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Cane-like begonias are grown for both foliage, which sometimes is spotted or textured, and flowers, usually large, cascading clusters of white, pink, red, or orange, for a large part of the year. Timing varies from variety to variety From our Brad Thomas collection comes this begonia introduced in 1990 with dark green wavy leaves, silver spots and dark pink flowers. It grows semi-upright to about 1.5 feet high and makes a great basket plant. It's easy to grow and a heavy bloomer. It's a cross of B. 'Lenore Olivier' and B. albopicta Begonia 'Pink Sabers'. Code: 69325. Price: $10.95. Quantity in Basket: none. Low to medium growing upright cane. Leaves are medium green, medium sized long and narrow with dentated edge and sharp point. Flowers are profuse in open clusters of pale clear pink, nearly everblooming. Easy to grow, showy and compact. Could make a basket easily The angel wing begonia has served as the basis of an extensive, long-term hybridizing program. As a result, there are dozens of named hybrids, as well as various species that loosely fall into the cane-type category. Look for hybrids, including favorites like Lucerna and Carriere with attractive leaves and lots of unopened blooms Home > Begonia > Cane. Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE E-MAIL taylorgreenhouses@yahoo.com. Begonia Angel Wing or Cane Sample Collection. $21.85. begonia 62 Grand. $8.95

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Fibrous: This category includes cane begonia, wax begonia, angel-wing begonia, and other varieties. All of them have a standard root ball with thin roots, round, small, and waxy leaves The wax begonia variation will thrive in zones 10 and 11 as perennial plants, but you can grow them indoors as well. They grow between six inches and two feet, and they have edible blooms that are red, pink, yellow, and white. It will grow in full sun with temperatures that are at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity that is above 50%

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Regular price. $19.99 $14.99. Quick shop. Begonia 'Steve's Leaves Yellow Jacket'. $19.99 Regular price. Default Title. Quantity. Add to Cart Cane Begonias. The Cane Stemmed Begonia derive the name from the tall cane like stems that form a clump.. Depending on species and cultivar they will reach to 2.5m, however many smaller and even dwarf cultivars are also available that will form a low growing clump at around 80cm Cane-stemmed Begonia Begonia Sophie Cecile in the garden of Margaret Chedra in Sydney The so-called cane-stemmed Begonia are tough heat- and drought-tolerant plants that can form quite substantial shrubs 1-3 m tall, although there are many cultivars that are more compact and grow to a height less than 1 m Beguiling begonias (Begonia spp.) are a large family of plants usually grouped by growth habit or appearance. Cane-like begonias have tough, bamboo-like stems and are prized for their strikingly. Common types are the 'Star Begonia' (Begonia heracleifolia), hybrids such as 'Beefsteak' and 'Joe Hayden', B. nelumbifolia (the Water Lily Begonia), and 'Passing Storm', which is grown mostly for its beautiful lavender foliage

The other most popular type of cane is the type formally called angel wing begonias. These come in every size from those commonly grown in baskets to large upright plants but all have the familiar pointed leaf shape that gave them their former common name. This type is still widely grown and many new hybrids are created every year CANE BEGONIA TYPES AND IMAGES These cultivars are famously known as Angel wing Begonia or Dragon wing Begonia. Basically they are very similar but identified by the shape of the leaves and the colors of the flowers. They have this appearance like bamboo stalks especially when the stem grows taller How do you care for cane Begonias? Opal Essense requested that I make a cane Begonia video, so here you go: this is how I keep my cane Begonia plants so happ.. Cane Begonia, Metallica Begonia, Holly-leaf Begonia. Synonyms. Begonia faureana, Begonia kimusiana, Begonia sceptrum. Scientific Classification. Family: Begoniaceae Genus: Begonia. Flower. Color: White and pink Bloom Time: Summer. Description. Begonia aconitifolia is a woody, fibrous-rooted, usually upright evergreen perennial that grows up to.

