Should I paint my fireplace mantel white?

We just patched up the cracked edges and parts of our fireplace mantle. I am debating whether I should paint it and almost black color, or just repaint it white. For the most part We have a pretty neutral room (Dark velvet green sofa, light cream accent chairs, all white walls throughout the house,. The general rule of thumb is for a fireplace mantel to be a neutral color. This ensures the mantel will blend with the room even if the colors are changed. Likewise, it keeps the mantel from standing out too much. If you want to paint your mantel, white and off white colors like ivory are generally a good choice I don't think that painting the fireplace white is going to look good with your cream carpet and popcorn ceilings, and you may get discoloration around all those dark vents. If you're trying for scandanavian design, save your money until you can remodel the entire fireplace Paint your mantel and walls in a matching hue. A soft white paint color like Alabaster creates a seamless backdrop for showcasing everything from rustic artwork to festive holiday garland. Photo Courtesy of: @harknesshomestylis

should I paint my fireplace mantle white or keep it black

  1. Looking to start my first DIY project. I am looking to paint an oak fireplace mantle white. I have never refinished anything in my life. It's stained but not sealed. Feels rough. I would like a smooth white modern finish. I'm going to cover the mantle tiles with beadboard for the time being and retile the bottom tiles beige/white
  2. So painting our wood fireplace mantel white was at the top of our to-do list. Here's our brown wood fireplace mantel. It's so boring with this orangey-brown stain and the undertones of this stain clash with the rest of the room. See how we updated our windows and replace these dated brown woven shades with beautiful white faux wood blinds
  3. A fireplace is usually one of the focal points in a house, and its contribution to the interior aesthetics is further emphasized if the accompanying mantel has a lustrous, vibrant exterior. Wooden mantels are fairly common, but they need more regular care and painting than natural stone mantels
  4. But even if we had to wait for many years, I told myself that I could always try to paint the fireplace white the next time I wanted a fresh new look. When I got the itch recently to make some updates to our living room, I really thought the time had come to rip out the fireplace and start over
  5. Opt for the same color on the mantel and the walls for a seamless backdrop in the room. By choosing not to paint the mantel a contrasting color, artwork or a special decorative accessory is easily..
  6. From the antique bird statue watching over the fireplace to the bird's next on the mantel, these little details add a sense of humor to the formal and stylish space. And though the white mantel is..
  7. First, Ethan coated all the stone and mantel with bonding primer. It's super sticky and allows paint to stick to weird surfaces (like stone) much better. Then he brushed on two coats of white masonry paint

White painted brick fireplace with flat my fireplace mantel reveal a makeover 30 stunning white brick fireplace ideas would you paint this fireplace white colorize Paint fp a soft white, not too stark, maybe with a hint of gray. Dress up the mantel with texture & color (navy blue/gold). Add the lovely gold star piece on the wall above fp. Pick up navy blue & gold elsewhere in room with a few touches here & there. Once repainted & decorated, the mantle will 'soften' to your eye

Some say that it's a sin to paint over oak wood, but since I have oak hardwood floors that led right into my oak wood mantel, I wanted to break it up for a fresher and brighter feeling in my family room!I found there wasn't a lot of online posts or videos about painting oak specifically, but I did find a few tips here and there, so below is a combination of everything that I did! Step 1. If you're painting your fireplace white, you might be tempted to just leave the exposed primer coat. After all, it's white, isn't it? While that statement is true, primer's main purpose is to bond and cover porous surfaces so that a topical coat of paint has something to adhere to

DIY Fireplace Mantel Painting. Decorative fireplace mantels are usually stained and varnished, but with the paint-everything-white trend continuing, you might be wondering if it's possible to paint your wood mantel white too. You can prep and paint a fireplace mantel the same way you would for stained cabinets, interior trim, or doors Oct 23, 2017 - Explore Ellen Folino's board Painted fireplace mantels, followed by 147 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about paint fireplace, painted fireplace mantels, fireplace mantels

If wood they are either stained or painted. Today, I'm going to begin with a classic wooden mantel that's painted white or off-white. Future posts will cover stained wood and stone mantels. And finally mantels that are painted a color other than a shade of white Opt for an acrylic finish for fireplace mantels, as it is nonflammable and easier to work with. If your mantel already has dirt and soot on it that can't be cleaned off, first use a primer paint to..

