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How to choose phone number with name by showing Phonebook contacts list and selecting one. This tutorial is also known as Android Contact Picker tutorial because in this tutorial are going to get dynamically contact name & number from android device contact list with the use of startActivityForResult() Android - Get phone number and email address from Contacts. private final String DISPLAY_NAME = Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.HONEYCOMB Retrieve a list of contacts by matching the search string to any type of detail data, including name, phone number, street address, email address, and so forth. For example, this technique allows you to accept any type of data for a search string and then list the contacts for which the data matches the string possible duplicate of How to get phone contacts in Android - NGLN Sep 24 '12 at 11:00. Added a small library on Github Repository to fetch contacts - nitesh May 12 '17 at 9:55. This is the Method to get contact list Name and Number. private void getAllContacts() { ContentResolver contentResolver = getContentResolver(); Cursor cursor. How to Get Calls From Contacts Only on Android. If you own an Android phone and you want to block all the calls that are not coming from your contacts, there's a dedicated option that you can use to filter incoming calls. In this manner, you can block unknown or spammy callers without any problem

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  1. Android Mobile Development Apps/Applications. This example demonstrate about How to read all contacts in android. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 − Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main.xml
  2. The Hiya app blocks calls and provides you with more information about numbers from outside of your contact list. Hiya can flag unknown numbers as spam, a possible colleague, or someone as important as the doctor's office. To use Hiya, you will need to enable phone permissions and allow the app to access your contacts to block and identify calls
  3. 2. Query Android Contacts Example. There is a android contact in the emulator, it is generated by our previous article. When you click the Load All Contacts button, it will display all the contact fields in android monitor. 3. Get Android Contacts Programmatically Example Source Code
  4. Code: Step 1. Create new android project in your android studio or eclipse. Step 2. First we need to app permission in your manifest file to read contact list. add the following line to read contact before Application tag. Step 3. Now open your activity_main.xm file inside layout folder and add ListView in it and i also add search functionality.
  5. If Automatically sync is turned off and you want to update your contacts, you can manually sync Google contacts with your device using Google's Contacts app. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app . To sync, pull down on the contacts list
  6. Just open your contacts section in your iPhone, and then select the contact you want to transfer from iPhone to Android. Finally, swipe down to transfer that contact, either with an email or via text
  7. Enter each contact's information. Starting in row two, you'll begin entering each contact's first name, last name, phone number, and email address (if applicable) in the A column, B column, C column, and D column respectively.. For example, if you have a contact named John Doe with the phone number 1234567890 and the email address doe@gmail.com, you would enter John in cell A2, Doe.

Part 3: Recover Some Contacts Disappeared from Android Using Gmail. Sometimes, phone contacts disappeared from our Android phones without warning. At this point, it is not difficult to restore them through Gmail, but only if there has been a complete backup before. Plus, the odds of recovering Android losing contacts are certainly considerable Open your Android's Settings. It's the gear icon (. ) most commonly found in the app drawer. If you don't see a gear, look for a wrench. Scroll down and tap About phone. It's in the System group. Tap Status. You may find your phone number on this screen under My phone number.. If not, continue to the next step Method 6. Repair Android OS to Fix Contact Names Not Showing. Even after trying all those methods, Android phone not showing contact names you need to repair the Android OS. The Android OS itself is probably damaged, and due to that, contact names are not visible. So, you have no option but to repair the OS using a capable system repair tool

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By default android device has its own contact showing application but some times when android app developer needs so specific functionality in his project then you can easily display all the contact list into app. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for Get Show all phone contacts into ListView in android programmatically Open your phone's Settings app. Tap Google. Tap Set up & restore. Tap Restore contacts. If you have multiple Google Accounts, to choose which account's contacts to restore, tap From account. Tap the phone with the contacts to copy. If you don't want to copy contacts from your SIM card or phone storage, turn off SIM card or Device storage Step 1. Unlock your Android device and then tap Apps. Step 2. Tap Contacts/ People > 3 dots (menu) > Import/Export > Export to SIM card or SD card> Select all > Done. Step 3. When your phone prompts you with a popup, tap OK to continue. Part 3. Export Contacts on A Samsung Phone


