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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Check Out Top Brands on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today A Size 3 crochet thread is generally equivalent to a sport weight yarn, for which a size E/3.5mm crochet hook, or nearby size, is usually recommended. Another way I've heard them compared is that a medium weight yarn is equivalent to two strands of a sport weight yarn. That's a big difference A size 3 in crochet thread sounds small and a size 30 sounds much larger, but a size 3 is going to be a thicker thread than a size 30. As the number of the thread goes up, the thickness goes down. This can trick the mind a bit, but once you get the hang of it you'll be okay

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The texture of this yarn is also size 3 crochet thread. These are both thread yarns for use mainly in crochet. Swatch to check gauge. The fiber content matches exactly. This yarn comes in 100g / 269m balls. For each ball of the original yarn you will need 0.51 balls of this. Color styles for this yarn: Solid colors JeogYong 0.9 mm Variegated Cotton Crochet Thread Size 3, Pack of 4 Balls, Popular Rainbow Colors, 145 Yards 100% Long Staple Cotton Knitting Threadr Balls for Crochet, Cross Stitch, Knitting Crafts. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 8 With thread, the higher or larger the number of the thread, the thinner it is. For example, size 3 is a thicker thread than a size 40 and a size 80 is smaller than a size 40. Refer to the images below for a comparison of all five sizes of the Lizbeth® brand thread Petra Cotton Thread Size 3 - 100g/306... $4.99. +4 colors available. 33 colors available

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What is a Size 3.00 mm Equivalent to in a US Size? A 3.00 mm crochet hook is a D/3 size crochet hook in the US. Some companies may use a D size label on a 3.25 mm crochet hook too. What Size is a 12 Crochet Hook? A size 12 crochet hook is a Canadian / UK size that is equivalent to a 2.5 mm or C/2 in the US. What Size is an F Crochet Hook? An F. Cotton Perle No. 8 (DMC) Shetland Cobweb yarns (Jamieson and Smith) No 100 crochet cotton is equivalent to and may be replaced by: Gutermann silk sewing thread. Sylko sewing thread (100% cotton) 1/2 ply silk thread (this is a little finer than the other threads) Galway Linen (Texere) No 10 crochet cotton is equivalent to and may be replaced by December 22, 2015 By Lucy. Check out my handy Crochet Conversion Charts here! Each crochet conversion chart will give you a quick and easy guide to translating instructions in patterns. As well as choosing the right yarn and crochet hooks for your project. These simple charts will help you to work out the right crochet hook sizes, yarn weight. The American system of labeling crochet hooks uses the alphabet. Starting with a B (2.25mm) and ranging up to an S (19mm), although M/N is typically as large as you'll need in your arsenal. The UK method of sizing crochet hooks uses numbers. The smaller the number, the larger the hook Crochet Hook Conversion Chart YARN HOOKS THREAD HOOKS Metric 2.25 mm 2.75 mm 3.25 mm 3.5 mm 3.75 mm 4 mm 4.5 mm 5 mm 5.5 mm 6 mm 6.5 mm 8 mm 9 mm 10 mm 15 mm 16 mm US 1/9 J/IO Ull WI 3 N/15 UK 13 10 000 Metric 3.5 mm 3.25 mm 2.75 mm 2.25 m

Size 3 and 5 thread is about the same size as a light weight yarn, so if you are having trouble working with the smaller size (larger number) threads you can start with these. The most common sizes, and ones we stock, are size 3, 8, 10, 20 and some 30 There are crochet thread sizes 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. I need to know what the ratio of weight to length of the thread of each size is. Is there any source or conversion table I can use? The sizes shall be converted to tex figures, at least. Thank You in advance The texture of this yarn is also size 3 crochet thread. These are both thread yarns for use mainly in crochet. Swatch to check gauge. The fiber content matches exactly. This yarn comes in 68g / 137m balls. For each ball of the original yarn you will need 1.96 balls of this. Color styles for this yarn: Solid colors Crochet thread is similarly sized: the smaller the number, the thicker the thread. As with regular crochet hooks, there are variations in steel crochet hooks numbering. Regardless of the number or millimeter sizing, always complete a gauge swatch and compare it to the pattern gauge information. The most common crochet threads are sizes 3, 5, 10.

