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If you don't have a depth gauge, another quick way to measure your tires is with a Canadian nickel. Insert the coin with Queen Elizabeth's crown facing down. If you can see the top of the Queen's crown, your tire is below 2/32 and needs to be replaced Also, replace tires after they attain the specified minimum tread depth. For winter months, most manufacturers recommend replacing tires when they reach a tread depth of 4/32 inch. For summer, the recommended tread depth is 2/32 inch. Tires with tread depth below the levels mentioned above are called bald and are known to cause safety issues Depending on their type, new tires have a tread depth of between 7 mm and 9.5 mm. This ensures the best performance in changing conditions. While the minimum legal tread depth for all passenger car tires in Europe is 1.6 mm, it is safer to replace them at a depth of 2 mm at least Legally, you cannot have less than 3.5 mm (approximately 5/32 of an inch) on most highways in British Columbia between October 1 and March 31. If you barely have the legal minimum depth of tread, you should replace your tires for improved safety on the road. What's the big deal with tread, anyway According to most manufacturers, and even the law in most provinces, your tires should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 4/32 in the winter and 2/32″ in the summer. If your tread depth wears to those levels, your tires are considered bald and a safety hazard. How to check your tire tread depthWith a tire tread depth gaug

In most cases, a warranty claim is accepted only after the tread depth has worn down to 2/32 of an inch, which requires driving the last few thousand kilometers on marginal tires. Uneven wear resulting from incorrect wheel alignment or a failure to perform tire rotations will void the warranty New tires typically start with a tread depth of 10/32 to 12/32, with some off-road tires topping 15/32. New tire tread depth is the measurement typically published by tire manufacturers, but it's not the same as usable tire tread depth However, summer or UHP tires like the Sailun Atrezzo ZSR sold in Canada are typically differentiated from all-seasons by some clear differences in the rubber compound and tread-pattern design. To. For summer tires, the remaining tread depth must be no less than 3 mm, and for winter and all-season tires it must be no less than 4 mm. Smaller tread depth may become critical on wet pavement, slush or snow

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Ensure your tire pressure is set to your vehicle standard and fill any underinflated tires, or release air from overinflated tires. Tread depth. Once your tread depth is nearing 2/32″, it's time to get a new set of tires. Cracks or punctures. Any damage such as cracks or punctures can cause slow leaks Otherwise, you'll want to replace your tires once they reach a certain tread depth. According to most manufacturers, and even the law in most provinces, your tires should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 4/32 in the winter and 2/32″ in the summer. If your tread depth wears to those levels, your tires are considered bald and a. Tires with treads worn down to the same level as the tread wear indicator (1.5 mm or 2/32 of an inch in depth) must be replaced. Uneven tread wear can be caused by improper wheel alignment or a tire imbalance. A tire must be replaced when the tread wears even with the tread wear indicator Ultimate Guide to Tire Checks: Tread Depth, Air Pressure, and more Tires are a huge expense for any vehicle and proper maintenance ensures you're always driving on the safest set. Check out our comprehensive tire maintenance guide. It'll help you get the best life out of your tires, and the best bang for your auto buck

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  1. New tires typically come with 10/32 or 11/32 tread depths, and some truck, SUV and winter tires may have deeper tread depths than other models. The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing tires when they reach 2/32, and many states legally require tires to be replaced at this depth
  2. Click or tap to zoom. View on Vehicle. $4.99. Certified Tire Tread Depth Gauge is designed to measure the degree of wear of tire surfaces. Reads in mm and 1/32nds. For use in all weather condition
  3. Just grab a Canadian quarter and follow these 3 easy steps: Hold the quarter between your thumb and forefinger with the quarter head facing down. Select a point on your tire where tread appears the lowest and insert the figurehead first into one of the grooves
  4. Fast facts: When to replace tires. You must replace tires when the tread depth falls below 1.6 mm, which is the legal limit. Continental recommends changing summer tires at 3 mm and winter tires at 4 mm tread depth; after this point safety and performance characteristics are not optimal
  5. imum. 2/32 Your tires are legally bald and need to be replaced. According to most manufacturers, and even the law in most provinces, your tires should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 4/32 in the winter and 2/32″ in the summer

