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A transfer course will appear in the list of courses paired with its direct LMU equivalent. A transfer course with no direct LMU equivalent will pair with an LMU course ending in -XX or -XXX. These courses may be used to fulfill degree and major requirements, so be sure to consult with your Academic Advisor and/or Dean's Office LMU proudly commit to ensuring our Transfer students experience a world-class education in a personalized learning environment. With over 600 students transferring from community colleges and other four-year institutions each year, LMU is the perfect place to continue your education Colleges and Schools; LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts; LMU College of Business Administration; LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts; LMU Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering; LMU Loyola Law School; LMU School of Education; LMU School of Film and Televisio In order to qualify for the guaranteed admission transfer agreement, you must fulfill the conditions as outlined in the official LMU Guaranteed Transfer Admission Agreement for your guarantee school. All students interested in the guarantee must: Earn the minimum cumulative GPA as outlined in the agreement for your specific majo

College students enrolled at regionally accredited institutions may plan for their future at LMU by following the information provided in the transfer agreements and meeting our transfer requirements and deadlines.Students or schools with questions should contact the Office of Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services at 310.338.5913 or transfer@lmu.edu Cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required in a minimum of 30 semester (45 quarter) units of transferable college work. Some majors are impacted and may require stronger records than the minimum 3.0 GPA generally required for admission consideration

The following policies apply to all work transferred to the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount, whether from a two-year or a four-year school. Upper division business courses may only be transferred from a four-year, AACSB-accredited institution. Upper division Accounting classes may not be transferred to LMU The Core Curriculum at Loyola Marymount University requires 13 Core courses, including 6 flagged requirements.Some courses in the Core may also satisfy requirements in the student's major or minor. Flagged courses will typically be courses that also satisfy other Core or major requirements This is to prepare students for the transfer admission process and academic transition to LMU. Please keep in mind, we recommend enrolling full time (at least 12 units) per semester. Find out which classes you will need to ensure consideration for your major: Bellarmine College of Liberal Art

The following policies apply to all work transferred to the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University, whether from a two-year or a four-year school: Students must obtain Transfer Course Approval prior to registration at other institutions Baccalaureate Degree Requirements . To be eligible for an undergraduate degree at LMU, candidates must complete all requirements for a bachelor's degree set forth by the University, their college or school, and academic departments or programs. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all of these requirements are met

Portfolio List: The portfolio list is a written record of your creative material, including but not limited to film or television. It should include the title and a logline (if appropriate), the year of completion, and your creative role in its production. The material should give an idea of the range and depth of your creative experiences so far This is an A-LIST Pathway Elective course, a COIN Pathway Elective course, and an MA Pathway Elective course. Prerequisites: BCOR 3510 and MRKT 3513 or MRKT 3516 or MRKT 4517. 4 semester hours. MRKT 4566 Pricing Goods and Services. The focus of this course is upon the function of price as a driver of profit What are the Loyola Marymount University transfer GPA requirements? Loyola Marymount University requires a minimum college GPA of 3.0 - this is on a 4.33 point scale. In addition, Loyola Marymount University requires a minimum high school GPA of 3.0. Will you enjoy transferring to Loyola Marymount University Academic Scholarships for Transfer Students. If you have any questions about the application process or about the University in general, we welcome you to contact us via telephone at +1.310.338.2750, email at international@lmu.edu, or, if you are local or visiting Los Angeles, by scheduling an appointment to speak with International Outreach staff

In order to be considered for LMU credit, you must earn a grade of C (2.0) or higher in the course you wish to transfer. Transfer credit grades do not show on LMU transcripts or count towards LMU GPA. Credits from transferred courses will only count towards LMU semester hours. Courses will not be counted if they: Are taken at colleges non. to be taken in residence at LMU. F. Electives: Students in the B.B.A. and B.S. (AIMS major) programs have 11 semester hours of electives that may be taken from any College of School within the University, including Business Administration. Agreements are in place with a number of the departments within the University under which students may take all or most of their electives in a single area New Transfer Advising To ensure a smooth transition to BCLA, all incoming transfer students are required to attend a group advising workshop prior to course registration. In this session, we will explain degree and major requirements, review transfer credit equivalency to LMU degree, and guide you through the registration process Loyola Marymount University is Unranked in Best Business Schools and No. 66 (tie) in Part-time MBA. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of.

