Health communication research in the digital age: a systematic review

(2015). Health communication research in the digital age: A systematic review. Journal of Communication in Healthcare: Vol. 8, SPECIAL THEMED SECTION: DIGITAL HEALTH, pp. 260-288 Effectiveness of Digital Education on Communication Skills Among Medical Students: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by the Digital Health Education Collaboration J Med Internet Res . 2019 Aug 27;21(8):e12967. doi: 10.2196/12967 To identify the best uses of SNSs for public health research and practice and to identify gaps. • Systematic review. • Use of SNSs for public health research and practice. • Hard-to-reach populations (adolescents, patients with chronic non-communicable diseases and individuals at risk for STDs and HIV). • 73 papers included Methods: A systematic review was undertaken to address the research objective. The review was conducted in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines. The review protocol was registered with the International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews before commencement of the study

Health communication research in the digital age: A

  1. In this review, we adopted a narrative approach to comprehensively evaluate the use of non‐AI digital health tools in ophthalmology. 53 papers were included in this systematic review, with 25.
  2. The need for a systematic review. Systematic studies can quantitatively and qualitatively identify, aggregate, and evaluate all accessible data to generate a warm and accurate response to the research questions involved . In addition, many existing systematic studies related to mental health studies have been conducted worldwide
  3. e where future initiatives by the ESRC might add most value. A further aim of the review is to build and extend networks among the academic community, other stakeholders and potential funding partners
  4. The other main theme consists of papers that deal with inclusion issues.This has a demand side and people-oriented focus, corresponding to the digital inequalities and digital inclusion debate in communication studies, geography, sociology, and urban studies (Livingstone and Helsper, 2007).These papers deal with the question of the extent to which people have the knowledge, attitudes, skills.
  5. Introduction The optimisation of health science communication (HSC) between researchers and the public is crucial. In the last decade, the rise of the digital and social media ecosystem allowed for the disintermediation of HSC. Disintermediation refers to the public's direct access to information from researchers about health science-related topics through the digital and social media.
  6. ute audio-visual clip combining photographs, voice-over narration, and other audio (Lambert, 2009) originally applied for community development, artistic and therapeutic purposes, and more recently adapted as an arts-based research method. To date, no systematic review of the use of digital storytelling in a research capacity, to generate information.
  7. Digital transformation in healthcare is of increasing relevance for both scholars and practitioners in the field. Our article attempts to assess the research question how multiple stakeholders implement digital technologies for management and business purposes. To answer this question, we perform a systematic literature review about the state.

Digital technologies promise great opportunities to overcome existing problems and challenges in the care sector. Many health care systems face challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers and, simultaneously, an increasing demand for long-term care owing to demographic change [].Research activities on digital technologies and care are flourishing, nurtured by the expectation that. Health- and fitness-related digital gaming. Health promotion professionals have begun to use digital gaming technologies in their programs (Albu et al., 2014). The potential of the three-dimensional interactive virtual world Second Life and other platforms like it has been identified for health communication purposes

Effectiveness of Digital Education on Communication Skills

In this study, after-death communication (ADC) is defined as spontaneously occurring encounters with the deceased. Reported occurrences of ADC phenomena range widely among published ADC research studies, so a systematic review of 35 studies was conducted. A rubric was developed to evaluate the methodological quality; final inter-rater reliability among three raters was r = .90 Based on evidence from systematic reviews, Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) has prepared three information leaflets for health systems planners and implementers involved in developing vaccine communication strategies. The leaflets are underpinned by systematic reviews from Cochrane and other sources and include this qualitative evidence synthesis: Healthcare worker's.

Effective uses of social media in public health and

Delighted to be on the Advisory Board of a new ESRC Project, entitled 'Ways of Being in a Digital Age: A Systematic Review'. The project is led by the Institute of Cultural Capital at the University of Liverpool in collaboration with 17 other partner Universities and organizations. It is a scoping review designed to infor To promote child health and development in a digital world, physicians and other health care providers should counsel parents and caregivers of young children on the appropriate use of screen time. Specific recommendations include the following: Minimize screen time: Screen time for children younger than 2 years is not recommended The Effects of Social Media Use on Preventive Behaviors during Infectious Disease Outbreaks: The Mediating Role of Self-relevant Emotions and Public Risk Perception. Sang-Hwa Oh, Seo Yoon Lee & Changhyun Han. Pages: 972-981. Published online: 16 Feb 2020 The rapidly increasing volume of health data generated from digital technologies have ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for health research. Despite their promises, big data approaches in understanding human behavior often do not consider conceptual premises that provide meaning to social and behavioral data. In this paper, we update the definition of big data, and review different types. The diversity and the dosage of different communication methods (i.e. face-to-face meetings, telephone, and SNS) seems important - and bearing this in mind, there is controversy in the research literature about whether the use of the Internet and SNS increases or decreases users' social participation and the psychological and health.

