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Rand Paul Background - Here is the personal, educational and professional background of Rand Paul, the U.S. Senator from Kentucky and former Republican presidential candidate The Education of Rand Paul . How is a first-term senator becoming a force in his party on foreign policy? Because in today's GOP, he's what passes for moderate Ophthalmologist-turned-politician Rand Paul may have a medical degree from Duke University, but the Kentucky senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate never completed his undergraduate.

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U.S. Senator Rand Paul, M.D., is one of the nation's leading advocates for liberty. Elected to the United States Senate in 2010, Dr. Paul has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. As a fierce advocate against government overreach, Dr. Paul has fought tirelessly to return government to its. ROI: Return On Investment, Part 1 - 12th Grade Graduation Speech by Dr. Gary North. Listen to Dr. Gary North deliver a graduation speech to the 12th grade graduates of the Ron Paul Curriculum. In this speech, Dr. North encourages the graduates to plan for and live a life which makes a difference. Part 1 of 2

Sen. Rand Paul examines a patient's eyes in his Bowling Green, Ky., office in 2010. Paul, an ophthalmologist, worked on his father's campaign while in medical school Childhood & Early Life. Randal Howard Paul was born on January 7, 1963, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Carol and Ron Paul. His father, Ron, is a politician and a physician. Ron is also a former US representative of Texas who ran for the presidential elections thrice. Rand was the third of the five children born to his parents The text of the meme read as follows: Dr./Sen. Rand Paul claims to be a board certified physician, but he isn't certified by the respected, century old American Board of Ophthalmology

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Rand Paul on Education; Senators. Don't constrict kids to one-size-fits-all Common Core I believe that education is the great equalizer, but too often our one-size-fits-all system leaves most kids behind Education secretary nominee Miguel Cardona appears for confirmation hearing.Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vaBUvASWatch more Fox News Video: http://v.. Rand Paul on vaccines is infinitely more telling than all this other crap. He's a doctor willing to trash his own training and education to pander for a vote. That matters

Rand Paul Grills Education Secretary on Biological Males in Girls' Sports: 'Where are the Feminists?'. There is a debate in this country over whether it's fair for biological men to compete against girls in sports. One side says yes because it's fair to people who identify as girls and you don't want to be on the wrong side of history President Biden's nominee for education secretary, Miguel Cardona, faced questions on transgender student athletes during a tense exchange with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., during his confirmation. VideoKentucky Senator Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination today in Louisville. In his speech, Paul spoke of the need for school choice as a way to bridge. A A. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., repeatedly questioned secretary of education nominee Miguel Cardona on allowing boys who identify as girls to compete in female athletics at his committee confirmation hearing Wednesday, eventually asking What planet are you from?. Cardona, who has served as education commissioner in Connecticut - where three. Sen. Rand Paul questions top infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing on COVID-19, on July 20, 2021. But Paul broke in.

2016 GOP candidate explains his take on important issueWatch Maria Bartiromo talk about Elections, Presidential Primaries, and Republicans on Sunday Morning. Early life, education, and medical career. Ronald Ernest Paul was born on August 20, 1935, in Pittsburgh, the son of Howard Casper Paul (1904-1997), who ran a small dairy company, and Margaret Paul (née Dumont; 1908-2001). His paternal grandfather emigrated from Germany, and his paternal grandmother, a devout Christian, was a first-generation German American U.S. Sen. Rand Paul delivers remarks while announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination during an event in Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday, April 7

Senator Rand Paul quizzed President Biden's education secretary nominee, Miguel Cardona, on transgender student athletes during a charged exchange at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday Rand Paul has said he will push for a criminal probe into Dr. Anthony Fauci, following his heated exchange with the infectious diseases chief at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.. The Kentucky senator. Randal Howard Rand Paul (b. January 7, 1963, in Pittsburgh, PA) is a Republican member of the U.S. Senate from the state of Kentucky.Paul was first elected to the Senate in 2010. Paul announced on April 7, 2015, that he would run President of the United States in 2016. He suspended his campaign on February 3, 2016, and instead ran for re-election. Paul was a delegate to the 2016 Republican. Rand Paul Has Won Every Single Round Against Fauci. Time has proven Rand Paul had his thumb on the pulse of the science of the virus, and understood the unintended consequences of government interventions better than public health officials. Thursday, May 27, 2021. Image Credit: YouTube-WashPo. Hannah Cox

Topline. In a hearing for President Biden's nominee for education secretary Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) pressed Dr. Miguel Cardona to weigh in on the ongoing debate about how transgender.

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