Minimum Requirements Students must complete MATH 112 or an equivalent course in Calculus with a minimum grade of B (3.0) and ECON 1050 with a minimum grade of B- (2.7). In addition, students must have a minimum cumulative LMU GPA of 3.2 A transfer applicant is any student who has completed at least one hour of college credit after graduating high school. What are the admission deadlines? Transfer Applicants Fall Term: November 1 - Early Priority. March 15 - Regular Decision. Transfer Applicants Spring Term: October 1 - Regular Decision Transfer Appointments. Thank you for your interest in Loyola Marymount University. These virtual individual appointments, led by LMU Transfer Admission Counselors, will introduce the academic programs, campus opportunities that shape the LMU experience, as well as an overview of transfer admission requirements

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  1. Start My Benefits. In this section. Download the LMU VA Information Sheet. Complete the admissions requirements and be accepted into a degree-seeking program. If you have. Submit a copy of the Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) to va.certification@lmu.edu. Chapter 31 benefits, ensure that an authorization has been submitted to LMU by your counselor
  2. The Core at LMU. The University Core Curriculum provides a shared intellectual foundation for every undergraduate student at LMU, and fosters a love of learning that students can carry into their future lives. Learn more >>
  3. All flagged courses must be taken at LMU. The University does not count transfer courses towards flag requirements. The policy for transfer students is as follows: Students transferring in with 60 or more units are required to complete three (3) out of six (6) flags, with at least one flag in writing
  4. Westchester Main Campus 1 LMU Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045 310.338.2700 Downtown Law Campus 919 Albany Stree
  5. Flag requirements also differ depending on the number of units a student bring into LMU. In addition to these waivers, transfer students may also satisfy other Core requirements if they transferred in equivalent courses from another school, subject to a transcript review by the Registrar's office

Attainment of minimum requirements may not always be sufficient to secure approval of transfer request. General Information. Students who are currently enrolled in a major at LMU outside of CSE but are interested in transferring to CSE are encouraged to apply as early as possible LMU website: www.lmunet.edu Email: admissions@lmunet.edu Revised 04/06/2021 1History Sequence - Choose a sequence that meets WSCC's general education requirements for an AA or AS degree. 2Substitution- LMU will allow BUSN 1360 to substitute for INFS1010 in business transfer programs The Office of the Registrar and the Associate Deans' Offices will determine the eligibility of each course for LMU degree credit. Eligible courses will transfer to LMU upon verification of the student's full compliance with LMU's transfer policy. Upon completion of review (normally 10 business days), the form will be sent to the student's email These presentations, led by LMU Transfer Admission Counselors, will introduce the academic programs, campus opportunities that shape the LMU experience, as well as an overview of transfer admission requirements. Select an available session on dates appearing in green on the calendar. Click on the date of your intended session and complete the. Enrolling first year applicants must all submit official final high school transcripts before school begins, showing your high school graduation date. Transfer students must also submit transcripts from each college or university attended. The ACT or SAT is optional for students applying for spring 2022 semester and fall 2022 semester

Loyola Marymount University 1 LMU Drive, Suite 235 Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659. Electronic Transcripts (preferred) and test scores must be emailed to graduateadmission@lmu.edu. How to Submit the Application for Fall 2022. The application has many parts and will take some time to complete Business courses taken at other institutions will not satisfy the USC Marshall matriculation requirement. The Office of Academic Records and Registrar and the Marshall School Admission Office can help you learn whether courses taken at your schools will transfer to USC. Contact us at: Phone: (213) 740-8885. Email: busadm@marshall.usc.edu

LMU does not require international students to submit standardized test scores. However, they are still required to demonstrate English proficiency through the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or Duolingo English test. LMU also waives English proficiency requirements for select students based upon their school curriculum or their native language Transfer Credit: Students may transfer six semester hours for courses completed at another accredited college or university. The credits to be transferred must be taken prior to admission, with a grade of B (3.0) or higher. Transfer credit must not have been used to satisfy degree requirements at another college or university The Los Angeles Community College District has a Guaranteed Transfer Admission Agreement with Loyola Marymount University. In order to qualify for guaranteed admission, students must complete a minimum of 30 semester transferable units and fulfill the conditions outlined in the official LMU Transfer Admission Agreement The LMU-WLAC Business Scholars Program provides a new path for West students wishing to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration from LMU. It builds on LMU's existing transfer admissions pact with the nine-campus Los Angeles Community College District - which includes West - and furthers the university's commitment to. Visit Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services at Von der Ahe 150, call (310) 338-5913 or email transfer@lmu.edu. Welcome to Loyola Marymount University! We are thrilled that you are joining our community here at LMU. We appreciate all that you bring in experience, knowledge, and skill to add to our diverse campus

