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A virgin relaxer is a chemical and must be administered only by a licensed hairstyling professional. Some clients of Trendz by Tammy hair salon have very resistant hair, and when the client's hair is really resistant, their second application will relax much better. A relaxer retouch will be due in about 4 to 6 weeks Virgin Relaxer: Step By StepHow to keep your hair strong and healthy as possible when applying a chemical relaxer A virgin relaxer is when your hair is 100% completely natural and you will be getting it relaxed or texlaxed for the first time. Basically your hair is a complete virgin to the relaxing process. It is important to prepare your hair properly before getting a relaxer regardless of whether or not you're getting a virgin relaxer

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  1. Virgin Hair: Apply Relaxer Creme mixture on root area, approximately 1/8'' away from scalp, and down onto strand. Use the back of the comb to apply Relaxer Creme mixture. Apply Relaxer Creme mixture quickly and evenly for complete coverage and uniform relaxing. Continue with back sections of hair, working from the crown to the nape
  2. shampoo before hydroxide relaxer. Procedure for applying virgin hydroxide relaxer; 1.part hair in 4 sections top of forehead to nape of neck and from ear to ear. 2.apply protective base cream to hairline, ears and scalp. 3.wear gloves, begin relaxer, and apply to the most resistant area first usually back of head
  3. Hair relaxers can come at a steep price (I mean, they are pretty intense chemicals, so it makes sense) but you can still find a quality relaxer for basically no money. And because olive oil is the.
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  5. When you do a virgin relaxer you apply the relaxer 1 in from scalp and leave the last 1 inch of ends out. Once you do that to the whole head you then have to go back and apply to the scalp. The reason you cannot apply to the whole head at the same time is b/c the hair at teh root will process faster due to body heat. So you will come out with.
  6. to complete the Virgin Relaxer Application. 4. You will be informed when you have 5
  7. A phytospecific hair relaxer, sometimes called a phytorelaxer, is a hair care product designed to take wave or curl out of hair. They are especially popular with women of African American descent, as African American or ethnic hair tends to be unruly and has problems with frizz, control and styling. Unlike traditional relaxers, a phytospecific.

Relaxer Virgin and Retouch Evaluation . Hand Washing Procedure: • Wet your hands under running water. • Apply liquid soap. • Wash palms to the end of wrist, back of hands to the end of the wrist, each finger, and thumb Virgin Relaxers ch. 20. How are chemical relaxers similar to permanent waves? Change shape of hair by breaking the chemical disulfide bonds. What are the two most common types of Relaxers The stylist will then proceed to apply the relaxer to any hair that hasn't previously been straightened with chemicals, or in the case of a virgin head of hair, all over to the ends. This is done small sections at a time. A relaxer should be smoothed down with the hands, but not combed through

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  1. A virgin relaxer is when the hair has never been processed with any chemicals such as previous relaxers, color, perms, hair lightening treatments etc.. any thing that can alter the natural effect of the hair. Retouch Relaxer. 75. Hair relaxers are made to straighten hair for four to six weeks
  2. Go with a regular strength relaxer for normal to thick, coarse hair. Different relaxers have different strengths. Pick a relaxer strength based on your hair's thickness and texture. For most, a regular strength relaxer should work just fine. Get a relaxer with mild strength if your hair is fine, color-treated, or damaged
  3. utes. starting price for retouching 10-12 weeks Pricing goes up after that . MORE INFO. See Times. Retouch. $95 and up for 30

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relaxer to use for the test. 1. Fine or tinted hair—Use mild relaxer. 2. Normal, medium-textured virgin hair—Use regular relaxer. 3. Coarse virgin hair—Use strong or super relaxer (but if the client has a sensitive scalp, use a regular or mild relaxer). 368 STANDARD TEXTBOOK OF COSMETOLOGY Completed: Learning Objective #4 THREE BASIC STEPS I Relaxer Retouch. Virgin Relaxers. Texturizer Touch Up. Virgin texturizer. 360 Lace Wig Install & Style. Shampoo and style Relaxed Short Hair. Lace Front Wig Install & Style. Quick Weave. Tape Extensions. Clip in Extensions. Dread Retwist. Dread Interlock. Bridal Up Do. Take Down Extensions. To Start Dread locks When applying relaxer for the first time to virgin hair, the relaxer should be applied to the ends first working your way up the roots, smoothing the strands in the process. The ends take.