Tap Settings > Import/Export > Export > SIM card. Put the SIM card in your iPhone. Use Google: Back up Contacts to Google. Add the Google app to the iPhone. Move the Contacts slider to On. This article explains three ways to transfer the contacts from your Android address book to iPhone. The information applies to smartphones or tablets with. Accidentally deleting the phone number on Android is normal in our lives - sometimes even an accidental click can cause this issue. And when you incautiously lose the phone number of your friend or co-worker, you must want to recover the deleted contacts from your Android, right?Then you should stop using your phone and restore the lost data as soon as possible To recap, I'm looking for a way to suppress all calls that don't come from a number in my contacts list. The advice I received was: 1) Use the built in Interception Rules, which includes exactly the feature I'm looking for. Sadly, my version of Android doesn't have Interception Rules. 2) Install a custom ROM with better call-blocking features Then it's time to get contacts off Android phone with broken screen as long as you are sure your Android device meets all of the above prerequisites. See the detailed steps in the next section. How to Extract Contacts from Broken Android Phone This example demonstrate about How to get phone number from content provider in android. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 − Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main.xml. In the above code, we have taken list view. Step 3 −.

How to Recover Contacts from Lost or Stolen Android Phone? There are many different methods to get your contacts back from your lost Android phone. But it's hard to choose a reliable one. We've listed the top 2 ways for you. By following the below-mentioned process, you'll be able to know how to retrieve contacts from a lost Android phone. 1 Step 1: Open Contacts app on your android and find settings menu. Step 2: On stock Android, select 'Contacts to display' option and you will see a list of apps that shows their synced contacts. Last night my little son dropped my Android phone to the ground. The screen is cracked but I can still see the display. I have used this phone for almost 3 years already. So I wanted to buy a new one rather than have it repaired. But I need to get almost 1200 contacts on that broken Android phone

The callers phone number and name are in voice app contact list. How do I make GV show the callers name on my caller ID by getting it from the voice app contact list. Just to clarify: If the callers name and phone number are in my voice app contact list I want to see both on my caller ID My issue was somewhat different, I was using Multiple number display, for that, we need to pass out contact URI which is obtained at onActivityResult, in this into content resolver, like this. Part 1. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with One Click One of the best ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android is to use a third-party application known as MobileTrans - Phone Transfer.It is one of the best ways to transfer data from one phone to another, but you can also use it to transfer data selectively.That means that you will be able to choose the contacts you.

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and I AGREE- Android really needs some better user testing before releasing this stuff. It should not be this hard to delete a phone number from a contact! The only thing I can think of is to delete the contact and reenter my contact with the correct info- but seriously, Android, that is stupid. J Just got the Droid Razr. Great phone, one problem that will cause me to give it back. I have a 2011 BMW 328xi with the iDrive. The phone pairs and works fine. What doesnt work good is my phone book. While all my contacts are in my phone, only the phone numbers show up on my car screen, no names. Th.. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app . Tap the contact that you want to edit. At the bottom right, tap Edit . If asked, choose the account. Enter the contact's name, email and phone number. To enter more information, tap More fields or the down arrow . To change the photo for a contact, tap the photo, then choose an option..

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In this example we will read contact display name and phone number. For this create instance of CursorLoader passing Phone.CONTENT_URI and finally iterate android Cursor to fetch data. To perform reading operation we have to provide READ_CONTACTS permission in AndroidManifest.xml as below Part 1: Possible Causes of Lost Phone Numbers or Contacts on Android. There are a lot of factors that may cause deleted contacts on an Android device. These are the following: Accidental Deletion. This is a common situation especially when you're actually deleting void contacts on your device. While deleting unimportant contacts, you may have.