College of Business Administration LMU College of Business Administration (CBA) is one of the best business schools in the nation. Established in 1926 as a center for strategic thinking and innovation in Southern California, we strive for academic excellence and prepare students — from eager undergraduates to experienced executives — to use their immense talents and unique skills to. Major Requirements. For students who entered LMU as first year students with other majors (including undeclared), completion of PSYC 1000 with a minimum grade of C (2.0) or higher is required PRIOR to declaring Psychology as a major or minor. LMU students who wish to switch into the major (from undeclared status or other majors at LMU. • The LMU DBA is a 48 or 60 credit hour program. Students holding an MBA may be eligible to transfer 12 credit hours of course work into the LMU DBA program, leaving them with only 48 credit hours to complete. Contact the School of Business for the most up to date information: April.Anderson@LMUnet.edu. Application Requirements

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To complete your Student Health Services Entrance Requirements 2021-2022, first access the MyHealth portal by logging into my.lmu.edu. From the top menu, click on Accounts & Tech and select the MyHealth link. Once you're in the MyHealth portal, complete the following steps: Review and acknowledge the following forms: Consent for Treatment. Candidates for an undergraduate degree at Loyola Marymount University must complete all requirements for a bachelor's degree as set forth by the University, their college or school, and academic departments or programs. Failure to understand those requirements does not relieve a student of his or her responsibility. Read more Westchester Main Campus; 1 LMU Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045 310.338.2700; Downtown Law Campus; 919 Albany Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 213.736.1000; Playa Vista Campu LMU offers Fall first year applicants an Early Action option. This is a non-binding program with a November 1 application deadline and a late December reply date. Early Action applicants may be admitted, denied, or deferred for further consideration in our regular decision process, and all Early Action decisions will be mailed by late December International Baccalaurate Credit. LMU may award up to 6 semester hours (up to 8 for lab-based science courses) for higher level passes for which a student scores a 5 or above. Not all higher level examinations will yield advanced-standing credit. The IB chart that follows shows IB examinations that have been approved for transfer

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  1. Transfer Community. Being a part of the Transfer Community will help you become integrated in the leadership culture of Loyola Marymount University. This community focuses primarily on the needs of second year transfer students. Members of this community are required to take a 1 unit Leadership Course through the Ignatian Leadership Institute
  2. Elective (3-4 semester hours) Total: 15-19 semester hours. Junior Year. Fall Semester. SCWR 320 - Intermediate Screenwriting (3 semester hours) Select between: SCWR 325 - Writing the TV Situation Comedy (3 semester hours) (may be taken concurrently with SCWR 320) OR. SCWR 426 - Writing One-Hour Episodic TV (3 semester hours
  3. Program Delivery and Schedule. The LMU EMBA program is structured as a cohort and offers a modular curriculum in an executive setting. Members of your class begin the program at the same time in August and move through the curriculum together, completing the degree requirements for graduation as a group in May of year 2 — 22 months total
  4. Student Type. Consequences for NOT Submitting Verification Documents. Entering Freshman or Transfer Students. Those who have not submitted federal verification requirements by August 20, 2021 will have all federal, state and need-based institutional financial aid canceled.. You will then need to make alternate payment arrangements with LMU's Student Accounts Department
  5. imum requirements to transfer from a California Community College to a University of California or California State University, and If you are without lawful immigration status, you will file an affidavit with LMU stating that you will take action to legalize your immigration status as soon as eligible
  6. istration offers a B.S. in Accounting and AIMS, and a B.B.A. in AIMS, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management and Marketing. Schedule a tour with LMU's Undergraduate Admissions Office. Review admission requirements for entering freshmen, transfers and international students
  7. The BCLA Advising Office is offering virtual office hours Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - noon and 3 - 5 p.m., PDT, for quick questions (i.e., submitting forms, college processes, deadlines, etc.). Completed Registrar forms can be submitted for processing to BCLAAdvising@lmu.edu.. The BCLA Advising Center is open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. for advising appointments that have been scheduled in advance

