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It is highly recommended that you use a special acrylic cleaner available at most hardware stores. A second option, use a dampened, not soaked, 100% cotton cloth like a T-shirts. Dampen with a mixture of dish washing soap and water. Never use an ammonia-based glass cleaner such as Windex Moisten your fingertip ever so slighty with extremely clean water, dab it onto the dent or shiny mark. The matboard will soak it up like a sponge, and return to its natural state. Let it air dry, and it should be good as new. Side note: Does anyone know why most frame shops have a half-empty bottle of Everclear on the shelf

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You can take care of that by spraying water onto a paper towel and wiping the whole frame, especially the corners. This still leaves the glass over the photo itself, which may be smudged with fingerprints or other marks and stains. You definitely want it to be clear so you can better see those memories Take the painting outside and brush off the dormant mold spores with a clean, dry paintbrush. Step 5 Remove the glass from the frame and spray it, as well as the frame, with the disinfectant spray. Take both outside to brush off the dormant spores, then wipe both down with a solution of 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water Firstly layout the matte and under-mount side by side. You can use a straight edge to ensure they are lined up exactly. When satisfied everything is straight use a pH neutral acid free paper hinging tape to tape the two boards together. Next trim off the edges with a sharp knife Margaret, If the prints are of sentimental or monitary value, it would be best to have them cleaned professionally. For a good home remedy, first try the bread trick - it is very effective for removing dirt and dust. If that isn't enough, another thing that can work well is a dry cleaning soot eraser - these are sold in the wallpaper section of most hardware stores Take your cleaning pads. Gently wipe down the surface of the photographs to remove any residue left on the photos. Use extremely slow hand movements to avoid tearing the photographs. Move the wipes over the photograph, removing any set-in debris and dirt as you go

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  1. Center your newly cut mat over your art image. Take a small piece of artist's tape and press it on your jeans or shirt first (adding lint to the tape will remove most of the stickiness and prevent it from ripping your mat or paper when removed.) Then put the tape on the mat and image to hold them in place
  2. g a fine art photograph including talking about the supplies and tools I use in my print studio. Follow th..
  3. Flip the matted picture over and tape across the back edges. You can then remove the strips of tape from the front and the mats will be secured around the picture. That's it! Insert the newly-matted picture into the frame or let the mats act as a rough frame themselves if you prefer. Stick the tape to a piece of fabric before applying it to the.
  4. How To Clean Picture Frames. So you've proudly hung your beautiful picture frames, now you'll want to keep them looking amazing all year round. This is the only guide you'll need to keep your frames clean and sparkly
  5. this frame came to me with a very dark painting inside . they both needed restoration. this frame was very dark and dirty with plastered areas where gold fo..
  6. The most effective way to clean your canvas print is with soft dusting techniques. If your canvas print is covered in a thin layer of dust, it will lose its color vibrancy. Therefore, the most effective and most common method you will utilize when cleaning your canvas print is dusting
  7. Place a garbage bag over your work space, and place the picture mat on top of the bag. Step 2 Dip a paintbrush into a surface primer. Brush the primer over the entire mat, but ensure that you don't over-apply the primer as it can leave dried lumps of primer on your mat

Ruler. Cutting mat. Exacto knife. Pencil. Tape or hardware for holding the art in the frame. Of course you also need art or photos you'll put in the frame and the tape is for taping the art inside the frame if you don't have another way to hold it in. All of these can be found at craft or art supply stores Photographs that are stored in damp attics, basements or shoeboxes as opposed to dry, acid-free environments run the risk of developing mold and mildew. Mold spots, if left untreated, can damage the photo beyond repair. Remove mold from photographs as soon as you notice dark spots on the surface

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How to Clean Photos Submerged in Muddy Water. Use lukewarm water at 20 to 30 degrees celsius. Water warmer than 30 degrees celsius may dissolve the emulsion on the photo surface and damage the image. Make sure the water is below 30 degrees celsius before beginning the cleaning process. You can also use room temperature water If the glazing is made of glass, you can use glass cleaner and a soft cloth rag. If the glazing is made of acrylic, harsh cleaning formulas can damage the glass. Use a gentle soap (like baby soap), warm water and a soft cloth. Once the glass is cleaned, set it on the towel and let it dry Secure Mat and Picture Turn the mat and attached page face down on your clean work surface. Press firmly on the back of the tape to ensure it is well adhered to the mat. Avoid touching the front side of the mat with your hands, as you risk smudging dirt on it