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The size chart is a little different than the regular crochet hook sizing. The sizing of steel crochet hooks is similar to the sizing of crochet threads; the higher the number, the smaller the hook. Check out the steel crochet hook size conversion chart, which will help you choose the correct size of the steel crochet hook needed for your project Back Crochet Abbreviations Crochet Hook Conversion Chart Learn to Crochet About Knit Gauge/Needle Size: Crochet Gauge Hook Size #0: Lace Weight: 33-40 sts to 4 on US 000-1 needles: 32-42 sts to 4 on 6-8 steel or B-1 hook #1: Sock, Fingering: 27-32 sts to 4 on US 1-3 needles Petra Cotton Thread Size 3 - 100g/306 yds. $4.99. Petra is a quality crochet thread with natural, mercerized 100% cotton thread that does not go fluffy or knot easily. Petra thread is combed, singed by flame and twice mercerized which gives it its strength and softness. Petra Thread is a 100% long staple cotton 2 ply thread Hook E-4 3.5 mm. Weight is not listed on label. This is crochet thread size 3, roughly equivalent to a sport weight yarn. Machine wash gentle cycle, warm water, no bleach, rinse well and promptly remove

Sizes 3 and 5 are heavier, used often for needlepoint and sometimes for surface embroidery. Sizes 8 and 12 are relatively fine threads, often used for tatting and crocheted edgings and the like, as well as for embroidery. Crazy quilters love perle cottons, because they work extremely well for stitching decorative lines and bands Smaller is bigger when it comes to crochet thread. Crochet thread is labeled with a number, like a 3 or a 10, and this refers to the thickness of the thread. It's counterintuitive but the smaller the number, the thicker the thread. If you're new to working with thread, try a crochet thread 3, 5 or 10 Crochet hook size conversion chart. This should help you avoid any confusion regarding which crochet hook size to use. Yahoo! Now we don't have to google and double check the hook size terminology every time we read a pattern. One tip for you. Take a screenshot of the chart and mark it as a 'favorite' in your phone. That way, when you.

Knitting Cotton: In India, we usually get knitting Yarn from Anchor, Laura And Red Rose. Of these Laura is the thickest and is to be hooked with a #3.00mm hook. Anchor is slightly thinner with a sheen to it.Can use 2.5mmm and red Rose is almost like #10 DMC YarnUse hook !.75 with this one. Hook size 3.00mm to 4.00mm Smaller crochet thread hook numbers work with thicker threads. As you can see from the thread crochet hooks charts we've attached here, if you're working with a size #3 thread then you'll use a US size O, 1 or 2 thread crochet hook. On the other hand, working with a size #10 thread, you might use a US size 6, 7, or 8 thread crochet hook Lizbeth thread is perfect to knit, tat or crochet with. Available in lots of solid colours and variegated colours, it comes in size 3, 10, 20, 40 and 80. You are going to love this thread

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  1. Crochet Hook Conversion Chart. Below you will find a crochet hook conversion chart for both standard crochet hooks and the fine steel, or thread ones. The sizing of hooks varies in different countries and therefore in different patterns so I hope that you find these charts useful. METRIC. 2.00 mm
  2. um crochet hooks. Crochet hook sizes are generally chosen to match the thread thickness. Thicker yarn needs thicker hooks
  3. ology every time we read a pattern. One tip for you. Take a screenshot of the chart and mark it as a 'favorite' in your phone. That way, when you.
  4. 1/2 ply silk thread (this is a bit finer than the other threads) 60/2nm or 120/4nm silk yarns (this is a little finer) - sometimes called ½-ply (Uppingham Yarns) Aurifil #28 or Sulky #30 quilting cot on 100/3 lace threads are comparable to Sulky #30 and Aurifil #28. Both brands also make size 50 quilting threads, which are a bit finer
  5. Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet Thread, Size 3. Lustrous and soft crochet thread, suitable for apparel and home decor. 24 wraps per inch. 9 wraps per centimeter. Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread, Size 5. A little heavier than bedspread weight, this thread is perfect for apparel, accessories and home décor. 28 wpi