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To complete the online application, you will need LMU's VA Code number: 3-1-5042-05. Upon review of your application, the VA will determine eligibility and issue a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). If you are applying for the VA Vocational Rehabilitation program (Chapter 31), you must also apply through the Vocational Rehabilitation and. While the university has transfer admissions agreements in place with districts representing 25 community colleges, the Business Scholars Program is a first. Business scholars will receive personalized counseling support and also have access to LMU facilities and activities, including career expos, workshops and coaches, athletics events and more Please note: Any work taken elsewhere for Spring 2018 must be completed prior to the end of the LMU Spring semester in order to qualify for graduation and participation in Commencement. LMU does not allow enrollment at LMU and another school in the same term if the courses are to be used for degree credit

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Ludwig Maximillian University (LMU) offers admissions to over 51,000 students across its 18 faculties.Students can opt for making applications to any of the degree programs offered in 200 subjects and in manifold combinations.Alongside the degree programs, LMU also offers teacher training programs in 100 major and 140 supplemental subjects.. LMU, Munich is one of the top universities in. The CFA Academic Advisement Center for Student Success is here to support CFA's undergraduate community through collaborative and comprehensive advising services as our students explore, navigate, and graduate.. Our academic advisors are available for scheduled or walk-in appointments to help you with routine academic matters, including questions about academic policies and procedures. Tuesdays from 8:30-10:00 a.m. and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. DROP-IN HERE. Personalized One-on-One Virtual Appointments. Email international@lmu.edu to connect with an International Admission Counselor regarding your individual questions and get the support you need throughout your admission and enrollment process The requirements for the International Business Law Specialization were developed by an advisory group of practitioners and academics, both alumni and friends of Loyola with the intent of preparing graduates to be exposed to the legal doctrines and skills necessary to be effective attorneys. The LLM degree requires 24 total units of credit LMU Business Scholars Program (BSP) - Provides students with personalized counseling support from the WLAC Transfer Center and LMU'S Office of Transfer Admissions. Students receive guaranreed admission to LMU's College of Business if program requirements are met

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The LMU MBA program focuses on the application of knowledge to real world business situations, while always stressing the roles of leadership and management in an ever-changing business climate. The School of Business strives to provide a flexible curriculum for dually enrolled MBA students by offering the required foundational courses during. LMU College of Business Administration (CBA) is recognized as one of the top business schools in the country and develops business leaders with moral courage and creative confidence to be a force for good in the global community. Our students gain the knowledge and skills to lead and serve in a rapidly changing global landscape, developing an. 1. Provide its students with information about the requirements for transfer to Loyola Marymount University and an in‐depth understanding of the LMU Transfer Admission Agreement, so that those students can consider the advantages of selecting classes with the objective of transfer to LMU in mind. 2 Transfer Applicants. Apply With the Common Application. Any applicant who has enrolled in courses at another college or university after the completion of high school must apply as a transfer student. Admission for transfer applicants is selective. The admission evaluation for transfer students is primarily an academic review

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Business Calculus (MATH 28) at Santa Monica College with a B grade or better. b. Programs Not Included in the LMU Transfer Admission Agreement ‐ Loyola Marymount University WILL NOT offer guaranteed admission for the following majors: 1. The School of Film and Television All majors 2 Transfer students are not guaranteed housing and are provided Fall and/or Spring semester Housing based on space availability. All newly admitted Transfer Students are welcome to apply for on-campus student housing once you have officially committed to attend Loyola Marymount University students should contact their advisor if they have questions regarding transfer credit. Courses listed on the four-year plan may be taken during other semesters, based on availability and course placement. This plan meets LMU's general education (Liberal Arts Common Core) requirements, major requirements and 300/400 level course requirements Standard Track. Students on the standard track must meet the same requirements as students in Loyola's Tax LLM program: they must satisfactorily complete 24 units of advanced tax law coursework (see course descriptions below), including seven required 2-unit courses: Corporate Taxation I. Corporate Taxation II. Income Tax Timing Issues