The mat serves as a protective barrier between the image and the glass. Every mat consists of at least two boards: the window mat, which contains the opening that displays the image, and the mounting mat (or back board) on which the image is affixed. Mat boards can be made from a variety of materials, including wood pulp and cotton Alternate Step 2: To clean gilded frames, after dusting use a soft brush soaked in a mixture of half ammonia, half water. Work the liquid into the corners to be sure any ground in grime comes clean. Gently shake the frame, then brush or wipe pure water over it, and shake it again. Do not rub it - let it air dry Dab rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth. Gently wipe way the residual mildew and mold. Alternatively, wipe the surface with anti-bacterial wipes. Dip a cotton swap in rubbing alcohol and use it to.. Begin by using a clean, dry cloth to whisk away any loose dirt or dust. If you have one, a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment will work wonders. The bottom line is that you don't want to add moisture to dirt if you can help it or you'll wind up with mud. Mix a solution of water and mild laundry detergent in the bowl Mounting Techniques Using Photo Corners and Archival Hinging Tissue. One of the main reasons that pictures buckle after being framed is that the image, mat, and mount board all expand and contract at different rates with changes in temperature. For this reason it is important to leave the image as free as possible to move within the picture frame.The two primary ways of achieving this are.

The most challenging part of washing a fleece photo blanket, or any other fuzzy throws, such as microfiber and faux fur, is to preserve their amazingly soft texture. To prevent matting or pilling, wash your fleece blankets separately in cold water on a gentle cycle You will need to replace the matting. Helpful Ro on Apr 05, 2018 It looks like it might be on the inside - open up the picture and clean the glass, maybe it was stored in a damp environment A little bleach in water should do the trick on the glass If you can take the picture out of the frame and lay it in the open air and maybe some sun. Clean your rubber sink mat once a week to keep it looking new and smelling fresh. 1. Rinse the mat thoroughly with warm water to remove any loose debris. 2

Make a paste of baking soda and a tiny bit of vinegar, or just baking soda and a little water, and use a sponge or light-to-medium-bristled scrub brush to work it in while the mat is still warm. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then rinse in hot water and dry. Chowhound member greygarious suggests feeling for residual sticky areas and. First, Place your Cricut / Silhouette mat on a flat surface. Second, Take a lint roller and roll up any debris that can easily come up. The last step is using all-natural wipes. All-natural wipes are a great way to clean your mat. I use Huggies brand baby wipes to lightly scrub my mats after each project Clean in small sections, about 3-4″ square at a time, by rolling the cotton swab with emulsion cleaner over the surface using only gentle pressure. Do NOT scrub; the rolling motion is very important. D). Work In Sections. After you clean each section, go back over it with the neutralizer on a cotton ball Method 1: A soft, dry brush. The simplest way to clean your painting is to dust it, lightly, with a soft, dry brush. Make sure there is no paint or moisture on the bristles before you take it to your artwork. Softly swipe away dust and accumulated soil off the artwork Make sure the glass on the inside of the frame is clean before inserting the picture, mat, and backboard into the frame. Use the fasteners provided with the frame to secure the backboard. in the frame. Hang your picture on the wall and enjoy! Align photo to backboard and mat then place in frame. Pat McNulty is a landscape and wildlife.

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Q: My mother crewelled an 18″ x 24″ picture to commemorate my Leo birth in 1974. The linen background is now as yellow as the sunflowers thanks to decades of smokers. Thankfully, we've all kicked the habit, and I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to clean this item. The linen is mounted on a wooden stretcher. I believe the floss is cotton and/or wool Logan 650-1 Framer's Edge Elite 40 Inch Mat Cutter for Framing, Matting and Hobby Use. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 5. $510.95 EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN! These mats are perfect for messy items that are hard to clean up and small foods that can fall between your grates. Cooking mats also make loading and unloading your grill fast and easy. You'll wonder how you ever grilled veggies, shrimp, fish and appetizers before you started using recteq Mesh Cooking Mats. FEATURES 16x16 • Fits in every recteq model FDA approved. I love using the equal but opposite concept. Large, busy pieces of art require small clean frames. Small pieces of art look fantastic with large matting and more ornate frames (whether it be modern, transitional or traditional choose ornate within the styles boundaries)