Home / Archives / Vol 9, No 1: Spring 2017 / Systematic Review of Research The Efficacy of Telehealth-Delivered Speech and Language Intervention for Primary School-Age Children: A Systematic Review young adults (ages 12-26) prevent the onset of behavioral health challenges and manage existing challenges. Our review included school-, community-, secondary institution-, or work-place-based solutions for this age group. In most cases, the research focused on middle school, high school, and college settings. We did not find systematic reviews Tools: Steps: PICO template. 1. Id entify your research question. Formulate a clear, well-defined research question of appropriate scope. Define your terminology. Find existing reviews on your topic to inform the development of your research question, identify gaps, and confirm that you are not duplicating the efforts of previous reviews The Annals of Internal Medicine on December 19, 2017, published four evidence-based reviews looking at randomized controlled trials on the effectiveness interventions to prevent dementia. The reviews, conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ's) Minnesota Evidence-based Practice Center, were requested by the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of. Veterans Health Administration Health Services Research & Development Service Washington, DC 20420 . Prepared by: Evidence Synthesis Program (ESP) Center Minneapolis VA Health Care System Minneapolis, MN Timothy J. Wilt, MD, MPH, Director Wei Duan-Porter, MD, PhD, Associate Director . Care Coordination Models and Tools: A Systematic Review and Ke

Background e-health literacy can facilitate the uptake of benefits of health for older adults. In this review, we aimed to tabulate the types and outcomes of the theory-based e-health interventions that had been applied to improve the e-health literacy of older adults. Methods In this systematic review, theory-based e-health literacy interventions that published up to April 2020 were retrieved. Methods: Systematic review of peer-reviewed literature (November 2009-2014) on Indigenous health program evaluation. Results: We identified 118 papers describing evaluations of 109 interventions; 72.0% were university/research institution-led. 82.2% of evaluations included a quantitative component; 49.2% utilised quantitative data only and 33.1. The rapid growth in the use of online technologies among youth provides an opportunity to increase access to evidence-based mental health resources. The aim of this systematic review is to provide a narrative synthesis of the evidence on the effectiveness of online mental health promotion and prevention interventions for youth aged 12-25 years. Searching a range of electronic databases, 28.

This review looks at 10 systematic reviews and meta-analyses of research on interventions to reduce sedentary behaviors such as screen time among children and adolescents. The authors found that all of the included reviews determined some level of effectiveness in reducing time spent in sedentary behavior. Effects, however, were small With funding from the AHRQ Effective Health Care Program, the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center produced two reports on telehealth: (1) in 2016 an evidence map on the impact of telehealth on patient outcomes 7 and (2) in 2019 a systematic review of the evidence about telehealth for acute- and chronic-care consultations. 8 In this. Smart watches are rapidly penetrating the health informatics research space. We note that the first author attempted a systematic review of smart watches in January 2015, but there were too few published studies to summarize at that time. Most of the studies included in the current review employed Android-based devices We conducted a systematic review to assess the impact of digitally-supported IC processes on understanding, satisfaction, anxiety and participation compared with non-digital IC processes, in the context of a H2020 funded project dedicated to improving the IC process in biomedical/clinical research (i-CONSENT, Grant Agreement No. 741856) This systematic review has highlighted the current state-osf-the art with regards to demographic prediction, in terms of the platforms, digital traces and methods currently employed. To date, age and gender are the most studied demographics—perhaps this is due to more established research histories within the social psychology literature.

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The Effectiveness of Digital Health Interventions in the

Digital technologies are being harnessed to support the public-health response to COVID-19 worldwide, including population surveillance, case identification, contact tracing and evaluation of. Conclusions. This systematic review presents a comprehensive, evidence-based typology of the mistreatment of women during childbirth in health facilities, and demonstrates that mistreatment can occur at the level of interaction between the woman and provider, as well as through systemic failures at the health facility and health system levels 2455 Teller Road. Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. www.sagepub.com. Chapter 1: Introduction to Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World. Chapter 2: Qualitative Research Design in a Digital World. Chapter 3: Integrating Qualitative Data Analysis Software Across the Research Process. Chapter 4: Creating a Paperless Literature Review Process