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  1. Replaced by Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet Size 3. 100% Cotton Size 3 crochet thread. Hook E-4 3.5 mm. Weight is not listed on label. This is crochet thread size 3, roughly equivalent to a sport weight yarn. Machine wash gentle cycle, warm water, no bleach, rinse well and promptly remove. Roll in towel. Block. Produced in 14 colors
  2. 1912 - A. B. Collingbourne joined company. Artzilk artificial embroider and crochet thread introduced. 1915 - Western Thread published Encyclopedia of Art Needlwork by Virginia Snow. 1918 - Name changed to Collingbourne Mills. Began manufacturing cotton thread. Logo was ABC in a diamond for Americ'as Best Cottons and A.B. Collingbourne
  3. 12 ply. US: M/N13 upwards. UK: 00 and upwards. AUS/NZ and Metric: 9mm and upwards. 5 - 9 sts. I hope this is helpful to you. If you can see that something should be added to this yarn conversion chart then leave your suggestions below, they will be reviewed and adjustments will be made if accurate
  4. Lustrous and soft Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet Size 3 cotton thread is suitable for fashion apparel and accessories. Versatile premium quality thread is available in popular classic, contemporary, and variegated shades. • 100% Mercerized cotton Solids, 150 yd/137m, Multis, 100 yd, 91m ball. 97% Mercerized cotton/3% metallic filament blend colors; 100 yd/91m ball. <br>• Machine wash.

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Crochet Thread at discount prices here at Knitting-Warehouse. Find your favorite variety of crochet threads including Aunt Lydia's, DMC, South Maid, Red Heart and more. Get the best quality thread including cottons, special value balls, and metallic crochet threads perfect for holiday or evening accessories and decor For example, 30/3 is singles equivalent size 10, while 30/2 is singles equivalent size 15. Thread weight gives the yarn size of the 2-ply thread with the same weight as the thread being measured. For example, 30/3 is thread weight 20 (20/2 = 30/3), while 30/2 is thread weight 30. Thread weight is used commonly for embroidery threads The most common crochet hook sizes used for miniature crochet are the metric sizes .40, .60, .75, 1, 1.25, 1.5 mm. For US crochet hook equivalents, .40 is a US size 16, .60 is a US size 14, .75 is a US size 13, 1 is a US size 12, 1.25 is roughly a US size 10, and 1.5mm is a US size 8 in steel crochet hooks. There is no standard sizing across.

I started hand dyeing crochet thread several years ago as I liked to make doilies and couldn't always find the colors I want. I ended up with so much I started selling it on Ebay. Anyway, Walmart (at least where I live in central Texas) sells Red Heart Classic size 10 in the large balls at 1000 yards for $3.77 plus tax Hi, your chart is really helpful but i have a small issue i am running into. I bought my crochet hooks online so they were shipped from China and i live in the U.S. and i looked at your conversion chart and back at my hooks and noticed there is a 0.5mm increase between my hook sizes until it gets to 7.0mm then it goes straight to 8.0mm other than that my smallest is a 2.0mm which i don't. aunt lydia's 3 cotton crochet thread yarn size 3 select ~ crochet thread sizes crochet thread crochet thread es in sizes from 3 to 100 although historically [when ] it came in much finer sizes down to 200 diameter is inversely proportional to number so bead crochet thread and hook sizes shows how there is no effect on a design whether using double bead crochet method or the slip stitch.

Our Price: $2.99. • Smooth, lustrous thread for fine work. • 100% fine combed mercerized cotton, size 10. • White 257 yd (235m), Solids 230 yd (210m) , Ombres 212 yd (193m) ball. • Machine wash. • Imported. Thank you for showing interest in this item. You will be notified by email as soon as this item is available to purchase Needle size: 0-3 (2-3.25mm) Knit gauge: 7 or more stitches = 1 Hook size: D/3-E/4 Crochet gauge: 22-28 stitches = 4 inches. Bernat® Baby Soft, Bernat® Lollipop. Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn. Patons Beehive Baby Yarn, Patons Kroy 3- and 4-pl Crochet Conversion Tables. Here at LoveCrochet, we want to provide you with all of the beautiful yarns, useful accessories and versatile hooks that you could ever need to complete your project. Around the world, there are slight differences in terminology for hook sizes and yarn weights, so we've created some handy charts to help clear up any.