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As I leaned in, I could swear I heard the mantel whisper, Paint me, I beg you. So I recommended we paint it white to coordinate with the trim and lighten up the wall. Plus, a white fireplace mantel is simply timeless. So in less than four hours, I gave her fireplace wall a fresh new look with just some primer, paint, and accessories Painting a plain mantel in an unexpected hue can reinforce its status as a focal-point feature and provide a counterpoint to otherwise white woodwork. Mantels offer just the right amount of surface for a spark of color, says Debbie Zimmer, a paint and color expert with the Paint Quality Institute , who painted her own mantel a taupey brow The fireplace mantle is what overlays your fireplace surround. It's usually made of wood, and consists of two legs extending down the sides of the firebox and a connecting portion across the top. Mantles help make a fireplace stand out more, giving it presence in any home interior decor and it becomes a place to set decorative items on top White paint gives this brick fireplace a charming, timeworn look. Warm wood tones and colorful accessories make for an ultra-cozy space. Gray paint makes the brick fireplace coordinate seamlessly with the midcentury furniture in this seating area. Candles are always a great option for nonfunctioning fireplaces In my opinion, white is an excellent color to consider when you have a brick fireplace that you want to paint. This is a neutral color, which means it can be paired with any color easily, so there is no need to worry about any other colors that are already in the room

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Our fireplace mantel had the original builders-white paint. But it was starting to yellow and was just a bit too shiny for my taste. This paint did the trick! (And we also painted the tile the exact same color with the same paint). And this time I broke out of the farmhouse look and went for some more fun, boho elements to make it interesting DIY Project-Paint an Oak Mantel. This post was supposed to be an actual step by step tutorial on how to paint an oak mantel. But all my hard work went down the drain when my SD card died, so now you just get a couple photos. All my before shots bit the bullet. But I did happen to find an old photo of the mantel on my computer In this case, the white bookcases and mantle are a much cleaner & brighter look than the before with wood stain. If you aren't willing to paint over your wood just yet, here are 4 compromise solutions: 1) Paint the back wall only, in off white. 2) Apply linen fabric on a thin board inserted on the back wall - this creates a big impact

The idea of painting the fireplace white made me nervous. As I said, there wasn't anything wrong with the stone, it just wasn't my style anymore. And I really wanted to brighten up the living room. That first time I touched the brush to the stone my heart skipped a beat! But I knew the vision in my mind for the end Learn how to prime and paint a mantel as part of a fireplace makeover, and when and why you should use primer in a renovation project. Plus, our tried and true tips for getting a great paint finish using primer. Thank you to KILZ® Brand for sponsoring this post, we have used your products for years and love them. All opinions are our own Should I paint or stain a new fireplace mantle? Answer this question + 4 . Answered. I want to paint my kitchen but I have brown paneling, yes with the dee Actual fireplace is tiled around the opening with painted wall above the fireplace, windows on each side with white shutters. I'm not changing the white shutters The mantle is often the focal point of a room, especially if you have the furniture arranged around the fireplace. Painting a wooden mantel involves the same materials and steps as painting any other wooden piece of furniture. You just need to sand, prime and paint the surface in order to have a completely different look

Fireplace Mantles - Honestly WTF. White (or Black?) Fireplace Mantles. If you follow my stories on Instagram, you'll know that I just scored an antique fireplace mantle on Craigslist. You guys, this baby was a steal. And it just might be the solution to my one regret when we renovated our house: getting rid of the fireplace Chalk Paint Mantel (Before & After) Happy Friday, friends! I have a fun little before & after for you today. A Chalk Paint Mantel! I don't know about you, but I really really love mantels. We had a surround built in our last house and it completely transformed the look of the 1970s fireplace. I wanted a salvaged one like this but none were.