Start studying virgin thio relaxer procedure. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Virgin relaxer. $150 · 2 hours Book now. Keratin complex. $200 · 2 hours Book now. Trim (add on) $30 · 30 minutes Book now. Big chop/style medium to short. $130 · 2 hours Book now. Layers (add on) $55 · 30 minutes Book now. Big chop/relaxer//style long to short. No-base Virgin Relaxer Left Rear Quadrant (mannequin) Time: 10 minutes 1 point each Procedure Criteria 1. To left rear quadrant, Divides hair into ½ inch subsections 2. To entire left rear quadrant, applies relaxer ½ inch away from scalp to 1 from hair ends 3. Maintains even saturation of hair with relaxer (no dry spots) 4 I Repair Hair was created by Leah J. Bell, Texas Cosmetologist, in 2015. We believe that healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful hair. At IRH, our clients achieve both Lesson #2: Relaxing Hair—Virgin Relaxer Application and Retouch Relaxer Application.....220 Lesson #3: Relaxing Hair—Reformation Curl.....226 Handouts Handout Q: Relaxer Consultation Checklist lesson plan quick reference symbols: DVD EXAMINE/DEBRIEF FACILITATOR SCRIP

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Applying Hydroxide relaxer to virgin hair. Used for hair that has received a chemical relaxer and 1/4 to 1/2 inch away from hair. three chemical relaxers strengths available. Mild, regular, super. mild strength. formulated for fine or color-treated hair or damaged hair. regular strength base cream. Which ingredient is found in the stronger of the two most commonly used chemical relaxers? sodium hydroxide. A service used on natural, untreated hair to straighten the hair up to 85% is the: virgin relaxer service. What was the pH of early relaxer products DigitalRain. I am 20 weeks post relaxer and have about 2 inches of new growth. This will be my first time having a touch up with this stylist and she wants to charge me the rate for a virgin relaxer (about $25 more, plus more $ for a roller set rather than blow dry)

I know, it's me again:ohwell:, I think this will be my last question, the self relaxer guide is amazing:grin:. However this is one question I still have, should I put the relaxer on my roots and ends last...or even at all. Thanks so much This video discusses going back to relaxers from natural hair. The basic processes that I would do to help you relax your virgin hair. I also touch on key p.. ☛ Kids Virgin Relaxer . 120+ ☛ Kids Texturizer . 65+ ☛ Kids Natural Services All services include a Shampoo, Conditioner and finished style. ☛ Silk Press ☛ Corn Row Style w/ Hair . 60+ 63+ ☛ Corn Row Style . 60+ ☛ Two Strand Twist . 60+ ☛ Twist Out . 60+ ☛ Flexi Rod Set.

Virgin Relaxer. $155 and up for 135 minutes. Virgin relaxer cut and style (TRANSFORMATION) MORE INFO. See Times. Transformation. $155 and up for 120 minutes. Relaxer cut and style . MORE INFO. See Times. Women's Trim. $100 and up for 90 minutes. Shampoo, hydrating steam treatment trim and style Virgin Relaxer $145 and up view all; Tiffany Brown Stylistic Styles Salon-Hair Stylist Call (216) 663-9126. for Appointment. View My Profile. Loft Number 5 Services & Prices Blow Out $45 and up Braiding $55 and up Full Highlights $125 and up Partial Highlights & Cut $100 and up Partial Highlight Chemicals. Relaxer - $70 / Virgin Relaxer - $85 / Partial Perimeter Relaxer - $15 / Texturizer - $50. Cuts. Shear cut - $20 / Razor Cut - $30 / Trim - $1

In order for a relaxer to work properly, it needs to reach all of your new hair growth — or all of your hair if this is a virgin application. I asked Kimble why this step is crucially important, So that you can get the relaxer evenly spread throughout the hair and avoid any build up or irritation MISSION STATEMENT. Our mission at Kbb Salon is to keep you coming back by providing affordable luxury service to our professional clients and making them look and feel beautiful. Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our client needs are our main focus as we strive to exceed their expectations in a timely manner And, a crucial part of doing a relaxer retouch is refraining from applying the product all over the hair. Because previously relaxed hair is permanently straightened, it doesn't require additional chemical processing, and doing so could result in hair damage (breakage, anyone?). Rather, stick to only applying the relaxer to virgin hair

