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disable or remove drag lock icon to unlock samsung a10s , samsung a50s, samsung m31 Don't forget to subscribe tomals guide https://goo.gl/6xWVrSFollow me on. Luckily, the Samsung lock screen is easy to disable and we'll explain how to turn off the Drag Lock icon to unlock screen on this page. Swipe the side of your mobile device to open the Game Tools menu. The Game Tools menu is easy to locate if you are playing a game or watching a video. Select Advanced game features

37.1k members in the GalaxyS9 community. Galaxy S9. Golly gee. This sure is a swell post with super helpful info! I only have one tiny little problem: I'VE COMPLETELY DISABLED THE GAME LAUNCHER APP AND SET MY LOCK SCREEN TYPE TO NONE...AND I STILL GET THIS POS Drag lock icon to unlock BULLSHIT ON MY SCREEN Select the My Device or Device tab from the top of the Settings, and look for Lock Screen under Personalisation. On newer Operating Systems (6+) Scroll down on the page until you find Lock Screen or Lock Screen & Security - the icon has a little padlock on it. 3 Select Screen Lock or Screen Lock type. 4 Enter your current Lock Screen credentials 2 Now tap on Settings icon and then tap on Device option as shown below. STEP 2. DISABLING LOCK SCREEN PASSWORD. 3 Tap on Lock screen and then tap on Screen lock as shown below. 4 Now, enter and confirm the saved Password screen lock and then tap on Continue. 5 Tap on None to disable Password screen lock Subscribe. If you want to do without any security for your data, you can deactivate the Samsung device's lock screen: pressing the power button activates the screen and immediately displays the start screen. Android 11 | One UI 3.0

Learn how you can enable or disable Unlock with Home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://o.. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) Disable Lock Screen on Android without Password/Pattern. Remove all the pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint locks on Android. No data lost or hacked during unlocking. Easy-to-follow instructions provided on screen. Support most Android models like Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc

From the lock screen of your Galaxy S8, find the three-dot menu icon on the top-left corner. Make sure that you select the Stop lock screen. You will now no longer have to swipe to unlock the screen of your Galaxy S8 when you've already unlocked it using one of the several authentication methods This video show How to enable or disable lock home screen layout in Samsung Galaxy S10. In this tutorial I use Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F/DS Duos Internati.. Right now every 5 or so minutes the screen will go dim and show the message at the top with the lock symbol in the middle of the screen. When this happens the game that I'm playing will be dimmed to a point where it is impossible to see, and the only way to continue playing is to physically touch the screen and drag the lock icon If you have had your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus for a while, you may be wanting to replace the lock screen image and may want to know how you replace this. The device is great for customizing icons and adding or removing the ones you no longer want

disable or remove drag lock icon to unlock samsung

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Follow the instructions above for logging into Find My Mobile, then: 1 On the Find My Mobile page click Erase data. 2 Click Erase. 3 Enter your Samsung account password. 4 Click OK to confirm the wipe. If the device is offline then the wipe will occur when the device next goes online How to Remove/Hide Clock from Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Devices Many of the Samsung Galaxy devices on the market today come with the AOD feature that has been enabled with a clock by default. However, as well-intentioned and appealing as it may look, it's not a one-size-fits-all feature Tap Lock screen and security. Select Find my mobile. Enter your Samsung account password and tap Confirm. Note: If you don't remember your Samsung account credentials, tap the Forgot your ID or password? link to open a browser and use find your ID or reset your password on the Samsung site. Tap Disable r eactivation lock Choose the device you want to unlock. Click on the Lock button. Type a temporary password on the given space, then click the Lock button again. If it is successful, you would see Ring, Lock and Erase buttons. Press on Erase, it will erase all the screen locks on Samsung S8