Emergence of non‐AI digital health innovations in

  1. About 10% of patients both at a state clinic and at a private insurance clinic were using a mental health app (Torous et al. 2018). A review of digital self-help apps or programs for depression and anxiety, involving 8 to 40,000 downloads or registrations per month, reported 21-88% using at least once, and 0.5-28.6% continuing after 6 weeks.
  2. Effective strategies to improve dietary intake in young children are a priority to reduce the high prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases in adulthood. This study aimed to assess the impact of family-based and school/preschool nutrition programs on the health of children aged 12 or younger, including the sustainability of these impacts and the relevance to socio-economic inequalities
  3. Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal established by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. PCD provides an open exchange of information and knowledge among researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and others who strive to improve the health of the public through chronic disease prevention
  4. Social media is widely used and has potential to connect adults with obesity with information and social support for weight loss and to deliver lifestyle interventions. The purpose of this review is to summarize recent observational and intervention research on social media and obesity. Online patient communities for weight loss abound but may include misinformation
  5. This is the first systematic literature review on patient complaints in healthcare institutions. Accordingly, no protocol exists to guide the review, and so standard protocols for systematic review were applied.18 The starting eligibility criteria were articles reporting primary data on patient complaints in English. A search strategy to select.
  6. A growing body of research explores emoji, which are visual symbols in computer mediated communication (CMC). In the 20 years since the first set of emoji was released, research on it has been on the increase, albeit in a variety of directions. We reviewed the extant body of research on emoji and noted the development, usage, function, and application of emoji. In this review article, we.
  7. Introduction. Propaganda has a history and so does research on it. In other words, the mechanisms and methods through which media scholars have sought to understand propaganda—or misinformation, or disinformation, or fake news, or whatever you would like to call it—are themselves historically embedded and carry with them underlying notions of power and causality

Bullying in the digital age a critical review and meta analysis of. Bullying in the digital age a critical review and. School Swinburne University of Technology ; Course Title PSY 2000; Uploaded By patteleen. Pages 8 This preview shows page 5 - 8 out of 8 pages.. This project conducted a comprehensive literature review of the impact of health information technologies on patient-centered care (PCC). The project team looked at barriers and facilitators for the use of health information technology (IT) applications to deliver PCC, identified gaps in the literature, and recommended further areas for research Health behavior interventions in the age of Facebook. Am J Prev Med. 2012;43(5):571-2. PubMed Article Google Scholar 45. Moorhead SA, Hazlett DE, Harrison L, Carroll JK, Irwin A, Hoving C. A new dimension of health care: systematic review of the uses, benefits, and limitations of social media for health communication News. New Review: Interventions for improving medical students' interpersonal communication in medical consultations. News. NEW REVIEW: Decision aids for people facing health treatment or screening decisions. News. NEW REVIEW : Targeted client communication via mobile devices for improving maternal, neonatal, and child health. News

Social Media Use and Its Connection to Mental Health: A

Data-driven digital health technologies have the power to transform health care. If these tools could be sustainably delivered at scale, they might have the potential to provide everyone, everywhere, with equitable access to expert-level care, narrowing the global health and wellbeing gap. Conversely, it is highly possible that these transformative technologies could exacerbate existing health. There are growing concerns about the impact of digital technologies on children's emotional well-being, particularly regarding fear, anxiety, and depression. The 2 mental health categories of anxiety and depression will be discussed together because there is significant symptom overlap and comorbidity. Early research has explored the impact of traditional media (eg, television, movies) on.

Media and digital devices are an integral part of the world today. Despite potential benefits of media time, excessive or inappropriate use of technology is having a significant impact on the development and health of children Mobile health (mHealth) has continuously been used as a method in behavioral research to improve self-management in patients with chronic diseases. However, the evidence of its effectiveness in chronic disease management in the adult population is still lacking. We conducted a systematic review to examine the effectiveness of mHealth interventions on process measures as well as health outcomes. Guse K, Levine D, Martins S, Lira A, Gaarde J, Westmorland W, et al. Interventions using new digital media to improve adolescent sexual health: a systematic review. J Adolesc Health 2012;51:535-43. Article Locations A systematic review of the literature. BMC Public Health. 2010;10:459. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-10-459. 10 Rudd RE. Health literacy skills of U.S. adults. Am J Health Behav. 2007;31(Suppl 1):S8-18. 11 Ngoh LN. Health literacy: A barrier to pharmacist-patient communication and medication adherence Strengthening the Role of the Audiologist in the Digital Age. Ratanjee-Vanmali, Husmita; Swanepoel, De Wet PhD; Laplante-Lévesque, Ariane PhD. Author Information. From left: Ms. Ratanjee-Vanmali is a PhD candidate at the University of Pretoria (UP) and a Clinical Research Audiologist at the Hearing Research Clinic, a nonprofit based in South.