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Begonia 'Pegasus', Cane Begonia. Begonia 'Gryphon' is an upright, mounding, evergreen perennial noted for its eye-catching foliage and durability. It produces large, thick, glossy green, palmate leaves, adorned with a silver overlay. Both their undersides and slender stems are deep orange-red, adding pleasing contrast There are over 200 different species and many cultivars of cane-like begonias. Their ornamental value is appreciated and their large and usually long-lasting pendulous flower clusters are widely admired. Cane-like begonias are a great garden plant and need not be confined to pot culture. They have erect or semi-erect stems with swollen nodes similar t Cane Begonias. Cane begonias have joints on their stems that resemble bamboo. The flowers bloom from these joints and can be seen in clusters of pink, white, red, and orange. They like to grow in bright light, but not direct sun if it is hot. Rich soil is best, and pinching off the dead leaves will help promote growth 6-pot of Angel Wing Begonia 'Lucerna', Corralina de Lucerna, Polka Dot Begonia, Cane Begonia - House Plants, Foliage Plants, Home Décor. WonderlandHG. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,694) $24.95. Only 3 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Add to Favorites

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  1. Begonia coccinea is a species begonia discovered in Brazil in 1841. Many hybrids have been produced using it as a parent. I can be best described as having thick, leathery, solid bright-green leaves with a soft sheen and bright red flowers. (the specific epithet means Begonia with red flowers)
  2. g begonia with deep, glossy-green, 5-inch long leaves and drooping clusters of flowers. Because the hybrid is sterile, it just keeps bloo
  3. Fibrous-rooted begonias can be further divided into wax, or bedding, begonias and include cane-like, shrub, trailing, and thick-stemmed begonias. Though all begonias have fibrous roots, this category is used to describe those that have only fibrous roots, as opposed to having rhizomes or tubers also. These plants are most commonly observed as.
  4. Examples of Cane and Fibrous begonias include: Sinbad, Dragon Wing, Gum Drops, Buttered Popcorn, Maribel, Benigo, Burning Bush, Angel Wing, and all the bedding types usually sold for the landscape. Rex Begonia Rex Begonias are a bit more of a challenge for indoor growing, but with a high humidity level can be gorgeous with bright filtered light
  5. Pruning and repotting cane Begonias like Begonia maculata 'Wightii' or Begonia 'Angel Wing' can be scary. But you can do it! Pruning your plants will encoura..
  6. Cane-stemmed begonias These begonias ( Begonia coccinea ) can grow to 2m with straight stems and showy clusters of pendulous waxy flowers from mid-summer to late-autumn. Called 'Angel Wing' because of the shape of the heart-shaped, often speckled foliage, they make fine garden plants in sheltered, frost-free gardens
  7. Begonia coccinea. Common name: Angel Wing Begonia Plant, Scarlet Begonia, Coral Begonia, Begonia Dragon Wing, Cane Begonia. Family: Begoniaceae. Synonymous: Pritzelia coccinea. Begonia coccinea. Distribution and habitat: Begonia coccinea plants occur primarily in Central and South America growing in shady and humid spots of Atlantic forest

Better Homes and Gardens presenter Graham Ross shows you how to propogate cane begonias. If you want more beautiful shade-loving cane begonias in your garden, you can propagate them easily from stems. Quick-strike cuttings from cane begonias and fill your garden with ornamentals 6-pot of Angel Wing Begonia 'Lucerna', Corralina de Lucerna, Polka Dot Begonia, Cane Begonia - House Plants, Foliage Plants, Home Décor WonderlandHG. 5 out of 5 stars (1,441) $ 24.95. Favorite Add to Begonia 'Angel Wing' (Begonia coccinea v. Unknown) WhatTheGardens. 5. Image by Jaime @ Garden Amateur Cane stemmed begonia are grown mostly for their leaves which are heart shaped and gray-green. The plants are frost tender and oval, approximately six inches (15 cm.) long. The leaves are evergreen and the undersides will be mottled with silver and maroon This group of begonias is commonly referred to as angel wing begonia. They are evergreen, perennial plants with an upright growing habit. Cane begonias have woody stems with bamboo-like joints. They are grown for their impressive form as well as attractive leaves and flowers. Angel wing begonias are popular houseplants