A window mat and a backing mat offer some protection and allow air circulation in front of your photograph. 1 Place a large sheet of paper on a clean, flat surface Contact the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) for a list of conservators in your area; (202) 452-9545 ext 1. info@aic-faic.org. For more information regarding saving water damaged photos or stuck photos, contact AIC, or HP: Heritage Preservation. 1730 K Street, NW Suite 566

As for works on paper, you need to determine first if it is a water-based paint or not. That could be done by wiping a damp white cloth in an area of the piece that would be behind a mat. If the color of the paint can be seen on the cloth, it is a water-based paint. For water-based paint, one would damage the piece while trying to clean using. Maggie May's. Sometimes it's not the frame-but the picture mat-that's the wrong size. Adding decorative paper or fabric-such as burlap or jute-behind a photo mat and then centering your art or photograph on top allows you to frame items or objects that don't quite fit the edges of the mat. This is a common problem with European frames (i.e. Ikea) that come in non-standard sizes Framing your picture without matting can damage your artwork or photograph. Sometimes matting isn't an option, whether that's because your frame doesn't allow for it or you simply enjoy the aesthetics of an unmatted picture better. In these instances, try and get a cheap print of the picture you'd like to frame so your original isn't damaged.. If a staining liquid such as juice is spilled, clean the rug with a mild soap and water solution or a half vinegar, half water solution. Dip a cloth in the solution, blot the rug, and blot dry. You may need to repeat this, but remember to use a small amount of water so that the rug does not absorb additional liquid

Custom cutpicture frame matting. Mat boards are about style and function. Picture mat board as a nice separation between your art and the acrylic (plexi-glass) while providing a visual transition between the art and the frame. Ours are made from the highest quality materials and offered in a wide range of colors and prices for every application. Michael Ivankovich can clean, conserve, preserve, and protect your hand colored photographs, pictures, and prints. This cleaning and conservation process includes research, authentication, valuation and appraisal services as well. We specialize in cleaning and conserving Wallace Nutting hand colored, hand painted, and hand tinted photographs, Early 20th century hand colored photographs by Fred. Remove the stopper and let the dirty water drain out. Fill with clean water and repeat the process until the water is clear. Let as much water drain from the rug as possible, then roll the rug, squeezing out the excess water. Lay out a thick towel and place your rug on top. Roll up the rug with the towel to further absorb moisture How To Cut Your Own Picture Mats Video Tutorial. All in all, this project took us about 15 min per mat (after the first one). I ended up with five frames for my new travel gallery wall (reveal next week) and the total cost per finished frame (including all supplies from list above) was $40. I got a deal on my frames (so make sure to get them on.

Lay the embroidery face up on a fresh towel or drying rack, spread flat and let it air dry until it is just damp. Before you iron, check for any stains or marks. Once you iron the embroidery, it will be difficult to remove spots. Place the piece face down on a dry bath towel. If your iron has a steam setting, make sure it is off Lay the mat, sticky side down, onto the fabric - making sure the mitered corners line up -the pencil guidelines come in handy here. Smooth out and apply gentle pressure to assure a good hold. Starting with the inside of the mat, begin folding in the fabric, using a bead of hot glue to secure the fabric in place When you frame embroidery, if you decide to put the piece behind glass, you should plan on double matting or putting spacers in to keep the glass off the front of your work. Or, you can do like I did, and find frames that have a shadow box effect, where a space of half an inch or more is intentionally left between the glass and the object. How to Clean a Cross Stitch Picture Take the Cross Stitch Apart. To take the cross stitch apart. I removed the paper backing that my grandmother glued in place and this is what I found. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to pull out the points holding the cross stitch in place and then removed the hanger. I saved and was able to reuse the.