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Although this feature comes with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus settings, you will still be able to turn it off and remove it from your lock screen if you want to. The steps below will show you how to turn this and other feature icons such as the clock and visual effects On or Off on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Solution 4: Disable Android Lock With Samsung's Find My Mobile Service. If you are Samsung users, then this is one of the most effective solutions that you must follow to unlock forgotten password, PIN, Fingerprint or pattern lock. Note: For this you have to into your Samsung account. Below find out the steps To enable screen unlock pattern on Alcatel One Touch, see the detailed setting steps here: Step 1. Select the Apps menu key from the home screen, scroll to and select Settings. Tap Security & location. Step 2. Select and click the gear icon of Screen lock

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  1. Removing Samsung factory reset protection from your device. These steps are applicable to most Samsung devices. On the phone's home screen, tap Apps. Select Settings. Tap on Accounts. Tap on the account you wish to remove. Select More in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on Remove Account
  2. To learn how to lock/unlock your SIM card, follow these steps: Please note: Navigation path may be differ from some models. 1 Tap Settings. 2 Tap Lock screen and security. 3 Tap Other security settings. 4 Tap Set up SIM card lock. 5 Tap Lock SIM card and you will be prompt to enter the PIN number. By default, the PIN number will be 1234
  3. Find My Mobile (Samsung Account) Samsung Find My Mobile is an online service that allows you to remotely locate your phone, backup data, erase data, lock, or unlock the screen. It's a simple solution that you can use to bypass your lock screen, whether it's a password, pattern, pin, or fingerprint. The best part is, it's completely free
  4. Select the Lock tab, a new window will open for you to set up a temporary lock screen. Enter a new password and confirm it. Finally, enter the temporary password n your phone to unlock your phone. That is how to remove PIN from phone without having access to the phone. Part 2. How to Remove Screen Lock on Unlocked Android Devic
  5. utes. The software offers two work modes. The standared mode aims to unlock Samsung/LG without data loss, and the advanced mode can unlock more brands of Android phones
  6. To disable AppLock but not remove it from your phone, you can do the following: Go to Settings. Tapp on the Application Manager. In the app info, select Force Stop and the confirm that is what you want to do. Now that AppLock is stopped, all of the apps will be unlocked. You may need to redo this periodically, as AppLock will try to lock.

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14-04-2019 08:02 PM in. Galaxy S9 Series. I already know that you hold down till a pop up appears but now that pop up wont let me do anything and I cannot drag icons around or delete anything. Worked fine yesterday. Solved! Go to Solution. Tags: cant delete folders from homescreen. icons wont move The purpose of Firmware Reset Protection is to protect your device, data, and information against going into the wrong hands. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab and you have forgotten its unlock pattern or PIN, there's a way to bypass and remove the FRP lock on Samsung devices using Odin by flashing combination file Open it again and tap To the tweaks. On the main page, choose Status Bar, then Auto Detect. After a second or two, the app will display a new page with every status bar icon available on your Android 11 device, including the hidden screen recording icon. Disable the toggle next to the screen_record option and you're all set

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Double tap Apps. Double tap Settings. Use two fingers to scroll down. Double tap Accessibility. Double tap Vision. Double tap Voice Assistant. Tap between ON and the blue slider. Double Tap the Blue Slider. Double tap OK How to unlock Phone in Password mode when TalkBack is enabled: When the Talkback mode is enabled, it becomes difficult to unlock a Phone. And it becomes more difficult when the phone is password protected. If you are suffering from such a problem then follow the instructions as follows: So long-press the password field and then double-tap it Step 1: Connect your Samsung Galaxy A01 Android phone Launch the android tool on your computer and select Unlock among all the tools. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A01 Android phone to the computer using a USB cable. Then click Start on the program. Step 2: Select your device model Since the recovery package for different phone models is different For Windows 8.1. If your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, on your computer, click Start and then press CTRL+C to display the Charms bar. Click Change PC Settings. Select Ease of Access > Keyboard. Click the On Screen Keyboard slider button to turn it on. When the on-screen keyboard appears on your screen, click the ScrLk button