The Rhizomatous Begonias (right) are normally the foliage types, and have a possible advantage of being much smaller than the Cane and Tuberous Begonias. They often flower in Spring and although the blooms might not be as impressive as the flowering types, this is probably the more balanced Begonia plant overall it You can grow cane begonias in full sun, but it's vital to keep the ground consistently moist. The minimum temperature for angel wing begonias outdoors and indoors is 55°F (13°C). Angel Wing Begonia Varieties. There are thousands of begonia varieties and dozens of angel wing begonia hybrids to choose from Dragon Wing Begonia, also known with the common names of Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red', Dragon Red Wing Begonia, and Cane Begonia, is a perennial flowering hybrid species of the family Begoniaceae. Professionally known with the scientific name begonia x hybrida 'Dragon Wings', the plant was first grown in South America and is prized for its lush green foliage and colorful flowers Callisia repens 'variegata'. Regular price. $14.99 $9.99. Find the hard-to-find. Snag some of our rarest plants through our ongoing weekly auctions. View Auctions

Cane Begonias are known for their jaw dropping leaves. Grown almost exclusively for their foliage, the blooms tend to be small and less showy. Pinch off the blooms to retain the breath-taking leaf displays. Prefers high humidity - place on a pebble tray but don't mist the leaves. Prefers bright, indirect light. Wate Taylor Greenhouses. Home > Begonia. Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE E-MAIL taylorgreenhouses@yahoo.com. Begonia Sampler Collections. Cane. Rex. Rhizomatous. Rhizomatous Distinctive Foliage Cane Begonias can have fairly visible stems; however, this is less common in more modern varieties. This type of Begonia is typically evergreen, flowers during fall or winter and is versatile enough to be a great all-year-round house plant or a perfect (if a little wild) addition to your garden

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  1. Cane Begonias The stems of cane begonias often look bamboo-like. Source: michael clarke. Woody stems that form bamboo-like joints are a sign of a cane begonia. Sometimes referred to as angel-wing begonias, these varieties can get very tall. Some reach 8-10 feet in height! If you grow cane begonias, be prepared for consistent pruning to keep.
  2. Tuberous begonia varieties include Pink African Violet, Sugar Candy, B. sutherlandii and B. guttata. Study the plant's roots to identify a rhizomatous begonia. Rhizomatous begonias grow from rhizomes, which are stem-like structures that creep along the ground. These begonias have showy leaves and large flowers
  3. Unlike the cane-stemmed varieties, shrub begonias will branch, so prune in late winter to promote new growth. Begonia venosa. Adobe Stock. Tuberous begonias. Renowned for amazing glasshouse displays, begonia tuberhybrida, or tuberous begonias, have gorgeous double flowers that appear in late spring and summer. They make delightful pot or window.
  4. Angel Wing Begonia. The Angel wing begonia is a flowering species from a large family of plants (2000 or more and many more hybrids), named Begoniaceae. The Begonia coccinea has a fair few varieties that display glossy type leaves on cane stems and display colorful flowers. BUY BEGONIAS HERE »

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Wholesale Angel Wing Begonia Unrooted Cuttings. Our unrooted cuttings are cut and shipped the same day. With FedEx priority overnight delivery, our cuttings come fresh to your door faster than any offshore greenhouse can offer. Angel Wing Begonias are stunning plants native to the tropical rainforest. Showy leaves grow quite large and blooms. Begonia is a genus of about 1,300 species of annuals, perennials, shrubs and climbers. Most have fleshy stems. Some produce underground tubers or rhizomes. They are grown for their showy flower or colorful leaves; some for both. Begonias can be divided into 7 informal groups by growth habit: cane-like, rex-cultorum, rhizomatous, semperflorens. Cane begonias have straight stems, interesting leaves and clusters of flowers; dragon wing and angel wing begonias are cane types. Popular for hanging baskets, trailing begonias can have year. The San Diego Poison Information Center Microfilm Index shows all begonias non-toxic and had recorded no cases of harmful effects. The only cautionary word was a warning to avoid eating plants which had been sprayed with insecticides, especially, systemic insecticides Most begonias bought at nurseries will be labeled as indoor plants or outdoor plants. There are two main categories of cultivated begonias based on growth habits. Also there are hybrids within these groups. Cane Begonias grow upwards on tall stems that resemble bamboo in appearance. The Angel Wing Begonia is a common example