Offer ends July 11th at 11:59pm PST. Valid only for the U.S. Free shipping is applied in the cart at check out when the value is greater than $80 before taxes and shipping. Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet Thread is a soft and lustrous thread suitable for fashion apparel and accessories. The thicker size 3 works up fast Also, the equivalent standard US weights to U.K. yarns are as follows: fine = 3-4ply light = 4ply medium = double knit medium/heavy = aran bulky = chunky extra-bulky = double chunky. US and British Crochet Abbreviations. These are equivalent crochet terms and abbreviations. Only the names differ, the stitches themselves are identical. USA - U

Crochet thread comes in sizes from 3 to 100, although historically [when?] it came in much finer sizes, down to 200. Diameter is inversely proportional to number, so size 3 is nearly as thick as yarn and size 100 is as fine as sewing thread. Thread may also be categorized by number of plies and size 10 thread is known as bedspread weight.Smaller sizes (40 and up) are often used for tatting. Premium quality crochet thread in a slightly heavier weight that is ideal for apparel, fashion accessories, and home decor. Available in classic and contemporary shades, Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet is a versatile thread for all your crocheting needs. Art. 182 Fashion Crochet size 3 Materials: Solid Colors: 100% mercerized cotto Crochet thread is used for fine, heirloom quality projects, such as lace doilies, mandalas, filet crochet art, and jewelry. The numbering system for thread size and ply is different if the fiber content of the yarn is plant fiber or animal fiber. For plant fibers, such as cotton, linen, and bamboo, the first number represents the thread size. Or the most intricate crochet lace pattern can look unprofessional with certain yarn types. In my sample sleeve, I used a 100% cotton crochet thread in size 3. This size thread is about the equivalent of sport-weight yarn, sometimes listed as [2] on the yarn label. It's not that ultra-thin thread that people use to make doilies

Use weight 3 DK yarns and threads to knit or crochet lightweight clothing or accessories. Choose DK yarns in a range of beautiful colors or unique fiber blends. 21 sc and 24 rows with U.S. size F/5/3.75 mm crochet hook. Knit Gauge. 24 sts and 32 rows with U.S. size 5/3.75 mm knitting needles. Plymouth Yarn® Cleo $ 7.49. Content. 100%. Yarn weights and needle size conversion chart. The term 'yarn weight' refers to the thickness of the thread, not the weight of the ball or even of the thread itself. Thread: Approximately the same thickness as sewing thread or 10 count crochet cotton. Cobweb yarn: Also known as 1ply in the UK and Australia/New Zealand aunt lydia's® metallic cotton crochet thread. $4.49. Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU. ★★★★★ ★★★★★. 4.6 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Aunt Lydia's® Metallic Cotton Crochet Thread. (18) 20 Colors. 3 Sizes Recommended Hook Sizes: Size will be B1 to E4 ( USA) or 2.25mm - 3.5mm (Metric) Gauge for a 4″x4″ swatch will be between 21 stitches to 32 stitches across. Super Fine Yarn. Used: Crochet/ knit socks, baby wear and other lacey items. 2. Fine or Sport yarn: This is fine sport weight yarn Use it alone or blend it with other options for vibrant results. Recommended for use with a size E4 crochet hook or a size 2-3 knitting needle (sold separately), this size 3 Red Heart thread comes in a 125-yard spool and is available in a wide selection of colors, including black, coffee, scarlet and white

Conversion table for my sizes of crochet hooks. This listing is a heavy photo paper printed with my copy righted art work and conversion sizes on it, its not free. If you want to buy this, I send you a piece of heavy photo paper with this info on it. In fact you get 2 halves so give one to a friend Product Title Threadart 100% Pure Cotton Crochet Thread - SIZE 3 - Color 19 - LT BLUE- 50 gram balls 140 yds Average Rating: ( 4.4 ) out of 5 stars 12 ratings , based on 12 reviews Current Price $8.99 $ 8 . 9 Learn the basics of working with crochet thread from thread sizes to hooks sizes. This is the perfect place to start to learn about crochet thread. Buy Aunt. However, I prefer to work with a 3 mm hook with that yarn for amigurumis. In the picture below you can see a slight difference in size between the 3.5 and 3 mm hook. Also you see some small holes with the 3.5mm piece. Stylecraft recommends a 4 mm hook for the Special DK yarn. I prefer to use a 3 mm hook to get a tight finish