Refill the bucket with warm water and add 1 cup of vinegar. Add the antique linens to the vinegar mixture. Let them set for 15 minutes. Remove the linens from the water and rinse with hot water. Gently wring out any excess moisture and air dry. If you find that you still have age spots, repeat the process. 00:00 Cleaning a Washing Machine with Vinegar and Baking Soda: Start with an empty and dry washing machine. Set your washer to the cleaning setting or the hottest and largest and setting you have. As the washer fills with water, add 3 or 4 cups of white vinegar. Let the washer start to agitate, then stop the cycle Mat board is a thick, acid-free, sturdy board used to frame and back paintings, drawings and photographs. It typically comes in white, and artists often waste the rectangle of extra mat board that's cut out when making a frame. Rather than throwing away the excess mat board, artists can recycle it into a canvas. Rinse with water and let your mat air dry. Wipes - You can use wipes to clean the map, but make sure they are bleach free. Rubbing alcohol also works too. Use a soft cloth, add the rubbing alcohol and scrub your mat. Lint Rollers - If you find your mat has lots of fuzzy lint on it, use a lint roller across your mat How to Disinfect a Carpet. Refresh and disinfect the fibers of your carpet without renting a steam cleaner with the help of a simple homemade solution and a scrub brush. In a bowl or small bucket, mix one part white vinegar with three parts water. Dip the bristles of the scrub brush into the solution and rub them into the carpet

Leave the box where it is, turn it around to face a wall, and arrange the mat to cover as much of the floor between them as possible. If you can wedge it into a corner, even better. There's one. First a slathering of 91 proof alcohol (soaked rag), then hydrogen peroxide, finally lens cleaning solution. Cleaning takes a bit of time, but think of this process as a waltz with your favorite camera lens ! Oh, the glass on my V600 is held in place with adhesive's. . nothing mechanical. bradleycloven likes this Run lukewarm water over the mat. Use a plastic, hard-bristled brush to gently scrub in a circular motion until the entire surface of the mat had been cleaned. Pat dry with a paper towel. Let mat air dry completely for stickiness to return. Tip: We recommend cleaning after two to four Knife Blade cuts, especially when cutting materials that.

How to keep sherpa from matting: The most common reason a sherpa blanket is matted is due to incorrect washing with other materials. Wash it alone to prevent this. Wash it alone to prevent this. How to Clean Sherpa : Clean sherpa by spot treating it and making sure to wash it alone without other fabrics that can harm it in the washing machine The best way to clean your mouse pad is with water and soap. This will get rid of any dirt or grime that builds up over time. This is how to clean your mouse pad: Step One: Fill a bowl or tub with cold water and soak your mouse pad. Use a gentle shampoo or hand soap to gently clean the surface. Step Two: Scrub your mouse pad with a soft bristle. A sticky mat can make all the difference. And, in fact, I prefer the green mats over the blue mats. I rarely use the purple StrongGrip mats, however, unless I'm cutting some really thick material. Green mats are my friend! Learn More About Mats: Cricut Cutting Mats: Get Sticky For Success. Cricut Cutting Problem Solution #2: Use a Clean. In a medium-size bowl, add 1 tsp. salt to 1/2 cup vinegar. Stir the mixture until the salt is dissolved. Then add enough flour to make a paste (about two tbsp.). Rub the paste onto your brass object and let dry for 10 minutes. Rinse, wipe clean, and thoroughly dry the brass with a clean cloth

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Clean room sticky mats feature a tacky surface which pulls dirt and debris off shoe soles before they can contaminate a clean room. Carpeted clean room mats remove large dirt and dust particles before actually stepping onto the tacky portion of the mat. Anti-Microbial mats have an anti-bacterial agent embedded in the mat's surface and backing Uline stocks a wide selection of sticky mats and clean mats. Order by 6 pm for same day shipping. Huge Catalog! Over 38,500 products in stock. 12 Locations across USA, Canada and Mexico for fast delivery of sticky floor mats Recycled Waterhog Holiday Tree Mat, Snowflakes. $54.95. 5.0. ★★★★★★★★★★ 7. Viewing 1 - 44 of 44. Super-Tough Waterhog Doormats from L.L.Bean. Mud, water and slush are no match for L.L.Bean's Waterhog Doormats. Our doormats do double duty, scraping away dirt and containing water. Indoor/outdoor waterhog mats have a grooved. Gently sand the stained area. Blow the dust away and check periodically on how your stain is looking. Sand until the stain or mark is removed. Rinse the cork with water and dry with a clean cloth. How to Dry Cork. Mold and mildew love wet cork. To avoid moldy corks, make sure you remove all the water from this porous material after cleaning it

Nov 10, 2014 - A photo mat is an essential part of framing a photograph. It sets it out, showing it off separate from the frame. Sure, you can buy them or even have them custom made for your photo project, but why not make your own? Give it a try to see if your results are satisfactory or better. Plain photo mat sheets are. How To Clean Your Mat (Method 1: Gentle Cycle) When you find that your Cricut mat is no longer sticky enough to properly hold your materials, try these methods to clean your mat and breathe some life back into it. As your mat accumulates grime and debris with your loving use, move down the list to more potent cleaning methods