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Cane begonias have tough jointed stems (think of bamboo canes). Another simple grouping consists of the flowering types, and those grown for the foliage. Of the foliage begonias, the most common are the Rex begonias with their large leaves, perhaps 6 inches wide, in various shapes, and even more striking colors including reds, silver, green. Live Begonia Maculata Wightii, Angel Wing, Polka Dot House Plant in 6 (1.4qt) White or Black Ceramic Pot 3.9 out of 5 stars 36 $45.00 $ 45 . 00 $49.95 $49.9 While some types of begonias might have specific needs, a few tips generally apply to all begonias. Deadhead your plants. Deadheading, the practice of removing dead flowers from your plants, keeps your garden looking tidy and also promotes flower growth. Use soil with good drainage Sophia Angel Wing Begonia Plant. Unavailable for 2021. Torch Pink Angel Wing Begonia Plant. Unavailable for 2021. Fannie Moser Angel Wing Begonia Plant. Price: 7.95. Shipping Now. Lana Angel Wing Begonia Plant. Price: 7.95

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Expect to plant begonias as indoor hanging or home plants. although begonia is a perennial plant that you should always be replanted, growing begonias is easy. The American Begonias Society classifies this plant into several types: Cane-like: Cane comes from a begonia that grows mostly for its heart-shaped, gray-green leave Begonia propagation is an easy way to keep a little bit of summer all year long. Begonias are a favorite garden plant for the shaded area of the garden and because of their low light requirements, gardeners often ask if it's possible to keep the cheerful, little plants overwintering indoors.You certainly can, but annuals often suffer shock when brought in from the garden or the plants grow.

Several of the begonia varieties with wing-shaped leaves are also very sun-tolerant. Dragon Wing Red begonia (Begonia Bepared) grows best in full sun to part shade, and prefers some afternoon shade in warm climates.Begonias in the Big Series (Begonia x benariensis Big Series) are slightly less sun tolerant, preferring dappled sunlight throughout the day, though they will grow in full sun The cane begonias are a group of Begonia cultivars. Their name derives from their tough, bamboo-like stems. They can grow up to 10 ft (3.0 m) tall, which may necessitate staking. They are often ideal as houseplants when kept under control

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The plants are officially classified by the name begonia x hybrida Dragon Wings' and the plants themselves are sterile and incapable of producing off-spring through regular seeding. Often confused with the related cane-type Begonia, Angel-Wing , the two can be differentiated by the lack of spots or patterns on the leaves of Dragon Wing Begonia Wax begonia, is a type of shrub begonia that is widely grown. If you plant it in a warm place it will flower all year round. Cane (Angel Wing) and Rex or leafy begonias are also suitable for growing indoors. And cane begonias will go into a dormant period if the surrounding temperature is too cold. NOTE The Cane Begonia. The cane begonia is quite popular, and is referred to by many as angel wings due to its unique foliage. Cane begonias are an evergreen variety, and they have been given this name because of the fact that the stems of the plant resemble bamboo joints While some Begonias are grown for their stunning flowers, others are loved for their eye-catching foliage. Classified under five broad types; Rex Begonias, Wax Begonias, Rhizomatous Begonia, Cane Begonias and Shrub Begonias, these plants do well across a wide variety of temperatures and climatic conditions. Adopting and caring for Begonia Angel.

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Polka Dot Begonia plants love the sunshine but be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight as this can really damage the leaves and permanently scorch them. A great way to make sure your Polka Dot Begonia is getting the right amount of light is by picking up a light meter. They are super affordable and available on Amazon here One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Begonia 'Mistral DOUBLE Orange' Cutting. $15.00. $6.00 shipping. Only 1 left! Angel Wing Begonia My Special Angel Well Rooted Plant! Blooms Pink. $35.00 Dragon Wing Begonia is a 2- to 3-foot tall, cane-forming begonia with deep, glossy-green, 5-inch long leaves and drooping clusters of flowers. Angel Wing Begonias have green leaves with white spots and are available in the same colors: red, pink and white. The only real difference is the coloration of the leaves Cane Begonia. Origin: Brazil. Begonia corallina is a cane type begonia. They get their name from their stems, which grow tall and woody with prominent bamboo like joints. The plants are erect on multiple stems reaching 5 foot or more. Begonia corallina is one of the easiest of the begonia species to grow