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  1. When the tread is worn down the tire is not as able to push away the snow and slush, significantly affecting its effectiveness. 50% wear on a winter tire means the tread is down to about 5.5 millimetres. When you've hit this mark, seriously consider replacing your winter tires in Canada. The benefits of a winter tire after this point are.
  2. imum legal tread depth for all passenger car tires in the US is 2/32 (1.6 mm), it is safer to replace them at a depth of at least 4/32 (2 mm)
  3. For safety reasons, it is therefore recommended that a tire be changed when its tread reaches a depth of 3 mm (a bit less that 4/32). For the same reasons, a winter tire should have a tread depth of at least 5 mm (6/32) at the beginning of winter to ensure good performance until the end of the season. I am being offered take-off wheels
  4. imum of 2/32 (1.6mm) depth. The differences surprised us! Vehicles equipped with the 2/32
  5. The company has warehouse facilities across Canada servicing more than 250 Kal Tire retail and commercial stores. Kal Tire owns and operates 10 truck tire retread facilities across Canada, plus six earthmover retreading facilities located in Canada, the United Kingdom, Chile, Ghana, and Mexico. The company employs more than 6,500 team members
  6. Your tire's tread is important. It's one reason why when you drive, you don't go skidding off the road when going around a corner. Checking your tire tread.

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The Michelin CrossClimate 2 is a true hybrid tire, offering drivers the best features of both summer and winter tires. Featuring a V-formation tread design, 3D locking sipes, and a thermo-adaptive tread compound, the traction and versatility of these tires are simply unmatched The legal limit of wear is 1.6 mm or 2/32nds of an inch of tread depth. But most tire makers recommend tires be replaced before the legal limit of wear is reached to ensure better wet-weather. Tread depth debate goes on By: Kathy McCarron. Tire Business October 22nd, 2007 YONKERS, N.Y.. In its November issue, Consumer Reports recommended consumers use a quarter instead of a penny to measure tread depth - a change that effectively doubles the depth at which car owners should consider getting new tires from 2/32 to 4/32 inch.. In making its recommendation, the magazine cited its own. And the tread depth of summer tires is typically shallower than other tire types, which enhances steering feel and responsiveness but also results in more frequent tire replacement. When it comes to rubber composition, the summer tire has a physical compound that is intended for temperatures generally above 40 degrees Fahrenheit Buy your summer and all-season tires online and save time and money. We offers discounts on a wide selection of premium quality tires, shipped to your location, across Canada for all budgets. We have many different models for cars and trucks for all your tire needs. We have touring, performance, light truck, and off-road products available at.

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In general, you should get new tires when your tread is worn down. The legal limit for tread depth is 2/32 of an inch, but experts recommend about 5/32 of an inch for winter tires and 4/32 of an inch for summer tires. So how do you know if you have enough tread or not? An easy way to check the tire tread depth is to use the penny test. Insert. summer ultra high performance The next generation ultra high performance summer tire designed with the performance driver in mind. With increased* traction, handling and wet-braking capabilities, the NT555 G2 will get you off the line quickly, provide stability in the straights and confidence in the corners Shop the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus on PMCtire! This ultra-high performance all-season tire offers excellent safety on wet and slippery roads, outstanding handling, and exceptional tread life. Designed for sports coupes and SUVs, it is a perfect all-season tire for dry, wet or snowy roads. Get the best deals and free delivery anywhere in Canada at PMCtire.com For example, a tire built for snow or winter conditions will often have a very blocky tread with deep grooves and lots of siping, as these features ensure the tire is able to grip the snow and excavate slush. Whereas summer tires feature a more shallow tread depth and a stronger sidewall for better steering and handling on hot, dry roads Looking for the best 2020-2021 summer or all-season tires? It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of different products and technical specifications available for a specific vehicle or size. Don't panic, at blackcircles.ca we have reviewed and selected the best summer and all-season tires available on the market and categorized them