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  1. Alibaba.com offers 2039 virgin relaxer products. A wide variety of virgin relaxer options are available to you, such as ce, gmp. There are 446 virgin relaxer suppliers, mainly located in Asia. , an
  2. Virgin Relaxer. $100.00. Includes relaxer treatment (Olaplex or Crystal Gel) deep conditioner and style. An extra $20.00 will be charge for tangled, thick and extra length hair. Relaxer Retouch and Treatment. $80.00. Add a description about this item
  3. Chemical hair relaxers are designed to straighten extremely curly, coiled or tightly coiled hair by breaking the disulfide bonds found within the cortex layer of the hair. Hydroxide and Thio are the most common types of hair relaxers. Hydroxide relaxer types include sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide and guanidine.
  4. Final Verdict . It's important to find a relaxer suited especially for your needs. Dark and Lovely Moisturizing No-Lye Relaxer with Shea Butter made the top of our list for being super easy to use and straightening hair without compromising strength or shine. For coarse hair, we recommend ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection No-Lye Hair Relaxer Extra Strength—it straightens even the thickest.

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Relaxer/Color/Cut $125.00: Wave Nouveau $90.00: Virgin Relaxers $110.00: Virgin Relaxers/ Cut $125.00: Color. Permanent Color and Style(short hair Virgin Relaxer Application PracticalRelaxer Application Practical. Student will demonstrate the application of a Virgin relaxer. Rubric Code: PX6W69A. By smmarsch. Ready to use. Public Rubric. Subject: Vocational. Type: Assessment. Grade Levels: 9-12 Virgin Relaxer. $50 & up. Retouch Relaxer (1/2 inch or less) $30. Partial Relaxer Touch up. $10 * additional Perm or Relaxer Product . $5 Texture Offer: FREE Scalp Massage after EVERY Texture Service. CONDITIONING TREATMENTS & HAIR CARE. Dry or Oily Scalp Treatment. Relaxer/ Haircut/ Semi Color. - virgin relaxer w/style, hydration treatment, color, haircut. $200. Natural Big Chop/ Hydration/ Curl Definition. - hydration treatment, natural styling w/ curl defining (moisturizing or gelee) cream. $125. Natural Big Chop/ Color/ Cut. - semi color, hydration treatment, natural styling w/ curl defining. Virgin Relaxer + Haircut + Demi (Affirm) $205 and up Virgin Relaxer + Haircut + Demi (Phyto) $225 and up Coloring Services (Consultation Needed Prior To Scheduling Permanent Color) Demi Permanent Color. $35 and up Demi Permanent Color (Hairline Only) $15 to $10 Partial Highlights & Style

Virgin Relaxer. $200 for 60 minutes. MORE INFO. See Times. Wash-Cut-Style. $250 and up for 60 minutes. MORE INFO. See Times SEE ALL. Gillian Garcia. Mobile Business. Brooklyn, NY 11210. 7184215959. Message. Share Profile. Brooklyn, NY. Haircut. Gillian Garcia. Promote Profile. About StyleSeat. StyleSeat is the online destination for beauty. New Member. Jul 13, 2009. #1. I got my first relaxer at the end of May. However it didn't take well. My hair is still a little wavy and frizzy. I used ORS mild. I want it bone staight. With my next relaxer being in Sept do you think it would be a good idea to relax my whole head again Our regular clients, who've been service within the past 6 weeks, can schedule relaxers, haircolor, etc. HERE. Now Offering Nail Services. We have begun offering nail treatment, nail design, and nail enhancement services, on a limited basis. Availability is limited Pink Label Virgin Hair 30 Raw Brazilian straight unit. 5x5 HD lace closure 400% density Virgin relaxer and cut for my fav! @embracebeautystudioandspa #shortcutstyles #bobhaircut #virginrelaxer. Pink Label Virgin Hair by Erica Denise. 1K views · June 8. 0:13