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  1. I had. Mad at that color staring at me. I wanted it done before I redid my mantel. Fall- the color of the wall I was getting rid of was fall. I think they told me that more than one or two times. What was going to be real quick turned into 6 hours of painting. Because I got the whim to redo my fireplace and built-in's as well. Oh Yes!
  2. As nice as the white mantle looked (we're moving away, slowly, from the orangey wood tone that filled our whole house when we moved in), the dark brick stood out so much now that the contrast was a little too much. Originally, we had considered painting the brick white, which is how John and Sherry did it in their old house. (Go check it out.
  3. Step 3: Paint the trim and firebox. Use the white paint to paint all of the trim pieces that surround the tile on your fireplace. While your first coat dries, paint the gold pieces of your firebox with the black high heat enamel paint. Repeat 2-3 coats for nice, even coverage. Step 4: Install Your Mantel. Get your mantel up and in place so that.
  4. Moore's Simply White OC-117 with a semi-gloss finish. I love that it reads a little warmer than the Super White our builder used

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A bold and dramatic brick fireplace does not always mean black and white. Many complementary colors can be a choice to paint the bricks such as orange and blue, green and red, and yellow and purple. Depending on how bold you want to be, the color option is yours to choose. Typically, however, the most elegant looking brick fireplace is a black. Step #5: Paint the Mantel and Trim Here are some design tips for painting your mantel and trim to get started: If you have a built-in bookcase or baseboard that's connected with the fireplace mantel, use the same color throughout for consistency. For a sleeker, more modern look, you can paint the mantel the same color as the fireplace and walls White. White fireplace paint is a super popular right now. A white fireplace adds brightness and a light-weight feel to the room. This look is especially nice with a natural wood mantel. pintrest.com; krogen.com; theinspiredroom.net; foxyroxie.com; white brick + white walls makes your fireplace blend seamlessly in with the rest of the room. Painted Brick Fireplace FAQs: What color should I paint my brick fireplace? The best color to paint a brick fireplace really depends on your style and taste. A white brick fireplace is a very popular choice and goes with almost anything, but so is a gray painted brick fireplace

Feb 25, 2020 - Explore Keisha Lynn's board Painted brick fireplaces, followed by 126 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about painted brick fireplaces, painted brick, brick fireplace The fireplace is only one part, but it has to work with the home as a whole. For instance, if you have a rustic home that's primarily stained wood and a brick fireplace and you paint it white, it's going to look bloody weird. In fact, white-painted brick with a big wood mantel looks horrible, IMO In the case of my fireplace makeover, it's just paint - as long as you're committed to painting it (because stripping paint is miserable work), trying a different, changing to a lighter color, like a timeless and classic white, will only take a little patience and a gallon of paint

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Anyhow, I knew the shelves would look beautiful white, but I was afraid the fireplace wouldn't look right, and I was right. I even asked in my amazingly friendly Facebook group what they thought I should do, and most of them agreed that I should paint the mantle and brick fireplace white, too It's possible to make it happen with a traditional fireplace as well as a mantel. Color To Paint Brick Fireplace from best color to paint brick fireplace Puddles & Tea White Wash Brick Fireplace Makeover from best color to paint brick fireplace. Reviewed by netalia2015 on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 The color you paint your fireplace can make a big difference in the look and feel you are trying to recreate. While there are choices of different colors to choose, dark gray or black is the best for painting the inside of the fireplace. When painting outside (like the fireplace surround and hearth) keeping it neutral and calm is the best option Once I had it in there I measured my fireplace to decide on a size to cut it. I measured the height of the tile between the top of my fireplace and the bottom of the mantel. I decided on a 9 inch square of a stencil. I placed the stencil material firmly on the mat and taped the sides down for good measure. Then I pressed cut. It worked beautifully

Your fireplace is brimming with design potential; it just takes the right paint color. Painting your fireplace is a quick and cost-effective way to give your space a major facelift without having to call in a contractor, says interior designer Marie Flanigan. There are many ways to paint your fireplace that go beyond covering the facade or over-mantel with a standard white After Painting Mantel & Tile Surround Before Painting. After we completed our wood pallet accent wall, we realized the fireplace did not match.We knew we wanted to paint the mantel white (chalk paint - my favorite!) but we were not sure what type of paint to use on the tile surround to withstand the heat and stick to the tile When painting a fireplace, choose a satin or a glossy finish - this will keep it easy to clean! Simply wet down a cloth and wipe. A matte finish would absorb ash smudges and be harder to keep neat. So, if you chose anything from satin to high gloss, you should be as right as rain! A common misconception about painting fireplaces is that you.