Step 6: Next the program will start to unlock. Your Samsung FRP lock will be removed in minutes. Try It Free. With a user-friendly interface on LockWiper (Android), everyone can easily disable FRP lock without technical skills. What's more, the success rate is over 98% Lock or unlock your device: Use your device's screen lock features to secure your device. By default, the device locks automatically when the screen times out. For more information about screen locks, see : Lock screen and security . on page 119. Power key: Press to lock. Press to turn on the screen, and then swipe the screen to unlock it. My device is rooted so I used one of those app freeze apps to locate the widget and disable it. Restart phone, all good. The app I used was called disable manager. The icon is a green android with a No symbol in front of it. It gives you two lists, one apps, the other system processes. The widget was under System tab under the name weather widget

The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10e will automatically lock once it turns off that is if you've setup a screen security for it. drag the Lock icon up to unlock it. device right from. While having a Samsung smartphone with upgraded features, you can simply lock or unlock the Samsung home screen layout by following a series of simple steps. Step 1 Open up the Settings of your Samsung smartphone. Step 2 Navigate through the list and open Display. Step 3 Open up Home Screen from the following window Activation Lock is a security feature on both Apple and Android / Google devices that prevents someone from gaining access to your device. We require you to remove the Activation Lock from your device before sending it to us. Activation Lock is a security feature on Android / Google devices which. But the precise way to disable NumLock varies depending on your laptop model. The Number Lock indicator will light up when the NumLock is enabled and will be unlit whenever the NumLock is disabled. Here are the most common keyboard shortcuts to enable/disable NumLock: Fn + F11 (Acer, Toshiba, Samsung) Shift + Num Lock Fn + Num Lock (Sony, Gateway

Disabling the screen lock can avoid the situation that you are locked out. If you are in the home screen of your LG mobile phone (i.e., you aren't locked out) and you wish to disable the screen lock, here are the following steps you need to take: Step 1. Tap the Apps Key from the Home screen. Step 2. Select Settings, then Lock Screen. Step 3 •Videos and multiple pictures can only be applied to the Lock screen. •If choosing videos or pictures from the Gallery, tap on one or more items, and then tap Done. 4. Tap Set on Home screen, Set on Lock screen, or Set on Home and Lock screens (depending on which screens are applicable) To unlock lollipop and other versions of the Android mobile phone then follow the above link. A simple method which is created by me. Lollipop and Nougat. To unlock and remove FRP lock on Samsung mobile phone on marshmallow 6.0.1 version you have to follow this instruction

In case you've forgotten your Gmail first synced sync, your teenager accidentally reset your device hard, and then you're unable to reset the of your device due to factory, so that you can bypass the Google FRP Samsung By following all the steps below the Galaxy J2 Pro, in this method, we're going to reach the Google Search Bar with the help of the TalkBack feature, and after this. Samsung Gear Set a Screen Lock on page 147. To unlock the device: Press the Power key or Home key, and then drag To disable FRP, remove all Google Accounts from the device. 1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings. 2. Tap Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Google Follow Below steps. First, turn On your Mobile by holding the Power button. After the tried to unlock your device multiple times, You will see Forgot pattern Option. After that tap on the Forgot pattern option. Next Select option Answer question. Then type the Google security answer. Afterward, Choose Unlock Option Why I cannot disable WiFi or mobile data on the lock screen? You can access quick setting buttons on the Galaxy S10 lock screen. But some buttons, by default, will not work until you unlock the phone for security reasons. If you want, you can overwrite the default behavior and turn off WiFi or mobile data on the lock screen without unlocking. Open the Trend Micro Mobile Security App. On the main screen, tap Lost Device Protection > Protection tab. Select Find My Android to locate your mobile device through the website. Clear this setting if you want to stop using this feature. When necessary, type your Trend Micro account password, then tap OK