Research - Ways of Being in a Digital Age - A review of

Rural development in the digital age: A systematic

A more recent systematic review of studies undertaken to date also revealed associations between screen-based activities and mental health problems in children and young people, but again concluded more research was needed into cause and effect (Dickson et al, 2018) 5 Brett J, Staniszewska S, Mockford C, Herron-Marx S, Hughes J, Tysall C et al. Mapping the impact of patient and public involvement on health and social care research: a systematic review. Health. uences of social media/internet use on suicidal behaviour has been growing; however, the relationship remains unclear. Recent findings A systematic search of articles from database inception up to 25 January 2019 across five databases: Medline, PsycINFO, EMBASE, HMIC and CINAHL revealed nine independent studies investigating social media/internet use and suicide attempts in young people less.

Annual research review: A meta-analysis of the worldwide prevalence of mental disorders in children and adolescents. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 56(3), 345-365. Ridout, B., & Campbell, A. (2018). The use of social networking sites in mental health interventions for young people: Systematic Review For this systematic review and meta-analysis, we searched five databases (PsychINFO, MEDLINE, Cochrane Controlled Register of Trials, Embase, and CINAHL) for quantitative studies comparing involuntary admission, readmission, and inpatient bed days between BAME or migrant groups and majority or native groups, published between inception and Dec 3, 2018 Mental health disorders account for 13% of the global burden of disease, and affect 10-20% of children and young people (CYP) worldwide. Depression and anxiety are two of the leading causes of mental health disability, affecting 6% of adolescents globally each year [1, 2].Research shows that the risk of depression rises sharply after puberty [], and that 50 to 70% of depressed adolescents.

Health science communication strategies used by

The focus of higher education institutions is the preparation of future professionals. To achieve this aim, innovative teaching methods are often deployed, including games and simulations, which form the subject of this paper. As the field of digital games and simulations is ever maturing, this paper attempts to systematically review the literature relevant to games and simulation pedagogy in. Utilizing evidence-based practices in telehealth. The field of mental health is undergoing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional counselors who worked with children and adolescents before the pandemic have found that some traditional in-person techniques are not appropriate via virtual platforms Oral Health Literacy. Health literacy and oral health literacy (OHL) are factors in achieving oral and systemic health. By one estimate, limited health literacy costs up to more than $200 billion annually, associated with inadequate personal preventive care and greater use of emergency care.1 Vernon JA, Trujillo A, Rosenbaum S, DeBuono B. Low health literacy: implications for national policy

Digital Storytelling in Research: A Systematic Review by

the U.S., crisis communication appears as a serious research concern in the 1980s and interest in the topic has expanded rapidly since that time (Coombs, 2015). The end result is a growing body of crisis communication research that should serve to illuminate the crisis communication practice Systematic reviews are regarded as the best source of research evidence. A systematic review is a rigorous review of existing literature that addresses a clearly formulated question. This article aims to guide you on the different kinds of systematic review, the standard procedures to be followed, and the best approach to conducting and writing a systematic review Populations may be defined by any characteristics e.g. where they live, age group, certain diseases. More. It is one to watch with interest. References(pdf). Editor's note: a new Cochrane Review on Interventions for improving medication‐taking ability and adherence in older adults prescribed multiple medications was published in May 2020

Digital transformation in healthcare: Analyzing the

  1. Improving the quality and safety of health care is a priority of governments, health care workers, and the public [1, 2], with efforts often focused on investment in changes to the way health care is organized and delivered (system-level quality improvements) [3, 4].While there are many different approaches that may be taken, continuous quality improvement (CQI) has received considerable.
  2. literature review on effectiveness of the use of social media a report for peel public health rebecca schein, phd(1), kumanan wilson msc, md, frcs (2) and jennifer keelan, phd (3) (1) assistant professor, carleton university, ottawa, ontario, canada (2) crc (public health policy), university of ottawa, ottawa, ontario canada
  3. A recent review by Kekade and colleagues (2018) of 31 studies shows that more than 60% of elderly people were interested in the future use of a wearable device for improving physical and mental health. However, not many elderly people were currently using wearable devices because generally there is a lack of awareness among the older generations
  4. This qualitative investigation makes suggestions about creating age-friendly cities for older adults focusing on three domains of the World Health Organization (WHO) age-friendly city framework namely Communication and Information, Outdoor Spaces and Buildings and Social Participation. The authors present two case studies, the first one focusing on older adults using activity.

