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I had surgery on my ankle 8 years ago but recovery was 8 months. Then just few weeks ago I had to go through another surgery on the same foot due to my previous surgery the bone did not healed right and it was crooked and it was a lot of gab where they made surgery on so they had to go and puncture those bones so they will expand and fill in. A typical recovery schedule may go as follows: Ten days: You can have your stitches removed after ten days of your surgery. Your ankle splint will be replaced with a short leg cast. Keep using your crutches. Two weeks: You can start driving if you have undergone surgery on the left ankle and have an automatic car Swelling may be on-going for 6 months following surgery. FOR PATIENTS Recovery at a glance: Come out of the boot and immediately begin moving your ankle up and down (range of motion) to prevent your ankle from getting stiff. 2 weeks non-weight bearing in boot, followed by 4 weeks of protected weight bearing in the boo The purpose of this blog is to document my recovery and to give others my best advice with regards to this surgery. My procedure (in laymans terms) was this: there are three ligaments on the outside of your ankle (the side towards your pinky toe), the first two ligaments are pretty easy to tear when you sprain your ankle Doug's story: 'Zero pain' after ankle fusion. It's hard to run a neighborhood tavern when you can't walk. Doug DeValk knows all too well. An arthritic, progressively deformed right ankle made that difficult. Yet when ankle fusion surgery was suggested, I said no, says DeValk, 54, who runs Kamps Bar & Grill in Combined Locks

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Brostrom ankle surgery is a reconstruction of one or more lateral ankle ligaments. The goal is to repair the loose lateral ligaments. The surgery is performed under a general anesthetic or spinal block and takes 1-2 hours. The torn ligament or ligaments are surgically removed and replaced with either cadaver, or a patient's own, tendons Postoperative Recovery Following Ankle Fracture Surgery. For the right ankle, driving can be started at 4 to 6 weeks. No weight-bearing is permitted until 4 to 6 weeks. At 4 weeks, exercise activities are initiated in a swimming pool and on a bike. At 6 weeks, a gradual increase in activities is recommended Almost all ankle sprains can be treated without surgery. Surgery options include repair or reconstruction of the damaged ligaments. When this is not possible a tendon from a different site is harvested and used to construct a new ligament. In this scenario, holes are drilled into the bones and the harvested tendon is laced through the holes to create the new ligament (2)

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The most common ankle ligament surgery procedure is the drilling of holes in the bones and rerouting the tendons to take the place of the ligaments (3). The tendon can be from the patient or from a cadaver Days 1-2: Recovery Begins. You'll get an X-ray about 6 weeks after surgery. If your ankle is healing well, your doctor might tell you that you can stop using crutches. You'll switch from a. But removing the bone spurs would require my ligaments to be fully healed so that I can move my ankle shortly after surgery so adhesions don't build up. Road to Recovery from Ankle Surgery After being sent home, I was told to take aspirin and keep my ankle elevated in order to prevent blood clots Breaking Down Michael Thomas' Ankle Ligament Surgery Football season is on the horizon, and soon both college an professional athletes will be back on the gridiron trying to help their team win. For the New Orleans Saints, life will look a little different without Future Hall of Famer Drew Brees under center, as Brees opted for retirement.

However, the goal of surgery for chronic ankle instability is always the same: Tighten and stabilize the loose or torn ligaments on the outside of the ankle. The most common procedure for this is referred to as a modified-Brostrom procedure. This is an outpatient surgery that can be performed under IV sedation, or a twilight sleep, and. Ankle fusion surgery can be done using arthroscopy without opening up the ankle joint. Ankle ligament reconstruction (ALR) surgery treats chronic lateral ankle instability (the feeling of your ankle 'giving way') when conservative treatments fail. Sometimes the patient's own ankle ligaments can be tightened and repaired with stitches Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction is a surgery to tighten and firm up one or more ankle ligaments on the outside of your ankle. It's also known as the Brostrom procedure. It's most often done as an outpatient surgery, so you can go home the same day. Your ankle is a hinge joint that allows motion up and down, and from side to side