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After letting the primer completely dry as well (3-4 days), I gave the fireplace 2 coats of paint. I did wait 2 days in between coats to allow the first coat to completely dry. Once the second coat was dry, I touched up any areas that looked a bit streakyremember the stone is porous and it may dry differently in areas I painted my mother's fire place a few years back and it looks amazing. Really brightens up the room. Just know that if you do decide to paint it...you really can't un do it:) Hope that helps. 4. level 1. DrBonaFide. 1 day ago. Yes. Doesn't look like it's even a fireplace anymore, just bricks

Even if you go with white spray paint and it doesn't match the white paint on your fireplace exactly, it should still look great because it's a different material so your eyes won't expect bricks and metal to be the exact same shade of white anyway. As for the mantel, that was already there My favorite white paint is Benjamin Moore Cloud White. Or if you are out west, Dunn Edwards Whisper White. It's not too white or too creamy. It's a true white, but still warm without any yellow. I repaint the fireplace about once a year to freshen it up The Best Paint Colours to Update and COORDINATE with Your Brick Fireplace. Partner post to How to Update Your Fireplace - 4 Fireplace Update Ideas. If you've been following my blog for a while (bless your lil' heart) you'll know that I LOVE to paint anything that men HATE to paint -brick, wood, you name it and I'll paint it (including my body)

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  1. I took some creamy white paint that I've used on other projects around the house and mixed the paint with equal parts water. Basically, I just mixed it until it looked good and liquid-y. Tip: When whitewashing your fireplace, I found the best way is to paint it over the brick with a paintbrush, then blot it with a cloth
  2. Painting the fireplace brick: What you'll need to paint your fireplace brick: Sherwin Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in Extra White; 2″ flat brush 6 1/2″ roller with 1/2″ nap; Quick note: again, we were redoing our entire fireplace, so we did the entire top (primed and painted), then we redid the mantel, then we painted.
  3. Painted Fireplace Mantel (Finally!) Man, oh man, I couldn't wait to share this with you today! I'm so super-excited about our fireplace now that I FINALLY painted it. Immediately upon laying eyes on it the first time we walked through this house, I knew I wanted to paint it; however, it took me 3 years to do it
  4. Follow along as we made over our fireplace, including a DIY mantel and painting the tiles. This makeover shows that just a few small changes can make a big impact! I wanted to create a more modern and sleek look with our fireplace and the surrounding built ins. Really to the whole family room, but the fireplace wall is the focal point
  5. Tim Summers. 5 years ago. Before : A really dark wood, highly polished, imposing old looking fireplace surround. After about 10 coats of paint : A nice clean, fresh, white fire place. Would I do it again : HELL NO! What would I do differently : Go to the shop and buy one for £150 !! Before: This was taken from the estate agents picture, zoomed in
  6. I let my husband know the next morning that the distressed wood beam mantel was ready to be hung on the fireplace. Being the amazing guy that he is, he jumped right on it! After it was installed, I sat back and admired my beautiful rustic mantel. See how I decorated it for Christmas in this post
  7. A wood mantel shelf is ideal to cap your fireplace mantel, adorning it with a decorative fixture, as well as providing a practical space for candelabras, books, photographs, or other keepsakes. Once you choose the style of mantel shelf you wish to install, it needs to be finished to both protect the wood from overexposure to air and moisture, as well as to decorate it