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All-season tires are engineered to give vehicles enough winter traction to get through light snow conditions, making it possible for a driver to run one set of tires year-round in places that don't get a lot of snowfall or ice. They're made with a compound that stays flexible even at temperatures a bit above freezing, to maintain road grip A legal winter tire (on a standard passenger vehicle or a four-wheel/all-wheel vehicle) MUST have at least 3.5 mm of tread depth. A winter tire must be labelled with either of the following: The letters M and S, the minimum legal requirement (mud + snow/all season tires) The 3-peaked mountain/snowflake symbol (some manufacturers label with. How to Check Your Car's Tire Tread: Step-by-Step. Put the outside edge of the toonie in your tire's tread. If the tread reaches the bear's paws, your tires are probably pretty new. If it reaches all the way across the silver, they're about 50% worn. If your tire tread reaches only about half-way into the letters, it's time to shop for.

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A new winter tire is delivered with between 10/32 inch and 14/32 inch tread depth. The wear bars moulded into the voids in the tire tread indicate the absolute wear limit of 2/32 of an inch tread depth. That's not considered safe for winter conditions. At the start of winter, experts recommend a minimum of 5-6/32 of an inch The coin tread test will quickly show you how good—or poor—the tread on your tires is, and help you know if it's time to head to the mechanic. How often should you do the tread test? It is recommended that you check the tread on your tires monthly. Thankfully, because the coin tread test is self-administered, takes but a moment, and doesn. 2. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus. The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tire is an all-season all-terrain tire certified for winter and designed for light trucks, crossovers and SUVs. Its rugged tread is designed to resist lacerations and tears, and its conical stone ejectors help evacuate debris from the tread, which also helps limit the risk of damage The ContiSportContact 3 offers balanced performance, though it's important to remember it's a summer performance tire with a modest tread-wear rating and zero snow/ice capability

Tread is the rubber on the tire that touches the road. New tires have an average tread depth of 8 to 9 millimeters (10/32 to 11/32 inches). As you drive, the tread will wear down. A tire with a tread depth below 1.6 millimeters (2/32 inches) lacks grip. Braking distance and vehicle control are impaired. These tires are not safe for driving and. The Summer TWI informs the driver when the remaining tyre tread depth is 3 mm. Once the tread is worn down to 3mm, the Summer Indicator becomes level with the surface of the tread pattern, indicating that there is a significant reduction in the wet grip performance. Continental recommends changing summer tyres at 3 mm remaining tread depth, as. If the depth of the tread measures less than 6/32 or 4.8 mm before the start of winter, the tire likely won't last a full season, or the equivalent of about 10,000 km UHP all-season and UHP summer tires deliver the ultimate in road holding but have an even shorter tread life. The general rule is that higher-performance tires cost more and wear faster, leading. With the busy summer driving season fast approaching, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. (Bridgestone) is leading a nationwide safety campaign to encourage drivers to properly maintain their tires. The effort is one way the company is promoting National Tire Safety Week (May 28 - June 3), an industry initiative led by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA)

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Once the temperature drops below about 7 C, the rubber becomes harder and doesn't grab as well. These tires have the M+S symbol on the side. And this is a winter-rated tire: Winter tire tread. Falken Tires, known as a leader in high performance tire technology for cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers, has successfully built a reputation as a full-line tire manufacturer with a long history of delivering high quality, high value products. Falken Tires has grown to become a flagship brand that focuses on Ultra High Performance tires, as well as valued lines in Light Truck, Commercial. To help inform this most important purchase, we assembled five grippy sets of rubber from the max-performance class of summer tires, ranging from $153 to $198 per tire in our 245/40R-18 test size

The Jeep got new winter tires (they arrived at the shop today) and new summer tires this year (2013). The winter tires were 7 yrs old with >60% tread, and the summer tires were similarly 7 yrs old with >60% tread, probably closer to 70%. The Jeep gets more mileage in the winter than the summer, and most of the mileage is on the highways Guaranteeing the best prices in all of Canada and free shipping, click now and save big on Falken Tires! If you have any questions regarding aftermarket tires, wheels, exhaust systems, bike racks, or any other high-performance vehicle upgrade, please feel free to contact our shop at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at sales@tdotperformance.ca Check your tread - A vehicle's safe stopping distance is determined by the tires' tread depth, which you can check by sticking a penny upside-down in a tread groove. If Lincoln's forehead is.