Begonias flowers (plants) available for sale come in three main forms, they are grown both for the foliage and the flowers depending on the variety. The main begonia types are : Tuberose types are perhaps the most popular begonia flowers in the USA. Cane Begonias with patterned or marbled foliage and flowers that range from red through to white Eventhough there's many varieties of Begonia, but the one that I like the most are the 2 kind you got there, Orange Rubra & white flower Angel Wing. 17 Jul, 2012 . Delonix1 . Well, Begonia is classified as cane, shrubby and fibrous. This one is a cane begonia...the one in the background in shrubby. Both are angel-wing type begonias. 18 Jul, 201 Cane Stemmed Begonia can be grown outside in tropical and subtropical areas though the majority prefer dappled light. There are some varieties, however, that can be grown successfully in full sun. For those living in cooler regions these lovely plants can be grown indoors. Various hybrids have become popular, including Irene Nuss, White Cane.

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Cane Begonia. Cane Begonias are usually grown for their upright tall habit and beautiful leaves. By my front door, I wanted a monochromatic color scheme (shades of all the same color) and I chose silver/white (above image). The cane begonia 'Looking Glass' has the most intense silver leaf and was a showstopper all season long 50 best Angel Wing Begonias images on Pinterest Begonia. Companion plants for cane -stemmed begonias can include shade-lovers such as Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Plectranthus, Justicia and Impatiens, which flower at the same time as the begonias . Adding some used coffee grounds to the soil will work wonders for begonias Besides the angel wings, there is a dizzying array of other cane-stemmed begonias. One of the more dramatic examples is B. 'Irene Nuss.'Handsome palmate leaves to 8 inches are shiny dark green.

Rex Begonias | Logee's features 25+ types of Rex Begonias for sale online. See all of our most popular Begonia Rex varieties, including Escargo The number of leaves an angel-wing begonia carries and the intensity of the spots depend on the variety and such considerations as light, temperature, soil, water and nutrients Indoor Begonia Rex-One stem bare on bottom. Posted by lorraineg570 January 3, 2021. Begonias House Plants. 13 Comments Updated January 4, 2021 +11

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A: Dragon Wing begonia, Begonia x hybrida, and angel wing begonia, Begonia coccinea are very attractive, cane-forming begonia plants. Like the bedding plant known as wax begonia, cane begonias do not have a tuberous bulb, only a vigorous root system. Thus the whole plants have to be brought indoors for winter The tuberous type of begonias have traditionally been grown for their flashy flowers, filling in outdoor planters and hanging baskets in shady spaces. These days, though, everyone's drooling over the shrub-like, cane, and rex begonias, grown as houseplants for their intense and mind-bogglingly diverse foliage Begonias: Beautiful foliage plants (they do bloom). These are tropical begonias, meaning they should be grown as houseplants (unless you live in a tropical climate!). Care is simple, leaves will be prettiest when given good light and moderate humidity. Though begonias like an environment similar to that for African violets and other houseplants, their thinner leaves means they are less. A Beginner's Guide to Begonias: Classification and Diversity 5 have a swollen stem base (caudex) and small leaves with small, white flowers. The most common species is B. dregei, and all varieties stem from this one species (Figure 13)

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  1. g. It grows 10-12 inches tall and thrives in sun or partial shade
  2. Angel Wing Begonias (Begonia coccinea): Angel wing begonias, also called cane begonias, have thick, upright stems, fibrous roots, and pendant clusters of blooms in red, pink, or white. They can be grown as a houseplant or outdoors in partial shade during the summer
  3. Rex begonia offers colorful foliage and is one of the most interesting indoor plants around. Despite its exotic looks, Rex begonia is actually easy to grow. Because it's a relatively short houseplant, Rex begonia is perfect for desks and tabletops where is wildly colorful, variegated foliage makes it a perfect contrast against other houseplants
  4. TRAILING/SCANDENTS: any Begonia which has slender stems, and (or) heavy foliage which causes it to trail downwards is classed as trailing.Typical plants are B. procumbens and B. fagifolia. Most of these plants will send up many basal shoots if pruned back and respond well to pinching, so that it is quite easy to produce a full bushy plant
  5. Begonias Aplenty is the theme for the Begonia display of 2020.. The show is a One Day Affair from 9am to 3pm. The Admission fee is $4. This is the largest and only show of Begonias in Queensland.. The display will showcase the wide diversity of Begonias — their varied foliage and colourful blooms.. This will offer an opportunity for members of the public to identify and choose.