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Applicants who completed the equivalent of the first semester of law school may apply to transfer to LMU Law. The law school from which you wish to transfer must be approved either by the American Bar Association or approved by an appropriate governmental authority in the unapproved law school's jurisdiction The M-School is currently only available to LMU undergraduate students. The M-School has 2 focuses: Strategy/ Management and Content Creation. Take this survey and see which focus may be right for you. See the FAQs below for more information. The program is tailored for Marketing majors within LMU's College of Business Administration. M. Loyola Marymount University is committed to supporting our students and their families. To help ease your concerns and adjust to the changing academic climate, we have temporarily adjusted some undergraduate admissions policies. If you cannot find the answers to your admissions questions, please contact us at admission@lmu.edu Loyola Marymount University offers a variety a payment options for tuition, fees, room, and board. Please note, a student must be registered and assessed fees before enrolling in a payment plan. For a more accurate payment plan balance, we recommend but do not require, the student have all financial aid accepted and finalized

Please be aware that submitting documents through the Common Application is a two-step process. First, your school submits your forms to the Common Application. Then, we import them in to the LMU system for review.. During peak volume periods, the process can take up to a week Approval must be obtained in advance from the Academic Advising Center to apply transfer courses to general studies or major requirements. Only those courses with grades of C (2.000) or higher may transfer to fulfill requirements at Seaver College. No grades from transferred courses will apply to the GPA A majority of CA private schools, including USC, LMU, and Pepperdine are part of the AICCU. The AICCU Transfer Guide provides information on transferring to CA's private universities and colleges. In general, it's recommended that you complete a combination of your lower-division major prep and general education (GE) courses

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  1. For your desired major, please see Transfer Requirements by School. COVID-19 Update: UCI will accept Pass or Credit grades in major preparatory coursework completed in winter, spring, and summer 2020 for all majors. Pass or Credit grades in major preparation are acceptable for admission purposes only; articulation of courses with Pass or Credit.
  2. The LMU Transfer Scholarship is awarded up to $10,000 per academic year and is automatically renewed for up to 3 years or 6 semesters of enrollment as long as recipients meet eligibility requirements. Scholarship selection occurs during the admission process, and no separate application is necessary
  3. Loyola Marymount University utilizes ECSI (Educational Computer Services, Inc.) to manage the repayment of all its Perkins and Institutional Loans. ECSI is the single point of contact for all billing, payment, deferment, and cancellation activity
  4. All units accepted by LMU during transfer course evaluation count as equivalent semesters for transfer students. See Classification of Undergraduate Students in the Undergraduate Bulletin . For example, transfer students with 60 accepted transfer units to their LMU academic record, will be considered as having completed four semesters and.
  5. MBA Program. The MBA Program at Loyola Marymount University develops agile, innovative and impactful leaders for a changing global business landscape. Our AACSB-accredited program features small classes in the evenings, personalized attention, global study and customized career services. Ranked 13th in Entrepreneurship, 20th in Marketing and.

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  1. Connect With Us. There are many opportunities for you to explore all that Loyola Marymount University has to offer. Whether you are a student preparing for your next academic journey or a professional ready to advance your career, our Undergraduate and Graduate Admission teams are available to provide you with the assistance you need
  2. g fall semester
  3. Programs for visiting students. Looking to do a study exchange for a few months at LMU? The University offers the Erasmus+, SEMP and LMUexchange programs to do just that. MISU also provides a summer academy and German courses. And there's the Junior Year Programme for North American students
  4. Loyola Marymount University takes the safety of our community very seriously and has revised the Vehicle Policy for clarification on certain issues.. Any person requiring the use of an LMU-owned cart or vehicle must consent to be enrolled in the LMU/DMV Pull Program. To enroll you must sign the DMV Authorization form and forward to Risk Management with a copy of your California driver's license

ASSIST is best used in combination with seeing a counselor on your campus. It is intended to help students and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university View Loyola Marymount University rankings for 2021 and see where it ranks among top colleges in the U.S

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Pay your LMU commitment deposit. 2. Submit your SEVIS I-20 Request Form‌ (Certificate of Eligibility for F-1, International Student Status) in MyStatus. Use your MyLMU and password to access MyStatus. 3. Register for mandatory International Orientation. 5. Obtain your visa and review your legal requirements. 6 Participation in Loyola Marymount University Endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan is required by all students enrolled in seven (7) or more units. The premium for the Plan is automatically charged to the tuition bill, in the fall and spring semester, if enrolled in seven (7) or more units. Visit Student Health Insurance for additional.