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Carpal tunnel surgery usually involves cutting the roof of the carpal tunnel which is made up of the transverse carpal ligament. There are many different ways this can be accomplished including using open surgery, endoscopically, or using ultrasound and a cutting device Hold off on scar mobilizations x 4 weeks or per MD. No touch zone around portals x 4 weeks. No running, jumping, or ballistic activities for 6 months. Aerobic and general conditioning throughout rehabilitation process. M.D./nurse appointments at day 2, day 14, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 1 year post-operatively Foot and Ankle Ligament Surgery Recovery. After surgery, you will have a cast or boot to help protect the newly repaired ligament and will be expected to go to physical therapy. Penn physical therapists create personalized recovery plans depending upon the severity of your condition We are glad that you have chosen Dr. Miller for your foot and ankle surgery. Our goal is to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you. If you have any questions about your hospital stay, rehabilitation or recovery period, please contact Dr. Miller's office for more information specific to your surgery. Please click [

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  1. If you plan on smoking after the surgery, you should note that bones and ligaments take a long time to heal. For that reason, Dr. Oyston recommends an even longer postoperative smoke-free period, between 6 to 8 weeks to allow most of the initial healing of a fracture or repair of a surgical incision through bone
  2. I'm 11 weeks out from ankle surgery - peroneal dislocation and torn ligament - and I feel your pain. Apparently at 12 weeks, all the tendons/ligaments are almost completely healed (80%, but it takes another 12 weeks for full healing (100%).I'm still in a soft cast during the day, and an ankle brace at night
  3. After non-surgical treatment for a few months, I had surgery on August 2nd, which did not go as expected. While I am sharing my experience here, this summary should not be considered medical advice, but rather a summary of my injury, treatment, surgery, and recovery. ;) Repeated Ankle Injurie
  4. or and have the advantage that most patients can walk much sooner. Because we find that our patients are careful during the recovery time, we allow our patients to put full weight on their ankle after their first post-op visit. Follow up to the office 5 to 7 days after surgery
  5. I injured my left ankle Jan 31st and have been in a boot, cast or brace since. Torn Peroneal brevis, bad sprain on the top of my foot and small fracture just above my ankle bone. I'm scheduled for surgery this Friday. I know it will be a long road to recovery but glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm tired of being in pain. Repl
  6. A CAM boot is a device that will stabilize your ankle for a time after foot and ankle surgery. It will usually look like a normal boot and will stop at mid-calf or right below the knee. The purpose of this is to stabilize the ankle so that there is no lateral/medial movement and to allow for the healing of ligaments and tendons

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A major advance in ankle replacement has been the use of pre-operative CT scans with the Wright Medical PROPHECY Guide.Through computer imaging and the patient's CT scan, a patient-specific surgery plan is developed. These scans are performed from the knee down and are used to measure angles in all dimensions Depends on type: The recovery depends on the kind of ligament surgery you had. In general the first month after you are in a boot or cast to allow healing to occur. You will progress to a brace, your dr. May start out with simple home exercises first Rehab Exercises for Faster Ankle Recovery. Almost everyone has experienced an ankle injury, from a mild strain to major ligament damage. Most people would want to recover as quickly as possible so that they can get back to their daily activities. Here's are some basic steps of ankle injury rehabilitation and when you can resume your daily. Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery: Treatment and Recovery May 24, 2021 | Joints , Ligaments , Muscles , Recovery & Rehabilitation , Sports Injuries , Tendons Ankle injuries can be overwhelming in and of themselves, and the thought of having to undergo surgery can put on added stress that you don't need Surgery went smoothly although I later found out my ankle joint did not respond to percutaneous surgical procedures. Instead Dr. Lu applied standard technique to complete the surgery. Percutaneous procedures would have involved less trauma, much shorter recovery time but the end result is the same. Dr

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Ankle Ligament Reconstruction (Brostrum repair) Also known as lateral ankle ligament reconstruction (ALR), the aim of this surgery is to restore normal stability to the ankle. Ankle instability can occur for a number of reasons, but is often the result of ligament injury due to repeated ankle sprains Ankle surgery recovery takes time—typically at least six weeks, depending on the type of surgery and the severity of the injury. 1 Recovery downtime is inevitable, but there are steps you can take to help move along the healing process. Your doctor will tell you when you can start putting weight on the injured ankle, and when you can return to normal activity I still have my forever bruise on the inside of my ankle from when it was also dislocated with torn ligaments. That darker area on the inside ankle point. ankle, ankle exercises, ankle orif surgery recovery, ankle surgery, filbert steps Posts All Comments Blog Archive 2021 (1) March (1) 8 years 6 months - Pinching pain, and buckling. When you suffer an ankle sprain or an overuse injury, you should follow a diet designed for recovery. While the NormaTec system is typically used for pre- and post-workout, it can offer great benefit as part of ligament injury recovery. 6. Class IV Laser Therapy. Surgery. Surgery on a ligament is a last resort, but it is necessary if.