Common varieties of begonia include tuberous, cane, semper florens, rex and winter-flowering begonias. You can grow many of the varieties outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 9 and 10, but you can grow them as annuals or indoors in colder climates. Be sure to time your pruning correctly, then you can prune your plant to shape it and help it flourish Today at Longwood. Gardens Open 10:00 am-6:00 pm. Main Fountain Garden Enjoy 12-minute Fountain Performances at 11:15 am, 1:15, 3:15 & 5:15 pm. More about our fountains

Plant database entry for Cane Begonia (Begonia 'Elaine-1929') with 14 data details. Cane Begonia (Begonia 'Elaine-1929') in the Begonias Database - Garden.org An amateur breeder, she crossed a Brazilian begonia (Begonia aconitifolia) with a lovely privately owned Swiss plant (B. coccinea 'Lucerna'), and the resulting descendants were christened angel-wing begonias. Members of the fibrous cane begonia group, angel-wings are upright growing plants with thick canes or stems, often brilliant foliage and. Angel Wing begonia plants, first found in South America, make up a large portion of the cane begonia group. All cane begonia plants have long stems with joints on them. The leaves and flowers grow out of these joints. Angel Wing begonias have large, angel wing shaped, dark green leaves, often with metallic silver specks The cane begonias are a group of Begonia cultivars. Their name derives from their tough, bamboo-like stems. They can grow up to 10 ft (3.0 m) tall, which may necessitate staking. They are often ideal as houseplants when kept under control. Classification Angel wing. Angel wing begonias are hybrid. Description. We've grown this dark leaved cane Begonia for year. it has an upright habit, with bronze angel-wing leaves, and clusters of deep rose flowers in spring and summer. Plants can get shrublike with age, to 2-3′, but are easily divided and can be pinched back for a smaller habit. Exposure: Part Shade/Shade

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BEGONIA AVALANCHE - A cane type hybrid with angle wing shape leaves of bright lime green, long oval, with highlights of silver spots and blotches. Self branching arching growth habit. Fast growing. Showy clusters of dangling lt pink to white flowers m The most common are Begonia semperflorens varieties, also called wax, annual, or bedding begonias. These shade-loving plants bring mounds of color when planted under trees or tucked in planters, hanging baskets, or window boxes. Wax begonias are typically grown as annuals, reaching 6 to 12 inches tall and wide. Tuberous begonias Begonia coccinea. Growing well outdoors in part shade Begonia coccinea, a cane begonia will reach 3-4' and is a well established species. Keep Begonia coccinea moist in summer and let them dry out a little in winter. If grown indoors some water in winter will be required. Old canes can be removed as they begin to die back Cane begonia Begonia grandis evansiana has proven hardy in the UK. Photograph: Ben Ram. The hardiest, it seems, is Begonia grandis evansiana, a tried and tested cane begonia that grows a stalk.

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Cane Begonias starting at $10 to $15 * Red flower, spotted Begonia * Hot Pink flower Spotted begonia with ruffled leaves * Begonia Silver Mirror with light pink flowers and silver splashes on leaves * Other begonias * Lots to choose from (including other plants) * NO Wightii, please dont ask :) Located in Loganle Growing begonias from their seeds, which are as fine as dust, takes time and careful handling. Remember that if you save the seeds from your hybrid begonias, you won't get baby plants that look exactly like the parent. That's because hybrids are created by crossing varieties, so the seeds won't grow true Aug 9, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by John Ayala. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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(cane) Called Clown Begonia for the large silver spotted bat-winged leaves held sparcely on tall canes which then cascade under the foliar weight; white flowers. Fantastic visually--but needs absolutely perfect drainage and good light saturation. Not for the novice. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER THESE PLANTS DO NOT DO W.. The Angel Wing Begonia (also called Dragon Wing) is native to tropical regions and therefore prefers light, humid environments.The more light exposure they receive, the more colorful their leaves will be. Your customers will love the versatility of the Angel Wing as a houseplant because it can be potted and grown as a dwarf (to add interest to counters and desks) or it can be grown as a floor. Current Page: House Plants Crystals Merch Search. House Plants Corallina De Lucerna 'Cane Begonia' Corallina De Lucerna 'Cane Begonia' 88.00. Add To Cart.