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Whether your phone suddenly gets destroyed, stops working, or you need to switch devices, those who back up Android contacts to their Google account will always have their numbers in the cloud and. I had to delete the contact and recreate with only one phone number. - zadane Aug 5 '16 at 14:34 Won't work for me either on the contact screen there are 2 numbers the right one and the wrong one, I hit edit and it only shows the right one on that screen to correct! - user182446 Aug 12 '16 at 11:5 From your Android phone, open the Contacts. Tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top corner of the screen to open the side menu. Select Settings from there. Hit Contacts to display. Finally, ensure you set the option to display All contacts. Otherwise, change the settings right away Leave any fields blank that you don't know. You do need to provide a phone number or email. On Samsung Galaxy, the Save button is at the bottom of the screen. On standard Android phones, it's at the top of the screen. This saves your contacts. This adds the contact to your phone contacts and your Whatsapp contacts

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Video Guide: How to sync Outlook Contacts with Android Phone. Part 4: Conclusion. As you can see, Outlook is one of the most used tools for all Android devices. They usually use it for email purposes and as well as backing up some contacts from their Android device. This way, it will be easier for them to sync these contacts to their Android. Choose your Gmail account you want your contacts synced to the Android device. Toggle the 'Sync Contacts' switch 'ON'. Click on the 'Sync now' button and allow some time. All your Gmail and Android phone contacts will be synced now. Now, go to the 'Contacts' app on your Android phone. You can see the Google contacts right there - Via USB or Bluetooth, export the contacts from the flip phone to the computer as a .CVS file. Then, import the .CVS file to Gmail--and when the Android is getting set up the Gmail contacts will sync with it. - Explore the possibility of transferring the contacts directly from phone-to-phone via Bluetooth Tap on the Phone icon on your Android Phone to open the Phone App. 2. On the Next screen, make sure that you are on the Contacts tab. On the Contacts tab, you will be able to see all your Contacts listed in alphabetical order. 3. From the list of Contacts, tap on the particular Contact that you would like add to your list of Favorite Contacts. 4

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Display Only Android Contacts with Phone Numbers. Open your Contacts app and tap the Options button (three dots), and select Contacts Manager. On the next screen, tap on Contacts to display from. Open the Contacts app on your Android phone. Scroll down the list and find the contacts you do not want to keep. Press and hold the names you want to delete, tap More (or the three vertical dots) at the top-right corner, and click the Delete option. At last, hit OK to delete them from your phone. Part 2 How to Block Signal Users on Android. To block a number in Signal, go to the chat with the contact you want to never hear from again. On this screen, tap on your contact's name or number, then choose Block from the list of options. On the popup, tap Block to confirm

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1. Open the Contacts app on your Android Phone. 2. Tap on More (or 3 dot icon) from the top right corner of your screen. 3. From the menu, tap on Merge Contacts option. 4. On the next screen, you can tap on All to merge all duplicate Contacts, or go through the list and select which duplicate Contacts you want to delete (See image below) 5 This is for Samsung Galaxy S8+Android 9. Kindly go to CONTACTS, then press option icon where 3 horizontal line are there. it will show total nos of your contacts. Press the setting button at top-right side, you will get entered in CONTACT setting, there you will find an option to activate/de-activate SHOW FREQUENTLY CONTACTED Save this person to your phone's contact list and assign an image so you can see it instead of their profile photo. Edit your contact's number. Open your Android contacts app and edit the contact entry. Add the + and the country code to your contact's number. For numbers from Brazil, the number should start with +55 followed by the city.

Now you can follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your phone, so as to get your device detected by this software smoothly. 1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter Settings < Click Applications < Click Development < Check USB debugging. 2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter Settings < Click Developer options < Check USB debugging Open your contacts list on your phone. Enter a new contact on your phone or on the computer (in the upper left corner of the Gmail website). You will see the new contact appear in your contacts list on the other device where you didn't enter it. View solution in original post Way 2: How to Print out Contact List from Android Phone Using Google Play App. It's also an option to complete the task with a Google Play app like Export Contacts.You can employ this app to export contacts from your Android device as CSV files before sending it to an email account to print If you have select from contacts only, you don't need to do this. Open Contacts on your Android device and select the contact that you want to add to the list of important contacts. Simply tap on the star icon to favorite the contact to allow calls or messages in priority mode. To remove a contact, tap on the star icon again