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Enrollment - Dudley Beauty College located in Washington DC has been in business for over 25 years Come visit the best black hair salon in Houston. It is no longer enough for the black woman to just to have a fabulous hairstyle. Many of these very styles, such as micro freestyle braids, Brazilian blowout (which contains formaldehyde), the Dominican straightening are causing severe and often permanent damage to the black woman's hairshaft, hair follicles, hair root, ends and scalp Virgin relaxers may be applied away from the scalp because body heat will: allow it to spread upward toward the scalp: To protect previously treated hair from the chemical product when performing a relaxer retouch service, what should be applied? protective cream 1 hour 58 minutes @. $78.33. This is a normal 6-wk relaxer retouch for hair that is currently relaxed. If you have more than a half inch of new growth, PLEASE schedule a Virgin Relaxer. *SAME DAY SERVICE - Relaxer Retouch (N) 2 hours @. $88.33. Same day appointment for SAME DAY for retouch relaxer ( 6 -8 week)

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Here are three possible options: First, a texturizer is a moderate form of a relaxer. It's easy to apply and it's perfect for getting rid of frizz. If you have a sensitive scalp, a non-lye relaxer is the best type of relaxer to use. A lye relaxer is also an option, but it won't make your hair look natural. Also, it's not very easy to do. Virgin sodium hydroxide relaxers may be applied 1/4 (.6cm ) to 1/2 (1.25cm ) away from the scalp because body heat from the scalp will ? Allow it to spread upward the scalp What is the shape of a tightly curled hair follicle * relaxers * textures * trims * hot oil treatments * deep conditioning * scalp treatments * ombre * color * color correction * highlights * lowlights * cellophane treatments * up-dos * ponytails * hair extensions * quick weaves * trimming * precision cuts * razor cuts * long or short styles * shampoo & roller sets * virgin hair bundles 8 to 32.

During a chemical relaxer procedure, if the hair is tested with the back of the comb & there is minimal amount of indentation, or the curl pattern reverts or beads, what step may be required? a. blotting hair b.rinsing immediately c. additional smoothing : C. Additional smoothing: How far away from the scalp should a virgin relaxer be applied? a Sew In. Full Sew In $200. whole head with leave out just to cover tracks. Partial Sew In $150. 1/2 head left out. Sew In Maintenance $75. Full Sew in / with hair $350. this price varies depending of length of bundles required for service Virgin Relaxer $ 125.00 1 hour. Hair is relaxed from root to ends. Full detailed Trim, Hydration Treatment and Styled / / $ Book Now. Categories: Relaxed Hair Care, Services. Description Reviews (0) Description. Hair is relaxed from root to ends. Full detailed Trim, Hydration Treatment and Styled. RELAXERS & SMOOTHING TREATMENTS $ 110 Virgin Relaxer $ 110 $ 90 Touch Up Relaxer $ 90 $ 40 Perimeter Relaxer $ 40 $ 80 & up* Perms $ 80 & up* $ 15.

The Virgin Relaxer Package. Virgin Relaxer Semi Permanent Color Cut Style $155 · 1 hour 30 minutes Book now. Perimeter Relaxer Cut Style. $95 · 30 minutes Book now. Perimeter Relaxer Semi Permanent Color Style. partial relaxer around the front back and sides only not a full retouch relaxer. Virgin Relaxer (short hair) $100. Virgin Relaxer (medium hair) $120. Virgin Relaxer (long hair) $145. Sponge Twist (short hair) $25. Twist (medium to long) starting at $75. Gentleman. Custom Haircut $45. Straight Haircut $30 (does not include beard, mustache trim) Beard $12.00. Mustache $7.00. Shave $35 . Texturizer $90


5.0 out of 5 stars Virgin relaxer. Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2020. My stylist used this relaxer on me to do a virgin relaxer and I have the silkiest hair now. No scalp burns, and just great hair. Love this! Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse The active ingredient in relaxers that do this is lye (sodium hydroxide) but it can also burn your skin and permanently damage your skin. I've always known that if you leave a relaxer in for too long you run the risk of burning your scalp and/or hair. I have to get a virgin relaxer all over again. My hair pretty much returns. Virgin Relaxer. $175 & up. Haircut & style $160 Shampoo & Style / Silk Press. $75 Virgin relaxer $175 & up Sleek pony tail $80 with a bang/Fringe $95 Specialty Style/ Up do (Consultation Required) $135 & up Straw set $85 & up. Roller set $75 In virgin hair, the relaxer is applied to the ends of the locks first as they take longer to process. It is then worked the way up to the roots and the strands are smoothened throughout the step as well. After 10-15 minutes of processing time, the relaxer is rinsed out of the hair with warm water