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Tap the Settings icon located on the upper-rightmost corner of the screen. Scroll to and tap Lock screen and security. Tap Screen lock type. Tap Pattern. Tap and drag on the dots to draw the. Lock or unlock your device: Use your device's screen lock features to secure your device. By default, the device locks automatically when the screen times out. For more information about screen locks, see : Lock screen and security . on page 124. Power key: Press to lock. Press to turn on the screen, and then swipe the screen to unlock it. Samsung Galaxy S21 quick settings tips and tricks. The quick settings area is part of Android where you can access the most frequent settings for your device, like power saving modes, Wi-Fi and.

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To unlock your phone if Pattern lock is enabled, you just need to use your two fingers on swiping your regular pattern. To unlock your phone if Swipe lock is enabled, just double tap on the screen, then swipe to unlock using your two fingers. Then to disable TalkBack on your phone, please do the following. Open your Apps list When you turn on the SIM PIN lock, the device prompts you to enter the code after turning it on. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon. Tap Settings. Tap Lock screen and security. Tap Other security settings. Scroll to 'SIM card lock,' then tap Set up SIM card lock. On Lock SIM card, move the slider to ON or OFF

Drag the status bar down on your Galaxy S10 device. Touch and drag the status bar to access all Quick Settings options. Tap the PowerShare icon. Place the QI compatible Samsung equipment on the back of the Galaxy S10 to charge. Make sure that wearables are placed in the center of the Galaxy S10 to charge Deactivating Swipe Lock Removing a swipe, password or a PIN lock from your tablet/mobile is very easy. You just need to follow following steps: Firstly, click the Menu icon present on the home screen of the tablet. Now tap the Settings option from there. From the Settings window, tap the Lock Screen When it is off, you can drag the switch from left to right to turn on this feature. If it is on (indicated by the light blue color), you can drag the switch from right to left to turn off screen pinning in Android Lollipop as shown below. Step 4: Screen pinning is now on. After you drag the switch to the right side, you are ready to pin any apps

To remove an icon, you need to hold it for a few seconds with your finger and then move it to the 'Remove' or 'Delete' tab at the bottom of your screen. It may be difficult to perform this operation at the very first time, so we advise you to firmly hold your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) with the other hand Remove the icon backgrounds: One of the things that Samsung likes to do is apply a background and create a squircle out of all app icons. It's own icons are designed to look like this, but when.

Step 1: Start by visiting the official Samsung Find My Mobile site and log in using your Samsung account details. Step 2: As you are logged in, you will see various options on the left side panel. Tap on the Lock My Screen option and the right side screen will direct you to set a new lock PIN Objective. Enable and disable the missed call notifications and reminders; Environment. Samsung 3.0 Phones; Procedure. For Missed Call Notifications Go to Apps; Tap Settings; Tap Notifications; Scroll through apps until you find your Phone app, tap Phone app; Tap Missed calls; Set what kind of notification you want or toggle, so all grey to disable To lock the device: u: Press the Power key. To unlock the device: u: Press the Power key, or press the Home key, and then drag your finger across the screen. The default Screen lock on your device is Swipe. To choose a secure screen lock, see Set a secure screen lock on page 149. Add a Google account: Your new device uses your Google This new feature is built into the 7.0 platform and is incredibly easy to use. Here's all you need to do. Tap the Overview button. Locate the app you want to lock. Tap the lock button in the upper. Well, if your Android phone (including Samsung) is running Android 5.0 or earlier, you can use the Method 1 below to remove your Android lock screen using Emergency call free. Otherwise, if your device is running Android 6.0 to 9.0, you will need to choose the second method to bypass Android lock screen. Now let's learn the steps of these 2.