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  1. e. She was due for a makeover! I started by taping off the top ledge of the fireplace (I had plans for it later) and the fireplace inset. Two coats of primer (I used Kilz) and two coats of my favorite Heirloom White paint (from Olympic) all done with a paintbrush, transformed this little fireplace into.
  2. One of the things that has been bugging me is our fireplace. I gave the mantel a fresh coat of white paint, but it was still just kind of blah and the red brick was also dirty and dated. I really wanted to give the fireplace some contrast and the room gets enough light so I thought I could go with a darker color on the mantel
  3. imal. I removed the fireplace screen and the mantle. Then, I found a can of white paint in my basement and started to thin it out. Because I wanted a really soft white wash with some of the brick color showing through, I ended up with about a 1 part paint:4 parts water ratio

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The Milk Paint brand and finish (as shown in my project photos) is SafePaint in Snow White by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. How to whitewash your fireplace - what will it cost me? Below is a list of the materials you will need for this easy DIY fireplace makeover. Materials Used: SafePaint Milk Paint - $21.99 (Quart in Snow White I love this post! My husband and I built my mom and a mantel similar to the lettered cottage's mantel and she painted her brick (goes all the way up to the ceiling) white. It completely changes the look of her house. I love the fireplaces and mantels you can buy now, too. My cousin bought one at Sam's Club and it looks beautiful

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Nothing like a new chair and shabby mirror to inspire painting your fireplace. Love the new look! I thought of painting my maple mantel black but decided on a cream color. I love black furniture and the club chair is gorgeous. I'll have to check out the place where you ordered it. I know my hubby would love that chair! Your man is a great guy To answer the question can you paint an electric fireplace: An electric fireplace unit itself cannot typically be painted. The furniture around an electric fireplace, such as surrounds, mantels and TV stands, can be painted to compliment both the décor of the room and the typically black color of an electric fireplace

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Painted the brick fireplace surround, wood mantel, and tiled hearth with two coats of Olympic Premium No-VOC semi-gloss paint in off-the-shelf white (some folks like more contrast when it comes to mantel and hearth color, but we've always loved the all white look - although later when we build out or even tile the fireplace & surround we. My question is, do I paint the shiplap the same color of the trim and fireplace or would it be OK to paint it a different white, like alabaster, and leave the trim white? Also, my walls are a very light grey, should I go with a white with a grey undertone for the shiplap color Paint It. There's a reason old mantels are often thick with layers of paint: It's one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look of a fireplace My $82 Fireplace Makeover. Apr 10, 2009 By Layla. What do you do with an outdated-looking fireplace, that has crazy proportions, for around eighty bucks? Here's what we did! First, we bulked up our mantel by attaching wider wood to it I would think, I know it would look so much better a brighter, white color. But, I was afraid. The question of whether or not to paint the fireplace would be posed to any visitor walking through my door. One Friday morning, I told my husband, I am going to paint the fireplace today. He said, Ok, but I am not helping with that project

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6. Use the 2 brush and ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex Paint to paint the mortar along with any cracks and crevices of the brick. Then use the 6 ½ roller with ½ nap to paint the rest of the fireplace, ensuring that the paint is applied as evenly as possible. Tip: Always clean your brushes for future use Another quick update to your fireplace surround is to paint it. While whitewashing lends itself to a little more antiqued or farmhouse or French Country look, straight out paint leans more toward the updated contemporary look. When a fireplace surround is painted with a glossy white or other glossy color, the look is downright glam I still want to update the actual mantel, but spray painting the fireplace surround was the quick fix I needed to bring this fireplace into the 21st century. Here is the before photo Now for my tutorial on how I changed this dated fireplace surround into a totally new looking fireplace In this post, I am going to share how to paint a wood fireplace surround. I originally painted my wooden fireplace surround in 2015, and I recently changed up my living room and gave it a fresh lick of paint. My living room used to be so dull until I tackled the job of painting the fireplace. I updated this old blog post, and I re-edited to add. One quick note about using latex paint on fireplace tiles, in case you are worried about the heat from the fireplace affecting the paint: according to this article, most premium quality interior latex paint will withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very hot!In my experience, our fireplace tiles barely got warm to the touch when we would light a fire, so I knew they.