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Experience the BFGoodrich g-Force™ Rival S Summer tire. Street, autocross, or time attack - if it's paved, get ready to own it. Rival S v1.5 is legal for amateur autocross and time attack competition with most sanctioning bodies in the USA and Canada. Tread Depth (in 32nds) 7.21 Buy now 225/45R15 87V BSW. Buy now. Kinergy 4S. Passenger Cars. All-Season. Multi-performance harmony for total balanced all season driving 10% reduced braking distance on snow. 6% improved wet and dry handling. The application of two different sipes allows the tire to possess high summer capabilities on the outside and winter capabilities on the inside. M + S : Mud + Snow

The 245/40R19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S has a diameter of 26.7, a width of 9.8, mounts on a 19 rim and has 778 revolutions per mile. It weighs 26.6 lbs, has a max load of 1653 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 50 psi, a tread depth of 9.5/32 and should be used on a rim width of 8-9.5 Like all summer tires, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Goodyear's warranty states: Ultra high-performance summer tires are not recommended for winter use, and tread or shoulder cracking on those tires resulting from winter use will not be covered under our warranty At this point, your tires' ability to keep their traction on icy and snowy roads is greatly reduced. When tread depth reaches 2/32″, your vehicle will have none, or very little, traction in the snow. For a quick overview of winter tires, all-season tires, three-season tires, and the differences between them, refer to the chart below Exceptional Drives. Derived from the legendary MICHELIN ® PILOT ® Super Sport, there is a new #1 in max performance summer tires. The new MICHELIN ® Pilot ® Sport 4 S offers exceptional grip, steering precision, and control, even at high speed [1]. Mileage Warranty: 30,000 miles. See warranty for details

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Go to an auto parts store or online and purchase an inexpensive tread depth gauge. Tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch or in millimeters (mm), depending what part of the world you live. If you have anywhere close to (or less than) 2/32nds of an inch or 1.6 mm, you need to purchase new tires. New tires commonly come with 11/32nds (or 8. Tread depth is the distance measured from the deepest part of the tread void (the groove or the open part of the tread) to the top of the tread block. Regularly checking your tire tread depth can help you determine when it is time to replace your tires. Below are three common ways to check your tread depth After all, the blocks, channels, and sipes cut into the face of a tire only come into use when asked to move water away from the surface of the rubber so that you can maintain grip on a wet road. That being said, don't be casual about maintaining a safe tread depth when inspecting tires for the summer

Summer tires are made from a softer rubber compound and are typically fitted with large tread blocks to give maximum contact with the road in warmer weather. Those zig-zag lines in the tire. We know that tires are considered to be worn out at 1.5 mm or 2/32nds of an inch unless they are winter tires, in which case the limit is 3 mm or 4/32nds of an inch of tread depth. Is that really enough? It appears that if you intend to drive on wet roads 4 mm may be the minimum tread depth needed to stop and steer effectively Tread depth, in: 10/32. Price per tire: $143. MARC URBANO. Dunlop's top-hole extreme-performance tire was a mega performer in all categories of our 2009 tire test, where it walked away the clear. Most jurisdictions in Canada require a minimum of approximately 1/16th of an inch of tread depth to meet regulated safety standards, and Ontario recently raised that bar to 2 mm. But tread wear.