The hair relaxer will stretch the natural curl pattern or tightly curled hair depending on the strength and the timing of the chemical. The relaxer is a creamy paste that gets applied directly on to the hair avoiding the scalp. once you see the results you like, you thoroughly wash out the relaxer and you will apply the neutralizing shampoo Relaxer/Color $ 140.00 $ 125.00 Virgin Relaxer & up $ 125.00 SHAMPOO $ 70.00 Shampoo Style $ 70.00 $ 85.00 Shampoo/Mini Relaxer/Spot $ 85.00 $ 120.00 Shampoo/Cut. and up $ 120. VIRGIN RELAXER. $110 · 30 minutes Book now. SILK PRESS. $65 · 45 minutes Book now. SHAMPOO AND STYLE. $60 · 30 minutes Book now. CUT. $50 · 30 minutes Book now. TRIM. $35 · 30 minutes Book now. STEAM CONDITIONER. $30 · 30 minutes Book now. PROTEIN TREATMENT FOR SEVERE HAIR SHEDDING AND BREAKAGE. I am happy to have found this relaxer! I am on my 2nd use. My 1st use was on 100% virgin hair as I had grown my hair in its natural state for a few years. Unfortunately this relaxer isn't available at all of my local stores and I found it at only one of my local drugstores Virgin Relaxer 1. Transitioning phase 3-6 months without relaxer. All relaxers comes with conditioning treatment and style and trim if needed. More than one inch of hair is considered a haircut which is an add on service

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List of virgin hair Relaxers and Fertilizers in Nigeria including cost Virgin hair also know as natural hair is the hair you were born with and has never been artificially processed and enhanced. I have already discussed how to make virgin hair grow faster in this article and this time I will be discussing the best fetilizers and relaxers for. The Nigerian virgin hair styles feature short virgin hairstyles, natural virgin hairstyles, long and short natural hairstyles. The cornrows, dreadlocks, twist locs, afros, and Bantu knots are not excluded from the list of Nigerian virgin hair styles. Talk about fashionable outfits in Nigeria and you'll agree with me that classy modern. This website is intended to help cosmetology students and graduates to prepare for taking the practical and written state board cosmetology licensing exam

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MIZANI Thermasmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo Helps Moisturize & Detangle Hair with Coconut Oil for Dry Hair. 33.8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) 4.7 out of 5 stars. 488. $32.00 Product Description. A revolutionary, gentle, hydroxide-free relaxing treatment for delicate, fine hair. The only relaxer in the market with active relaxing ingredients of 100% natural origin. The egg and soy-based formula is odorless and does not contatin lye for ultimate scalp comfort. Relax delicate and fine hair safely and effectively. Relaxer No No's. Too Much Heat in the Kitchen: Excessive heat styling such as using a flat iron every day, dries out the hair and may cause breakage. Too Much of a Good Thing: Only your first-ever relaxer is a virgin relaxer. Never apply subsequent relaxers from root to ends. After your initial relaxer, you only need a touch-up to cover new.

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Relaxers should not burn, as that indicates it is on the scalp. If that is the case, and you have scratched, it will feel like your scalp is on fire and you will have to have the relaxer rinsed out immediately! You do not want this so, if your scalp itches within one week of the time you are supposed to get your relaxer either rub or pat your. 30 minutes @ $80.00. Virgin Relaxer with Hair Cut. 1 hour @ $195.00. This for clients who have not had a relaxer in 6 months or more. Relaxer & Semi-Permanent Color. 30 minutes @ $135.00. A semi- permanent will not lighten your hair to brown, copper, or blonde. Please book singe or double process color for your next visit, if you want your hair. Press&Curl (Silk Press) Includes pre treatment. Price: $60.00+. Duration: 105 min. Relaxer touch ups are for new growth up to 2 inches or 2-3 months between relaxers. After this it is a Virgin relaxer service Virgin Relaxers are for clients who need relaxer applied to the roots to the ends of the hair. Time Estimate: 3:00. Price range: 125-150