This ankle surgery technique uses a fiber wire suture secured between two metal buttons. Complications and Recovery. The recovery time frame for high ankle sprains is almost three times longer than typical ankle sprains. Malalignment or malreduction (failure of fixation) is the most common complication of syndesmosis ankle surgery Proper injury description Right ankle fracture - weber B with talar shift. My injury description: broken fibula above ankle and totally fucked ligaments. So July 2018 after years of wanting to try roller derby I joined a fresh meat intake in Auckland. I go to rookie training sessions, build confidence skating and totally love it The Brostrom ankle stabilization surgery is a very good and reliable surgery for stabilizing a chronically weak ankle. A study published in 2017 looked at the outcomes of 669 Brostrom procedures and found the need for a second operation was only 1.2% on average 8.4 years after their Brostrom procedures

Hi Laura i had ankle ligament reconstruction ( brostrom gould procedure ) in July last year i was in a cast for 6 weeks(non weight bearing) then a boot for another 4 weeks first two weeks i used crutches then i was able to weight bear from my boot after 4 weeks i progressed to an ankle brace all the while having physio which started when i came out of the cast i was back at work and walking 4. The recovery time greatly depends on your injury and the surgery. Physical therapy can help you regain strength and range of motion in your ankle. Common conditions requiring surgical realignment. Ankle fractures and dislocations are the most common conditions that need surgical realignment Ankle fusion surgery. Surgery to examine or repair ligaments or tendons, or to take away bone or tissue giving rise to pain or arthritis including osteochondral injuries. Benefits include: Less scarring. Quicker healing with reduced risk of infection. Less time in hospital. Quicker rehabilitation The most common ankle injuries involve lateral ligament damage and are one of the most prevalent seen by physiotherapists. Approximately 7-10% of emergency department hospital admissions are due to ankle strains 1.The lateral ankle ligament is a complex of three different ligaments including the calcaneofibular ligament (CFL), anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL), and the posterior talofibular. The procedure of Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction, commonly referred to as ALR, is the process of restoring stability in the ankle, especially if it has not responded to previous treatment. When ligaments are torn or stretched, it causes ankle instability which gives patients the giving away feeling or pain in their ankle

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Fracture Recovery After Surgery. If your ankle is unstable or the broken pieces are out of place, surgery may be necessary. Surgery for ankle fractures could involve the placement of plates and screws and other hardware. In some cases, bone graft material is used. When surgical repair is necessary, recovery typically involves The surgery requires only small incisions, so recovery time is shorter than with an open surgery. Bone spurs develop in your ankle joint as the cartilage breaks down when you suffer from arthritis. This means that the bones rub against each other without a cushion. The rubbing causes pain with every step or movement. Arthroscopy is a type of. Ligament problems are the source of most ankle pain, and ligaments don't show up on regular x-rays. To screen for fracture, clinicians use a set of rules — called the Ottawa ankle rules, after the Canadian team that developed them — to identify areas of the foot where pain, tenderness, and inability to bear weight suggest a fracture INTERNAL BRACE APPLICATIONS IN THE ANKLE The invention of the InternalBrace has transformed the recovery time and outcomes of many ankle injuries InternalBracing of Lateral Ligament Ankle ligament injury is recognised as one of the most frequent sports-related injuries, often resulting in long-standing instability and secondary degenerative change within the ankle joint itself. Direct surgica

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This tightens the ligament, making your ankle less likely to give way. Sometimes a synthetic ligament may be used to reinforce the repair. The wound is then closed using stitches. A dressing and a plaster cast are applied from below the knee to the toes. Often the Brostrom repair operation is combined with keyhole ankle surgery. This is to addres The expected length of time for a sprained ankle to heal will depend on the severity of the injury. If it's just the bone, you can expect a faster recovery time (of about 6 weeks) than if tendons, ligaments, or muscles are injured too. For example, if you needed surgery, you can expect at least 4 months of recovery time