Periodically clean the mat. Using the included spatula, lightly scrape off any cuttings attached to the mat. (1) Spatula. Use commercially available tweezers to remove any fabric threads attached to the mat. Clean the dotted marks on the mat and there surrounding area with a dry cloth. Do not use alcohol or water to clean the mat Clean up your Image. Now, all that is left is to clean it up! You are going to use the Remove tool on the bottom left. Remove all of the negative space in your design. The Remove tool will remove all of the same color from your design. Therefore if you click on white it will remove all connected white and so on Sometimes there are larger areas of matting either from a well-loved place to hang out or an area prone to high foot traffic. To deal with pile that has seen a lot of use get a clean white cloth and the iron. Start out by moistening the clean cloth and placing it over the lack luster fibers. Make sure the cloth is merely damp not soaking wet Cricut mats come in several different variants, but the method of cleaning should be more or less the same. You'll find this guide useful when you need to re-use an old Cricut, a silhouette mat or a cake mat that's used for baking. You'll save a perfectly good Cricut mat, a few dollars and it can be a fun project, to boot

Q: How do I clean my Sanitizing Foot Bath Mat mat? A: Use a high-pressure hose (not to exceed 500 psi) and hot water (max 160o F) to rid the mats of oils. For best results use a mild soap or detergent with a pH between 4 and 9, to clean the mats. Do not use steam (unless specifically recommended), degreasers, or caustic chemicals Additional questions can be answered by our staff during the hours of 7:30 am to 4:30 pm EST, Monday-Friday via email at mail@archivalmethods.com or by calling us at 866-877-7050. We encourage you to browse our site to see if any of our products might work well for your archival needs. Our products include The CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies antimicrobial copper used in CopperFoot Mat™ and CopperPaw Mat is an incredible and amazing metal. When it comes into contact with bacteria, it has the ability to 'figure out' how to destroy its target. The mechanism by which copper kills bacteria is complex by nature, but the effect is simple Impressing ridges into the mudguard using the tip of a ball point pen on a cutting mat. Once the parts have been fixed together, inspect them and clean up as with any other modelling sub-assembly. Clean away any excess adhesive with a knife or sanding sticks/paper and fill any gaps

Safety Message Mats are pre-printed mats with important safety and warning information for those working in the area. These message mats remind workers of inherent dangers, what to look out for and how to operate safety in any given environment. Safety Rubber Mats are easy to clean, easy to see and a great way to reinforce safety at work Matting consists of mounting a photograph to a mat board into which an opening the size of the photograph has been cut. The photograph is attached to the back of the mat with framing or archival tape ( see suppliers section at the end of this article) . Matting your photographs may be more important than you think especially if you want to sell. Gently dry your head, face, torso, abdominal area, pelvic region, legs, your private areas, and feet with a towel. If you have done this carefully, the only water should be on the shower mat or rug, not on the rest of the floor. When drying your face, remember to pat it gently with the towel rather than rub it Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over your baking sheet, then follow it up with a layer of salt. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle, then spritz a layer of the liquid over your pan. From here, you can either start scrubbing with a sponge or, to make your work a little easier, soak the pan in hot water for 30 to 60 minutes before going in with.

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Once you have deleted all of the partitions, select the Unallocated Space partition and click Format. Pick the formatting option that you want. When you've finished formatting, click Next. Follow the instructions to finish installing Windows 7, which include naming your computer and setting up an initial user account If you're using a mat, you will need to position the poster evenly over the mat and tape it on the corners and top and bottom. Make sure it is in the right position, looks even, and is smooth before taping. Replace the back on the frame. Now you're ready to hang it. Considerations for Hanging a Poster Mrs Hinch's cleaning tips for radiators involve two products - Zoflora (£2.99) and a dust cloth. She advises using a diluted Zoflora mix, spraying it on a cloth, and simply wiping down the radiators. Zoflora recommends diluting their product in water at a ratio of 1 in 40 The mat opening is true to size and comes with a glass face to protect all prints from dust, wear, and damage. Size specifications: 6.5 x 8.5 frame is matted to display a 5x7 image, or will fit a 6.25 x 8.25 image without the mat. Picture Size: 5 x 7; Mat Included: Yes; Frame Material: Wood; Photo Protector Material: Glass; Picture.