Follow the steps on how to bypass your Samsung Phone's lock screen by Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) Step 1. Run Dr.Fone and choose Screen Unlock. Step 2. Connect your Samsung with USB on computer,then you will see the windows as follow,and select phone model in the list. Step 3 Step 2. Press and hold the icon to delete on Android until you see some menus pop up on top of the screen. Step 3. Keep press and drag the icon to the Remove menu with a trash icon to delete an icon on Android immediately. Step 4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 to other icons and delete them from your home screen 05-29-2015 02:42 AM. Go to Settings-Security-Trusted Devices. You should be able to turn that feature on/off. What it does is allow you to not have your phone lock when connected to a trusted Bluetooth device. The lock appears when your screen could lock, and an open lock appears when connected to a trusted device

When you disable the phone freeze, the SP Lock screen or Network lock will be seen. Enter Samsung unlock codes provided for Network lock. Enter SERVICE PROVIDER code for SP lock. Now your device is unlocked. If it not works, tap the Dismiss button and enter the code *2767*3855# on the keypad and try again 2 Answers2. Go to Settings—Security. Under Advanced, tap Trusted agents as shown below. Tap Smart Lock (Google) to Enable\Disable it. You can also drag the switch to the Right\Left side to Enable\Disable it. Highly active question. Earn 10 reputation (not counting the association bonus) in order to answer this question Disable Contents Hidden Feature on Samsung Galaxy. The steps are simple and you should not have any problem following them. If you are annoyed with not being able to view notifications contents right from the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy device, there is a way you can get rid of it

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) A Tool to Unlock Samsung Phones. Remove all the pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint locks on Android. Unlock the locked screen without password. Easy-to-follow instructions provided on screen. Support mainstream Android models How Thieves Bypass the Lock Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 & More Android Phones Samsung Android Pie Update : Galaxy Devices Are Getting All-New Home Screen Icons How To : Remove the White Line from the Bottom of Your Galaxy S20's Home Scree Solved: I have a Samsung galaxy a3 2017. Pretty simple fix for this that worked for me.. turn off the phone, turn it back on holding down the volume down key

Method 2. Unlock A Samsung Tablet with 'Find My Mobile' If you owe Samsung Tablet A and got stuck in the lock screen, there is nothing to worry about. Samsung has a built-in feature known as Find My Mobile to help you unlock any screen lock. The keynote to consider is; the method works only for the Samsung brand, and it needs to have remote. If the pattern lock of your Android phone is enabled, you can follow the steps below to turn off swipe to unlock the device. Step 1. Open your Android device and tap the Setting icon. Step 2. Choose the Security option from the pop up screen. Step 3 Disable Smart Lock on Chrome. Step 1: On Chrome, go to the browser settings by clicking on the three-dot menu at the upper-right corner. Step 2: Scroll down to the Passwords and forms option and.

Objective. Disable TalkBack; Environment. All Motorola phones excluding the DEFY XT; All Google Pixel phones; Procedure. Turn your phone on using the power button; Double tap the padlock icon at the top of the screen; If you have a PIN or password lock, slowly enter the pin/password and press the submit arrow in the lower right If you have to backspace, you must double tap the back arrow in. Step 3: Scroll down and under the heading Screen Unlock, select Set Up Screen Lock. Step 4: Select which type of password you would like to use: None - Disables any previously set screen unlock security. Swipe - Swipe to disable screen lock; Pattern - Sets an unlock screen which requires the user to draw a specific pattern between 9 on-screen. 2. Samsung Screen Lock Removal via Find My Mobile. Samsung devices do have a Find My Mobile feature. Besides helping you locate your device when you lose it, this feature can help you when your Samsung device is locked. To remove the screen lock using Find My Mobile, a Samsung account is a requirement. Follow the simple steps below 3. When prompted for Accessibility, tap on Setup and give it Accessibility permission.. 4. After that, tap on Choose Google Account and confirm your email.. 5. Give permission to Allow display over other apps by enabling the toggle. 6. Now on the apps page, select the yellow lock icon in the upper-right corner and then select the lock next to the apps you want to protect