Ankle Surgery-Ankle Arthroscopy (Scope) and Lateral Ligament Repair. Dr Paul Maloof with Tidewater Orthopaedics performs an ankle arthroscopy with a lateral ligament repair. Due to frequent ankle sprains the patient suffered an ankle fracture, build up of scar tissue, and weakening of ligaments supporting the ankle Ankle fusion (to treat arthritis): During this procedure, surgeons debride (remove damaged tissue) the surfaces of the ankle joint affected by arthritis. Then, surgeons fuse, or join, ankle bones together permanently with screws and metal plates. Ankle replacement: During ankle replacement surgery, doctors carefully remove the damaged ankle joint <p>Ankle instability is a chronic condition characterized by a recurrent slipping of the outer side of the ankle. Instability is generally noticed during movement of the ankle joint but can also occur during standing as well. Ankle instability surgery is performed to treat an unstable ankle and involves the repair or replacement of a torn or stretched ligament.</p> Arthroscopic debridement is a minimally invasive surgery that is used to diagnose or treat hand, wrist, hip, elbow foot & ankle and knee joint conditions. You may be a candidate if you have an unstable wrist, elbow, ankle, hip, or knee joint. Your doctor will typically try nonsurgical treatments before recommending arthroscopic debridement surgery

Ankle Ligament Injuries: Transient pain and post-recovery instability With a history of ankle sprain, this patient presented with pain and ankle instability months after a precipitating injury as a result of tearing of the ligaments near the ankle bone at the outside aspect of the foot/ankle Early recovery after arthroscopic repair compared to open repair of the anterior talofibular ligament for lateral instability of the ankle Arch Orthop Trauma Surg . 2016 Jan;136(1):93-100. doi: 10.1007/s00402-015-2342-3 Dr Paul Maloof with Tidewater Orthopaedics performs an ankle arthroscopy with a lateral ligament repair. Due to frequent ankle sprains the patient suffered. Generally speaking the recovery time for a sprained ankle will be 2 to 3 weeks for a grade 1 strain, 4 to 6 weeks for a grade 2 strain and for a grade 3 strain the probability of surgery is high, with a grossly unstable joint. The recovery for this is in the order of 3 to 6 months Mariska Hargitay is beginning the recovery process after breaking her knee and her ankle and suffering a torn ligament! The Law & Order: SVU star revealed on Instagram Wednesday that she had to go.

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How to Prepare for Foot or Ankle Surgery Part 3 | FootCareMD. Saved by Razane 2126D. Bunion Surgery Ankle Surgery Broken Ankle Recovery Ankle Ligaments Leg Cast Sprained Ankle Surgery Recovery Broken Leg Legs. More information... More like thi The bones with damage will fuse into a single bone naturally in the process of healing. This type of ankle surgery is recommended for younger patients with an active lifestyle. On the downside, the ankle's motion range changes because of the stress on the knee joint. 4. Lateral ankle ligament reconstructio

They may also perform an ankle arthroscopy to repair or reconstruct a torn ligament. Ankle joint replacement During ankle joint replacement, your surgeon removes the damaged ends of your ankle joint and replaces them with a prosthetic joint. Ankle fracture surgery For severe ankle fractures, you may need ankle surgery to realign your bones The goal of lateral ankle ligament reconstruction is to restore normal stability to the ankle. Saved by Deb Klemm. 2. Torn Ligament In Ankle Ankle Ligaments Ankle Fracture Ligament Tear Ankle Anatomy Ankle Surgery Ankle Pain Surgery Recovery Neck And Back Pain Many patients actually do not need ankle ligament surgery in order for their ankle ligaments to return to normal function. A ten year study of ankle ligament injuries concluded that a majority of ankle ligament ruptures can be managed without surgery. Patients can manage and may even do better if they pursue non-surgical treatment options