2014-07-01 11:24:38. Nice suggestions above threads. on your phone settings check if there is a backup and reset option, make sure the Back up my data tab is checked. It will be synced to gmail. or. 1) Open the contact list on your android phone. 2) Click menu button from your contact list. 3) hit the import/export tab, you should see list of. In all cases, you can restore these contacts to a new phone or other devices. The key to this method is that proverbial ounce of prevention: Your contacts must be saved to your Google Account . The good news is that you probably already transferred your contacts to Google when you set up your Android phone — even if you don't remember doing it To enable Block Unknown Numbers on Android, follow these steps: Go to Settings, and tap Blocked Numbers Turn on the Unknown toggle to block calls from unidentified callers; You will now no longer receive phone calls from any phone number that is not in your Contacts list. Source: Android Authority. Similar to the individual phone. I have a Verizon Android. I am not able to RECEIVE texts from ONE friend. I was always able to until just a few weeks ago, but now they don't come through. She receives mine, and I can receive her phone calls just fine, but not her texts. I tried deleting all of our previous texts + deleting her from my contact list and then re-entering her

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Method 02: Recover Android Contacts That Disappeared Through Gmail. If you have enabled your Android device and its task of syncing to your Google account, then you may have to easily recover some contacts disappeared from Android. There's still hope and you can get these contacts back If you have contacts that are saved only on your phone, Android users can do this from the contacts app; iPhone users must download an app such as My Contacts Backup for exporting contacts as CSV. there are apps that can do what you say, but the phone is going to ring anyway and wake you up.' Under Call settings is Call Forwarding which is an all or none thing. You can get to most of those settings and even more: Contacts/Settings and a big menu opens up. on Play store, there are a large number of apps to experiment with Android Contacts API. Contribute to tamir7/Contacts development by creating an account on GitHub. PhoneNumber, Some phone Number ); List< Contact > contacts = q. find(); Get all Contacts that their name begins with a specific string OR their phone begings with a specific prefix Copy Android Contacts to PC in a General Way. If you do not bother using a third-party app to transfer your contacts, you can also make full use of Android's Contacts app. Open your Android mobile and go to Contacts app. Find the menu and select Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to phone storage

Step 1. Free Download PhoneRescue for Android on your computer firstly > Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. Step 2. Choose Contacts only > Tap Next button on the right. Step 3. Rreview and Select the disappeared contacts you want to recover > Click the Download to computer or Download to Device button to start the recovering. Whether you want to factory reset your current mobile, Lost or broke your phone, upgrading to new mobile or switching from Android to iOS, just download My Contacts App will make sure that you get all your precious contacts back with you forever! ★☆★ This is how it works: ★☆★ → how to backup your contact list and SMS: 1

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Run the Contacts app on your Android. Click the three-dot icon on the right upper corner of the screen. Select Settings or Manage contacts . Then click Import/Export Contacts button and choose Import > Internal storage > Phone to choose the vCard file. Then the contacts will be imported to your Android As the contacts are saved in the internal memory of the Android phones and not in an external SD card, so there is no such direct method to get back those contacts. But there is nothing to worry about as you still have various ways to retrieve those lost phone numbers Part 3: How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android via Gmail. Gmail allows you to sync and restore contacts on your Android device. As long as you have synced your contacts with your Google account before you get lost of your contacts, Gmail can quickly restore your lost contacts for you by restoring the contact backup from Gmail Android. The first thing we need to do is create our shared model to represent a contact on the device. In this example, we'll focus on just the name and phone number of a given contact: public string Name { get => $ {FirstName} {LastName}; } Now we need to create our service to enable the reading of the contacts on the device

Open the email on your Android phone and tap on the attached contact file. You should be able to import this contact into the Contacts app. Repeat for other contacts you want to send. 4. Use an App to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android. There's a free app called My Contacts Backup that lets you export contacts from your iPhone and. Open WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device. Tap on the New Chat button on the bottom right corner of the screen to access your contact list. Next, tap on the Menu button (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen. Select refresh. Your WhatsApp contacts list will now be refreshed and the numbers will be changed to the.

