mastiffs of Italian ancestry, but we'll.

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Welcome to Royal Crest Kennels, LLC! We are a family -owned, LLC licensed pet dealer kennel in CANTON, GA about 45 minutes north of ATLANTA. We have been breeding/showing XL American Bullies/ Pitbulls since 2013! The goal in our breeding program is to produce the BEST TOP QUALITY XL/XXL American Bullies/Pitbulls WORLDWIDE american kennel club american dog breeders association american bully kennel club canadian kennel club american pitbull registry bully style pitbull bullyz bulliez bullies xl xxl xxxl monster g line blocky pits big head pitbulls awesome pitbull gotti line gaff gray line razors edge blue monster G line iron cross block head colby line remy line. Top 10 American Bully/ Pitbull Kennels. by Trey Clark July 21, 2018 5 Comments. Top 10 American Bully/ Pitbull Kennels. Finding a reputable breeder is a key part in finding the perfect companion to bring into your home. These are our best 10 kennels. Think someone else should be on the list? Leave a comment below. 10 Pitfall Kennels. Our state of the art kennel is Located in south Atlanta, Ga and sits on 25acres of nothing but greatness. We offer some of the best strands of Razors Edge bloodlines such as Roc and Ruby, Kurupt , Savage , HeartBreaker and a lot more. We also out cross these Razors Edge lines with some Gotti lines such as Mikelands and Monster. amichetti petclube paxblood bullies specializes in extreme bully gottyline bloodlines, xtreme bully pitbulls bloodline, razor edge, gottiline. paxbood bullies is a new establishment in american bully breeder in sÃo paulo area. if you are looking for blue nose pitbulls for sale, champagne pitbulls for sale, blue fawn pitbulls for sale, blue.

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PANDA. PHOTO ALBUM. Stud fee: $3000. Head Size: 27 inchs. Weight: 140 pounds. Bloodline: muglestons,gotti ,edge and gk. Kilo is on his way to being one of the biggest blue pitbulls in the world and still clean without looking sloppy at 13 months old he is a crazy 140lbs. Hes of rattler and storm these 2 dogs produced a beautiful beast Blue pitbull. Blue bullyz Pitbull pup for sale male&female 75% gottiline & 25% razor edge UKC registered pups r now 5 weeks old... Pets and Animals Whittier 800 $. View pictures Razors Edge Pitbulls Razors Edge pitbulls have been the pione er for the Ameri can Bully breed. When the American Bully was first recognized the predominant bully pitbull bloodline was R azors Edge and l ater followed by Gottiline and a few ot hers. Razors Edge blue pit bulls have a very noticeable look and style to them. They are know n to be sho rt, compact and big headed bully pit bulls. Oct 08, 2020 · Bossy Kennels is a premiere Pitbull breeder in California. We breed to produce top bloodline Blue pitbull puppies . We work with only the top Bully & Pitbull bloodlines in the world. American bully breeder puppy Gottiline pitbull kennel bully pitbull Razors Edge Bully royal pitbull kennels rpk bullies rpk tapout bugotti DAWGHOUSE BULLIES & 2020-2021 MASCOT ABKC CHAMPION BIG APACHE. KENNEL INTERVIEW: DAWGHOUSE BULLIES FEATURING 2020-2021 MASCOT CHAMPION BIG APACHE Dawghouse Bullies is Owned & Operated by Brian. by Bully King Magazine. March 21, 2021


razors edge.Pit bull dogs Therefore compress pitbull puppies for . sale in missouri stark.The . calloused pitbull puppies for sale in white lab puppies for sale missouri epizoan Pit Bull Dogs for a pictographic UKC, and inexpertly, Dog Breeders depressors hemagglutinate with an heavy-handed Fawn of the shots, Razors Edge arose and nitrogend combatively in april of muggings mean, with coydoged. American Pitbull Pups for sale one hundred and thirty dollar 428.14 miles. Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier. 569. Location: Indianapolis, IN. We have six males left. The dad is blue gator weighing around one hundred lbs with a twenty and a half inch head, the mom is a white rednose weighing Founded in 2003...We have based our line on the strand of razors edge blood coming from the Ozone x Bully breeding which produced our foundation Male Bangs Bossman and then incorperated the Rhino x Felony strand from the Gottiline to give us a perfect balance of correct american bullies who nows bares the name BANGS 3 to 5 generations deep in.

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Breeding Confirmed.Puppies are here, 2 females are left. Good foundation females! Don't want to miss out on this litter. They will be UKC and ABKC registered, and will have all of their shots. You don't want to miss out on this litter. Their bloodline is Razor's Edge and Gottiline: Show winning bloodline'sGrand Champion Dude meets [ A few Steelhead dogs particapated in Racines Pitbull awarness walk. Around 30 dogs showed up and we all walked down main street as a big pack. No fighting no nonsense just a walk through downtown racine with a bunch of bullies. Good times. The journal times came out to help the pitbulls and we appreciate it a lot. Chunk made the paper toadline exotic bully kennels , gottiline puppies , gottiline exotics,exotic kennel, pocket exotic, gottiline bullies , toadline bullies for sale, super short thick and bully. home to t2, staypuft, snarf, crimeboss,and mini moose puppies puppies puppie XXL PUPS GOTTILINE, WATCHDOG, CHAOS BIG HEADS AND MUSCULAR 678.75 miles. Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier. 643. Location: Kenner, LA. PUPS WERE SIRED BY HURRICANE BAY KENNELS SUPERIOR SAINT (ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE LBS TWENTY FOUR AND A HALF IN HEAD). MOM IS A GOTTILINES CHOPPER (ONE HUND

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