If you have to clean the mat, I suggest the utilization of a build-up roller to remove any residue or lint and debris. The utilization of adhesive glue to gain the adhesive properties of your mat again may restore the adhesive properties of your mat but would eventually damage your machine in the long run Thankfully, we have 5 tips to help keep it clean and clutter free: 1. Use A Lazy Susan. This nifty Lazy Susan makes getting to items in the back of the fridge a whole lot easier! 2. Get Out Your. A full detailed tutorial on how to upload your own images to Cricut Design space. Looking at SVG, JPG, and PNG files and how to take your lettering from paper and get it ready for cut using only Cricut Design Space. Also discussing pattern fill and the Slice tool. Pretty much answering all the 'import my own images' questions

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  1. The Thin Gallery Frame Collection from Made by Design will showcase your most adored moments in a modern yet timeless format. Each frame comes with a single white mat for a clean professional look that will work in any space. Glass/mat board measure 8x10in with a photo opening that will hold one 4x6in image
  2. Download this Man Standing On Disinfection Mat To Clean Shoe From Covid19 Coronavirus And Bacteria Healthcare Concept Vector Illustration On White Background vector illustration now. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free vector art that features Boot graphics available for quick and easy download
  3. Once you clean all the moldy parts in the bathroom and shower, and there are no signs that the mold will come back, you must keep these places dry and clean. Install a fan to keep the bathroom dry when not used. Make sure the bathroom gets natural light and good air circulation to prevent the new mold growth
  4. Wipe it off with coconut oil and a cotton ball. Real Simple 's Home Director, Betsy Goldberg, adds: When my kids spill art-project glitter on the floor, I use a dustbuster and then wipe the surface with a wet cloth at the end. It gets the bulk of it up but not every single bit, so you have to be okay with seeing a sparkle every so often.
  5. Baking Soda Method. Another way to clean and disinfect plastic cutting boards is with a baking soda paste. You want to take one tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of water, and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or lemon essential oil (3 drops), and a tablespoon of table salt. Make a paste and slather it all over your cutting board

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If you want to know if your dog has hair or fur, there are a few ways to tell the differences by touch and sight. First, hair tends to be longer in length than fur. It goes through a longer growth. The mat is acid-free and will not discolor the picture. Can also be used without the mat for a larger picture. Front protection in plastic makes the frame safer to use. Mat included. Can be mounted with suitable screws/hardware from our FIXA series. Different wall materials require different types of fasteners Clean room sticky mats can contain two defensive barriers: the first part is a carpet itself, while the second part is sticky surface mat. Another mat type to be used to protect rooms from pollution is sanitizing foot bath floor mats. The mat itself is a small bath that contains sanitizing liquid

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The mat is acid-free and will not discolor the picture. Can also be used without the mat for a larger picture. Available in different sizes and colors. Fits in a 8x10 frame without mat, or in a 12x16 frame with 8x10 mat. Mat included. Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your. These rubber mats are typically used in areas where the really heavy weights will be used. Because they're so dense, non-porous gym flooring is the ideal surface for absorbing impact. A non-porous mat will be slightly easier to clean and maintain since dirt won't get trapped. However, non-porous mats can be slightly more expensive Remove any floor mats or other objects on the bathroom tile and clean a bath mat separately by vacuuming and then washing in the machine or by hand. Beginning at the far end of the bathroom, sweep toward the door, making sure to get into corners. Use the foxtail to sweep behind the toilet and other hard-to-reach spots and then to sweep the dirt. The mat's PVC construction is virtually indestructible by sharp little claws—but the tight coils make for a harder time cleaning gunky messes than most other litter mats tested, so skip it if. Mats begin at the base and not at the top of the hair. While your dog might look to be mat free, get your fingers down into the nape of the hair to feel for any tangles and snarls

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Trim the hair under the cat's tail with a pair of small, round-tipped scissors. Lift the tail and snip the hair away in a 1-inch radius around the anus. Cut the hair carefully to avoid nicking the kitty's skin. If your cat is severely matted, take her to a professional groomer. The groomer will shave the cat's bottom to remove feces and. An Important Safety Message. Bleach and other disinfectants are not suitable for consumption or injection under any circumstances. People should always read the label for proper usage instructions


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