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This will give the Contacts app access to the photos, media, and files on your Android device. Tap the Save button in the lower right. You can move the .vcf file to your new phone by copying it to a USB drive, transferring it to a PC, or your favorite cloud service. When you get the file moved to the new phone, open the Contacts app again Step 3: Import Contacts from PC to Android. Connect your Android phone to the computer and copy the downloaded CSV format to your phone. After you disconnect between your phone and PC, restart your Android and open the contacts app, your contacts are back. Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers from SIM Card by Using ES File Explorer.

Use Android Contact Picker to Make Phone Calls. In this tutorial, I will walk you through using the Android Contact Picker to let your users choose a phone number from their contact book. Upon finishing this tutorial, you can follow our Android calling tutorial to make a call with Sinch Step 4: Retrieve Samsung Galaxy J3 contacts. After completing a deep search, all found contacts will display on the interface. You can click the specific one to preview its detail, such as name, phone number, email, etc. You can now select the contacts you wish to get back, and click the Recover button at the bottom right side of the program's. Last but not least on our list is the free but ad-supported Calls Blacklist, a straightforward app for keeping a list of contacts that you don't want to allow to contact your phone. An ad-free. Open WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device. Tap on the New Chat button, on the bottom right corner of the screen to access your contact list. Next, tap on the Menu button (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen. Select refresh. Your contact list will immediately be updated, to reveal all contacts available on. Below are the detailed steps. Open the Settings on your Android phone and head to the Google section. Tap on Restore contacts. If you have multiple Google Accounts, tap From account. Select the Google account and device to restore contacts. Finally tap Restore to restore contacts from Gmail to Android

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Now, follow the steps to get how to retrieve phone number from SIM card in Android with ES File Explorer: Step 1. Download, install and run ES File Explorer on your Android phone to go to its home screen. Then, root your mobile (if you have not done it yet) to provide permissions for this program. Step 2 Step 1: The first step here would work by downloading these apps and installing them on an iPhone or Android device. From here, the app could be used to upload the contacts list online or save it directly onto the device with a dedicated file. Step 2: With that completed, the user could then power off the phone, remove the older SIM, and. Re: How do I remove a phone number from a contact file, because edit does not work? 08-16-2018 02:24 PM. When I edit the contact profile, edit APPEARS to eliminate the number. When checking the contact profile, though, ALL the numbers ever associated with the contact remain! Step 01: On your Android device, open the Contacts. Step 02: On the upper right corner of the screen, tap on the three dots menu, and select Contacts to display. Step 03: Tap on All contacts. Step 04: Go back to Contacts and check if the lost phone numbers on Android already appear First, open your Android phone. Select the Contacts icon. Doing this will display your contact list here, click on the three vertical dots icon. You will get a menu list from which you have to click on the Import/Export option. Select Import from .vcf file option for importing Excel to Android phone book

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Method 1of 4:Using the Google Phone App Download Article. Open the Phone app. It's the icon of a phone receiver on the home screen. If you don't see it there, check the app drawer. This method should work on any Google, Motorola, OnePlus, or Lenovo phone. Tap ☰. It's at the top-left corner of the screen. Tap Settings Here's how to unblock a number on an Android device and get those calls and text messages back: Open the Phone app. Tap the More icon, which looks like three vertical dots. Tap Settings > Blocked Numbers . Tap the X next to the contact you want to unblock. Select Unblock . How to Block Cell Phone Numbers On Android or iPhone (iOS How to download your contacts from Google on an Android phone. This is a pretty straightforward process. But keep in mind that, unlike the computer method, you won't be given the option to select. There is a wide range of software applications that are available for use in recovering deleted contacts phone numbers from Samsung phone. Android Data Recovery is one of the most highly reviewed options. This program will automatically scan through the deep area of your Galaxy phone to find any files that have not yet been overridden Since contacts are one of the most valuable data on any phone, this article addresses the solutions and steps on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung. From these 5 ways, you can learn to get contacts from iPhone to Samsung without iCloud in Solution 1/2/3/5 Part 2: How to Transfer Contacts from Galaxy Phone to PC with Bakcup Software (Recommended) Part 1 : Transfer Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8 Contacts to Computer via Android App. There are several apps available on Google Play Store that can help to transfer contacts from your phone to computer but most of them are very complex and confusing to use