Once you go below 4/32, your wet handling starts to deteriorate so a lot depends on your driving style and weather conditions. At 4/32 it isn't that noticeable, for me, at 3/32 it becomes more noticeable. At 2/32 it becomes a must change. I do not like to replace tires in the spring or early summer During the first 25% of original usable tread depth (50% in the case of temporary spare tires), Yokohama will replace, mount and balance a similar new Yokohama tire on a no-charge basis. After the first 25% of the original tire wear (50% in the case of temporary use spare tires), Yokohama will replace with a similar new Yokohama tire on a. Watch the video below and learn how a penny, a quarter, a tread depth gauge, or even an indicator built into your tire's tread can help you understand when it's time to replace your tires. Goodyear suggests checking your tire tread depth every 3,000 mi. (5,000 km) or once it reaches 4/32 inches deep The E70 Owners Manual, at page 284, specifies minimum tire tread depths. For summer tires, it is 0.12 inch/3 mm. 0.12 inch is the same as 4/32. There is an increased danger of hydroplaning if the tread depth is less than 0.12 in/3 mm. says the manua

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Push on the gauge's base plate and make sure it's lying flat against the tire tread. Once it's flat, read the numbers visible - that's your reading! It's recommended to repeat these steps in a few different spots around the tire - average out your readings to find the number you should use. Here's what the numbers mean: 6/32. When those tread-wear indicators, which appear as worn bars, are visible, your tires should be replaced. #4: Buy a tire depth gauge. A decent tread depth gauge should cost you no more than 5-10 dollars. Goodyear.com recommends changing your tires when the tread is 2/32. This is the minimum tread depth allowed in many states The Canada Safety Council warns that, contrary to popular belief, winter tires should be installed on all four of a car's wheels and that all four tires should have the same tread patterns The tread design features hidden grooves that are exposed as the tire wears down to improve wet performance as tread depth diminishes. The standard rain grooves were not overlooked either. In your average tire, as the rubber wear down, the grooves become shallower, and the ability to move water diminishes Tread Life Trends. As with other tire trends, performance for long tread life has followed the trends of vehicle demographic changes driven by consumer preference, according to Keith Willcome, application engineer for Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, U.S. and Canada. The emergence of new product lines targeting the extreme diversity in CUV, SUV and truck fitments has led to an increase.

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Pirelli Scorpion Verde. 11. Continental Crosscontact. All Season Tire Buying Guide & FAQ. Written By Car Bibles Staff. Published May. 25, 2021. By: Lisa Conant. For a select few, purchasing new tires for the car is an exciting and enjoyable task. However, for many, it's a necessity that just has to be done Douglas Tires are manufactured by The Kelly Springfield manufacturer. Douglas is also a subsidiary of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and they began manufacturing tires in 1992. All of the tires listed are affordable and they are all backed with a minimum 40-45,000-mile tread wear warranty

Mechanic measuring tire tread depth in automobile service centre. Studded winter tires against studless winter tires. Tire tread. Wheel isolated on white. 3d illustration. Sport summer tire. 3d tires isolated on white background. The stack of four winter new tires over white. Auto tyres isolated on plain background. Car tires, closeup The 275/40R20 Pirelli P Zero has a diameter of 28.7, a width of 10.9, mounts on a 20 rim and has 724 revolutions per mile. It weighs 34 lbs, has a max load of 2094 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 50 psi, a tread depth of 10/32 and should be used on a rim width of 9-11. See all P Zero tire sizes Tire Reviews [+ Tread wear indicators are traditional rubber bars that become flush with the tread at a tread depth of 5/32, indicating the tire should be replaced, and Bridgestone's winter wear bars that indicate when the special ice-gripping compound has worn off I just purchased a set of new winter tire and got them installed at Kal Tire. The new tires are MICHELIN LATITUDE X-ICE XI2 225/70/R16. The specs of the tire tread depth shown on Kal Tire's website is 11/32, but I measured all the tire myself and they are all at 10/32. I also checked the DOT and the manufacture date is week 42 of 2017 While there are some customers for whom tread life carries less importance—for example, those driving sports cars and using UHP summer tires likely looking for grip over tread life—the vast majority of tire buyers want long tread life, according to Aaron Neumann, product development manager at the Nexen Tire America Technology Center in Richfield, Ohio

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