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It occurs in less than 0.5% but can result in a poor outcome and prolonged recovery. Recurrence or lack of benefit - the surgery is successful in over 90-95% of patients in eliminating their ankle instability. Those will lax ligaments or high arches are at increased risk of treatment failure Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Thomas is likely to have surgery to repair a torn deltoid ligament and other ligament damage in the ankle. It's not clear when a final decision will be made Foot and ankle ligament and tendon reconstruction is surgery that repairs damaged ligaments or tendons in the lower extremity. Tendons are long thin bands that attach your muscles to bones. Ligaments connect bones to each other to support a joint. Tendons can tear partially or completely during a joint injury Oftentimes, surgery is recommended for athletes in an effort to shorten the rehab and return to play timeline. Previously, this surgery involved using 2 metal screws to stabilize the fibula to the tibia. These screws are rigid and would have to be removed at a later date, thus requiring a second surgery Ankle Sprain: Recovery Time, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Plan. A sprained ankle is an injury that happens once you roll, twist, or awkwardly turn your ankle joint. This will stretch or tear the tough bands of tissue (ligaments) that help hold your ankle bones together. Ligaments help stabilize joints, preventing excessive movement

The surgery involves tightening up the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. This is done by peeling the ATFL ligament off the fibula bone and reattaching it. The ligament is then placed in a tightened position by using stitches and anchors through the bone itself 3. Pain: Left foot and ankle - perfect, no pain. Mood: Hot and a bit 'meh'. Place: Looking out to our sun-drenched balcony, trying to help a misguided monarch butterfly leave our house. Achievements: I walked 13km last Monday in very hot weather, from Windsor (home to the Queen and a posh boys school) to Virginia Water (home to a small. Ankle ligament reconstruction consists in reconstructing the anterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament of the external lateral ligament. An incision is made on the lateral side of the ankle. A strip of periosteum, which is the membrane covering the bone, is harvested on the fibula. It is pulled down and inserted in the tip.

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Which ankle ligaments are most commonly involved? Ligaments on the outside of the ankle are most commonly damaged from ankle sprains. There are three anatomic ligament bands that can be damaged. If the damage is severe, the ankle bone (talus) can shift in the ankle socket producing a feeling of instability. Ligaments can be intact but loose of. All About Ankle Sprains. An ankle sprain occurs if there is injury to one or more of the ligaments in your ankle. Ligaments are thick bands of tissue that connect bones to one another. They are an important part of maintaining stability for your ankle. Ankle sprains can vary in severity—the ligament can be stretched, partially torn, or.

Patients facing surgery for a broken ankle are often concerned with how long it will take them to recover. There are many circumstances that affect recovery time, but in general, it is normal for patients to require 12 weeks before they can resume normal daily activities after having an ankle fracture surgically repaired If the sprain is moderate, physical therapy might be added in. Severe ankle sprains will require surgery. Depending on the severity of the sprain, recovery can take just a few days, to a few weeks, to several months. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Surgery. Ankle ligament reconstruction surgery might be needed for severe ankle sprains. This will.

Invertors (ankle) Evertors (ankle) Length of program: This foot and ankle conditioning program should be continued for 4 to 6 weeks, unless otherwise specified by your doctor or physical therapist. After your recovery, these exercises can be continued as a maintenance program for lifelong protection and health of your feet and lower legs Ankle ligament laxity, or a loose ankle joint, is relatively common after suffering multiple ankle sprains. When ankle bracing and physical therapy fail, the final, definitive treatment plan involves surgical intervention. Thankfully, there are several options and the recovery isn't intolerable. The Modified Brostrom Procedur Ankle Ligament Reconstruction It can take up to a year to make a full recovery, and it is not unusual to have intermittent pains and aches during that time! Phase I: Weeks 1-2 Goals • Rest and recovery from surgery • Control swelling and pain • Increase ADL (Activities of daily living) Guidelines • WB as tolerated to FWB (full. Chronic ankle sprain is the failure of an ankle to recover following an acute ankle sprain injury. Most acute injuries heal within 4 to 6 weeks. The injured ligaments could be on the outside of the ankle (), the inside or both.As instability (feeling of weakness and sense of giving way) is typically the main complaint, it is also known as chronic ankle instability The current author reviews reported complications and treatment options in failed lateral ankle ligament surgery. Injury to the lateral ligaments account for 15% to 25% of all muskuloskeletal injuries and as many as 50% of injuries in sports that require cutting and jumping