This research work presented a systematic literature review protocol to study how mobile computing assists IoT applications in healthcare, how mobile computing contributes to the current and future research work of IoT in the healthcare system, brings privacy and security in health IoT devices, and affects the IoT in the healthcare system • Studies included in the review are chosen as a result of explicit inclusion and exclu-sion criteria. The assessment of the evidence and the synthesis of results are based on the thoroughness of a study's research method. 34 Conducting Health Research Saks-3519-ch 03.qxd 1/12/2007 8:31 PM Page 3 Today, there are fewer opportunities for health care students and staff for skills training through direct patient contact. The World Health Organization therefore recommends learning about patient safety through hands-on experience and simulation. Simulation has the potential to improve skills through training in a controlled environment, and simulation has a positive effect on knowledge and. The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health care providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of. The digital landscape is evolving more quickly than research on the effects of screen media on the development, learning and family life of young children. This statement examines the potential benefits and risks of screen media in children younger than 5 years, focusing on developmental, psychosocial and physical health. Evidence-based guidance to optimize and support children's early media.

Digital technology and nursing care: a scoping review on

Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services. Consider, for example, the ways telehealth could. Physical Health Issues (Why Electronics are Bad for the Body) Research has shown that increased time with electronic devices can lead to a wide variety of serious health problems including insulin resistance, obesity, increase abdominal fat, and higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes. 16, 17 There seem to be several reasons for the increase in these physical health problems when screen time increases. The digital revolution is disrupting the ways in which health research is conducted, and subsequently, changing healthcare. Direct-to-consumer wellness products and mobile apps, pervasive sensor technologies and access to social network data offer exciting opportunities for researchers to passively observe and/or track patients 'in the wild' and 24/7 Promoting convergence between health literacy and health communication. Studies in health technology and informatics, 269, 526-543, doi: 10.3233/SHTI200025 (.44 impact factor). Kreps, G.L. (2020). The value of health communication scholarship: New directions for health communication inquiry

countries women face a facet of the digital gender divide: the systematic under-representation in information and communication technology (ICT) jobs, top management and academic careers. For instance, women worldwide are 20% less likely to hold a senior leadership position in the mobile communication industry Evidence-Based Practice: A way of providing health care that is guided by a thoughtful integration of the best available scientific knowledge with clinical expertise.This approach allows the practitioner to critically assess research data, clinical guidelines, and other information resources in order to correctly identify the clinical problem, apply the most high-quality intervention, and re.

Results of Literature Review. Supplementary Figure 1 (available, along with Tables 2, 3, 4, and 5, via the IRB: Ethics & Human Research web page) shows the numbers of abstracts and full-text articles that were screened for each research question. The literature we finally included encompassed a range of in-person and telephone interviews. Methods. Our review followed the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (PRISMA) statements (Liberati et al., Reference Liberati 2009).. We employed multiple search strategies in order to summarize the existing evidence related to non-familiar IG programs involving school- or pre-school children and elder people The objective of this paper is to analyze the literature concerning nurses' roles and strategies in EOL decision making in acute care environments, synthesize the findings, and identify implications for future research. We conducted searches in CINAHL and PubMed, using a broad range of terms. The 44 articles retained for review had quantitative and qualitative designs and represented ten. Journal of Health Psychology is a leading international peer reviewed journal that aims to support and help shape research in health psychology from around the world. It provides a platform for traditional empirical analyses as well as more qualitative and/or critically oriented approaches. It also addresses the social contexts in which.

INTRODUCTION. The majority of mental health problems start in childhood and adolescence, 1, 2 with 75% of adults with a mental health disorder experiencing the onset of the problem before the age of 24 years. 2 Indeed, worldwide prevalence rates of mental health problems in children and young people have been estimated at 13.4%. 3 The high prevalence of mental health problems, 4 their negative. Background The family is an important social context where children learn and adopt eating behaviors. Specifically, parents play the role of health promoters, role models, and educators in the lives of children, influencing their food cognitions and choices. This study attempts to systematically review empirical studies examining the influence of parents on child food consumption behavior in.

Background Empathy as a characteristic of patient-physician communication in both general practice and clinical care is considered to be the backbone of the patient-physician relationship. Although the value of empathy is seldom debated, its effectiveness is little discussed in general practice. This literature review explores the effectiveness of empathy in general practice Cases collection includes hundreds of examples of research methodologies and techniques applied across medical specialties, as well as dentistry, nursing, and public health. It explores an extensive range of studies, including clinical trials, observational studies, epidemiologic research, systematic reviews and meta-analyses Childhood and early adolescence is a critical period for mental health. One in eight children and young people (5 to 19 year olds) are now thought to have a least one mental health disorder (MHDs; NHS Digital, 2018), and half of all lifetime MHDs have their first onset before the age of 14 (Kessler et al., 2005)

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