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Olive Oil New Growth Normal Relaxer. $5.99 In-store Pickup 62. $10 Off $40 Add to Bag Save Silk Elements. Olive Oil No-Lye Course Relaxer. $7.59 In-store Pickup 22. $10 Off $40 Add to Bag Save Silk Elements. Olive Oil Regular Relaxer. $7.29 In-store Pickup 67. $10 Off $40 Add to Bag Sav Mix the relaxer as you normally would for a virgin hair application or touch-up, and apply it to your hair as directed. Only apply it all over if your hair is 100% natural. Otherwise, apply as instructed for a touch-up. Before applying, smooth conditioner or oil over previously processed hair Many people have tight curls and opt for hair relaxers to get manageable hair. These products work by a process of controlled damage to the protein structure of hair, making them less curly. While there are a number of chemical relaxers of best brands available in the market, you can opt for a natural one. Natural hair relaxers ensure damage-free, soft hair

However, if your hair is virgin and it is your first time of relaxing it then it is appropriate for the relaxer to be applied from root to tip. You should note however, that invariably, during a retouch some of the relaxer will touch aspects of your hair that is already relaxed but it doesn't matter as long as the stylist's primary target. 30 minutes @ $132.00. During this service the relaxer is applied to the back and sides of the head. This is ideal for guest with short hair styles. Relaxer (Retouch) and Shampoo Style. 35 minutes @ $145.00. Durning this service the relaxer will be applied to new growth all over the head. This service can be done every 4-6 weeks Virgin Relaxer. 1 minutes @ $85.00 This process is applied on natural hair. Requires applying relaxer to the entire head of hair. Permanent color. 1 hour @ $85.00 Comes with consultation. Semipermanent Color. 30 minutes @ $25.00 Lasts 6-8 shampoos.. Not intended for gray hair

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Relaxers are meant to be applied to new growth and not on hair that is already relaxed. The amount of new growth we have before 8 weeks is usually less than 1 inch long. If relaxer is applied to hair that has very little new growth, it will come in contact with previously relaxed hair thereby relaxing it twice and over processing it A virgin relaxer is when the hair has never been processed with any chemicals such as previous relaxers, color, perms, hair lightening treatments etc.. any thing that can alter the natural effect of the hair. Retouch Relaxer. 1 hour 30 minutes @ $75.00 No more than 2 to 3 inches of new growth. Comes with treatment and style Kids Originals by Africa's Best. Nurture and nourish youthful hair during each part of its development stage with these mega-conditioning, moisture-intensive treatments. Each therapy in our Kids Originals collection has been designed just for kids and sensitive hair types - chock full of key nutrients for the hair & scalp (because healthy.

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Virgin Relaxer - Services Virgin Relaxer - $120. Virgin Relaxer . Home; About Us; Arlington, TX; Staff Bios; Contact Us; Services; J. Kinlow Hair & Body Lab - S. 4502 Steele Street Suite #1105 - Tacoma, WA 98409, USA Apply a protein-infused conditioner, pure coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to your entire hair and scalp before shampooing. Let this sit for 30-45 minutes and then shampoo. This pre-shampoo treatment will prevent unnecessary breakage with the first shampoo and will leave hair with extra moisture and protection Relaxers Re-touch Relaxer $80+ Virgin Relaxer $100+ Relaxer & Color $110+ Relaxer, Color & Cut $130+ Weaves Based on Consultation Special shoutout goes out to Studio 113. Since my daughter and I been going, our hair has grown and mostly it has body.. Two-Step Protein Treatment. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) $ 9.99 - $ 29.99. The Two-Step Protein Treatment process was developed to repair severely damaged hair including hair that is breaking off, over processed, over bleached, severely damaged, and it can also be used as a pre-treatment to coloring hair Relax with Smooth Touch Relaxer. The no-lye regular formula with extra virgin olive oil conditioner leaves hair silky smooth, promoting natural hair growth by keeping your hair and scalp healthy. Nutrients and moisture produce shiny and manageable supers

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Get In Touch. 813 374 0361. A Woman's Worth Hair Studio. 7809 Temple Terrace Hwy. Tampa, FL . 33637. Sun-Tues: Closed Luster Pink Smooth Touch Extra Virgin Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer Super triple conditioner system! Enriched with argan oil ans extra virgin olive oil. High sheen! Patented relaxer system. Great!! By Erica J. 3 reviews. mai 27 2019, 3:40 am. I have been using this relaxer for years. This relaxer system works the best in straightening my hair type Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Extra Virgin Relaxer Regular Value Pack by Africa's Best. 3.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Olive Oil Relaxer for All Hair Types Customers also shopped for.