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November 6, 2018. Loyola Marymount University and the Maricopa County Community College District in Arizona have signed a transfer admissions agreement that will enable students attending the ten colleges of the MCCCD system to receive guaranteed fall admission to select programs at LMU if they meet specific requirements Loyola Marymount University is a private institution that was founded in 1911. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,778, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 142 acres. It. Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles stresses academic rigor. The acceptance rate is 52 percent, indicating that it is selective. This private Jesuit school attracts gifted and talented students from around the world. In fact, the Loyola Marymount average GPA of admitted students is 3.8 Submit the Transferability Application to request transfer of benefits to dependent. • Dependent must go to E-Benefits or VONAPP website and complete the VONAPP VA Form 22-1990e. • Applicant will receive a copy of the COE. • Send copies of the VONAPP and COE to The Los Angeles Film School via fax: 323-469-4140, mail: 6363 Sunset Blvd, Los.

A degree in Film, TV, and Media Studies prepares students to become informed citizens and savvy interpreters of the visual information that surrounds us. You accomplish this through: Studying the theoretical, historical, and critical foundations of films, TV, and other visual media. Examining power dynamics and representation in visual media. Screenwriting. All great films and television shows begin with a story served by the written word. Develop your unique voice, build a strong portfolio of creative work that has artistic and commercial appeal, and learn how to pitch yourself and your stories to producers and networks. Harness your imagination to create compelling, authentic, and.

Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works (an exception in the non-academic world to this might exist if the authors have, as a condition of employment, agreed to transfer copyright to their employer). { top } General Submission Rule Faculty Advisors. All BCLA students are assigned to a Faculty Advisor. Your assigned Faculty Advisor can be found in Degree Works and the name is hyperlinked so you can email your advisor directly from the page. Your Faculty Advisor will guide you in selecting major courses to compliment your academic and career goals lmu college of business provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, lmu college of business will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves San Diego State University (Fowler) 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182-8228. 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182-8228 Unranked in Best Business Schools. #53 in Part-time MBA (tie Explore key Loyola Marymount University information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more. College Search helps you research colleges and universities, find schools that match your preferences, and add schools to a personal watch list

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6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway . Harrogate, TN 37752-1901 (423) 869-3611 . Fax : (423) 869-6444 . admissions@lmunet.edu . Contact : Sean Long . Director of Admission Gifts to The Fund for LMU allow the university to maximize opportunities and address our most pressing needs, ensuring LMU is meeting the ever-growing requirements of a 21st century education. Please help us honor our past as we build our future - make your gift today. LMU's giving year begins June 1 and runs through May 31 adam.tingen@lmu.edu. Give to a School or College. Each of our Colleges and Schools has its own scholarship fund. These funds are used at the dean's discretion to support those students who need financial assistance. Each year money donated to these funds assist the dean in recruiting and retaining students who will enrich the entire LMU community

The application for the Fall 2021 entering Full-Time MBA class is now closed. The application cycle for the Fall 2022 entering class will begin no later than September 1, 2021 Downtown Law Campus; 919 Albany Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 213.736.1000; Westchester Main Campus; 1 LMU Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045 310.338.2700; Playa Vista Campu Program Requirements Business Majors. A Business major is any student majoring in Accountancy; Information Systems; or Business Administration with an option in either Business Analytics, Business Law, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Global Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Risk Management and Insurance, or Systems and Operations Management Different Ways of Knowing and Growing: A Case Study of An Arts-Integrated Pedagogy at an Urban Elementary Charter School. Presenter: Amarpal Khanna (Cohort 11) Chair: Rebecca Stephenson, Ph.D. May 5, 2021 Graduate Presentations (View video recordings of the presentations on LMU's Digital Commons here. Art History. LMU's Art History program exposes students to diverse artistic traditions, providing a full understanding of the historical, religious, theoretical, and cultural context of works of art and visual culture. Our undergraduates study both the meaning and purpose of the visual arts, their development through history, their role in.

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Virtual Summer Tax Intensive 2021 The only program of its kind in the world . For more than a decade, employers have valued graduates of the Summer Tax Intensive program at LMU Loyola Law School in Los Angeles because of their incomparable preparation to tackle the real-world complexities of U.S. tax law Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program being offered as a fully-online degree program with residency requirements; launch set for Fall 2019. Program Implementations (cont.) Master of Science Biomedical Science alternate admissions pathway with mile markers for guaranteed medical school admission; approved by Academic Council