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  1. Sometimes, other ankle problems such as a talar osteochondral lesion or ankle instability will also be found present and will need to be addressed surgically at the same time. Figure 4: Arthroscopic View of Scarred Ligament. Recovery. Surgery for ALIS generally works quite well and can provide a reasonable return to function with good pain relief
  2. May 26, 2017 - (8 November 2016 update: this post is still going strong and I'm still responding to comments you leave below.) I decided that I shoul..
  3. Surgical Ankle & Foot Procedures. Ankle & foot surgery may be the best option for your ankle or foot injury , and Dr. Sima offers the latest in medical advancement to ensure the best treatment for your injury or condition. Review ankle and foot surgeries, success rates, recovery times, and more below. Bunion Surgery
  4. ing the patient's medical history
  5. A broken ankle is also known as an ankle fracture. It happens when one or more of the bones that makes up the ankle joint are broken. A broken ankle can range from a simple break in just one of the bones to several fractures. The more bones that are broken, the more unstable the ankle becomes. There may be ligaments damaged as well
  6. or sprains can cause the ligaments that hold the ankle bones together can become loose, weak, and painful
  7. Full recovery of the ankle joint takes between 12-18 months; Summary ORIF ankle is surgery to treat a displaced or complicated fracture. Your surgeon will open up the ankle joint to realign the broken bones and then use pins, screws, wires or plates to ensure the bones stay in the correct position

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  1. Through the non-anatomic ankle ligament repair, the graft is used to substitute for the patient's injured ligaments and stabilize the ankle. The main criticism of the non-anatomic ankle ligament repair is overtightening of the ankle. Recovery. Recovery from a non-anatomic ankle ligament reconstruction spans 6 to 12 weeks
  2. Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction. Also known as the Broström procedure, a lateral ankle ligament reconstruction can help to stabilize and strengthen the ankle, especially after having recurring ankle sprains. In this procedure, your doctor will tighten the loose or weakened ligaments. This procedure is often done as an outpatient surgery
  3. or, if difficult to deal with. However, home treatment doesn't mean no treatment
  4. Foot & Ankle Reconstruction. Foot reconstruction is a surgery performed to correct the structures of the foot and restore the natural functionality of the foot that has been lost due to injury or illness. The foot is formed by several bones, ligaments, joints and muscles, which function collectively to control various movements such as walking.
  5. Know more about Ankle Ligament Surgery in Singapore. The types of surgeries and procedures invloved. Learn more about foot & ankle treatment on our blog. Call +65 6653 2981 for appointment or visit website for more info
  6. Failed Achilles Tendon. Achilles Tendon. Ankle Injuries. Ankle Surgery. May 31st, 2020. The Achilles tendon stretches from the calf muscles to the heel. It ruptures most commonly in 40-60-year-old male weekend warriors, often with the sound of a pop or a crack. Most of the time, surgical repair works well. Sometimes, though—too often—it.
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  1. Ankle replacement is a newer option. The procedure, also known as ankle arthroplasty, replaces the arthritic ankle joint with a metal and plastic prosthesis. The recovery period is shorter than ankle fusion - typically three to six weeks in a cast followed by physical therapy. People regain a much wider range of motion; most return to active.
  2. Top 10 foods to eat after your Ankle surgery in Dallas, The ankle connects your lower leg with your foot. The ankle is made up of joints, ligaments, and tendons. It allows for movements and changes of directions of your foot. When you twist, roll, or turn your ankle in an awkward manner or too far from its normal position, an ankle injury may.
  3. Arthroscopic surgery is less invasive and the recovery time is shorter than conventional open surgery of the ankle. How is Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Performed? Ligaments and tendons are the supporting structures of the ankle joint. They attach to muscle and bone, providing stability and the ability to flex or extend the ankle
  4. imally invasive surgery that allows the surgeon to look inside the ankle joint and treat various conditions. Two small incisions are made on the front of the ankle. A small camera and instruments are used to clean up the ankle
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  1. Foot and Ankle Injuries. A sprain is an injury to ankle ligaments - the structures responsible for holding the ankle in the appropriate alignment. Depending on the position of the foot and the motion of the body, different ligaments may be injured. The most commonly affected ligaments are those on the outside or lateral aspect of the ankle
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