Pearl cotton thread is a heavy weight, lustrous thread that has many uses including hand quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, friendship bracelets and more. Size 8 is equivalent to 3 strands of embroidery floss. No pulling apart tangled strands of embroidery floss. 75 yds/10 grams per spool Size 8 100% merceri Size 12 (the finest) can be used for counted and pulled thread, embroidery and cross stitch, smocking, tatting, and Hardanger. It can be used in both loopers of a serger as well as the need; Anchor. Size 3 is available in 15 yard (5 gram) skein in 194 solid colors American threads usually use the same sizing as our own for crochet cotton sizes such as our number 10, 20, 40, etc. shown as No 10 or #10 etc. Bedspread weight yarn generally refers to our No 10 crochet cotton but some patterns may use thicker yarn such as No 5 or even our 4 ply cotton, so check hook and tension specified It is wound on a small core resulting in a compact ball with high yardage. Size 20: 405 yards. Size 30 Bright White DMC Cebelia Crochet Cotton Thread. by DMC $4.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Cebelia is a superior 100% cotton, three-cord, tightly twisted thread available in three sizes Available in multiple colors. Size 10. White, Ecru and Natural: 400 yd.; Solids: 350 yd.; Shaded Colors: 300 yd. 3 ply. Made from high luster mercerized cotton, Aunt Lydia's® Crochet Thread is the perfect choice for wardrobe essentials as well as home decor projects. You can use it knit a cute doily or make a tea cozy

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Standard Yarn Weight System. Downloads of these graphic symbols are available at no charge. We ask that if you use them in any publication that you advise us in an e-mail of your intention to use them and that the following credit line be given at least once in the document: Source: Craft Yarn Council's www.YarnStandards.com. Downloadable Symbols DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Thread Size 5 is a mercerized thread, non-divisible and made of 100% cotton. Perfect for cross stitching, needlepoint and embroidery on a wide variety of fabrics when a rich raised pattern is desired and for the finest of crocheted lace. Size: 5. Length: 437yd (400m). Comes in a variety of colors. Each sold separately

It is wound on a small core resulting in a compact ball with high yardage. Size 30: 563 yards. Size 10 White DMC Cebelia Crochet Cotton Thread. by DMC $4.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Cebelia is a superior 100% cotton, three-cord, tightly twisted thread available in three sizes Petra Thread is a 100% long staple cotton 2 ply thread and available in sizes 3, 5 and 8. With its exceptional brightness and softness, Petra is a quality crochet thread with natural, mercerised 100% cotton thread that does not go fluffy or knot easily. Knitting and crochet designs progress quickly and easily Lizbeth Tatting/Crochet Thread Size 10. Tat, Knit, Crochet like a dream! 100% Egyptian Cotton. Exceptional High Quality cordonnet thread with a large assortment of colors! Exceptional imported line of cotton thread, designed especially for tatters, crocheters, knitters and hand-crafters of all persuasions Size 8 (medium weight) - For: Stitching, Hand Quilting, Appliqué, Crochet, heavier Punchneedle, Rug-Hooking, Bobbin Work. Size 5 (heavy) - For: Stitching, Quilting, Bobbin Work, Crochet, Rug-Hooking, Tassel and Fringe-Making. As many Designers worldwide use our threads, we have developed Customized Pattern Collections - read more under. Description. Lizbeth crochet cotton size 20 is equivalent to a DMC Pearl Cotton 8. It is excellent for Crochet, Tatting, Knitting, Needlepoint, Cross-stitch, Embroidery, and Hand Quilting projects. Each ball is 25 grams and approx. 210 yards. This package contains 5 crochet cotton balls in size 20. Lizbeth is a premium crochet cotton thread.

Buy your yarn online at Hobbii.com today! Start your next knitting or crochet project with yarn from Hobbii.co 8/10/2010 · size #3 crochet thread is fairly equivalent in thickness to cyca #2 fine or us sport weight yarns {uk light dk, aus 5 ply}; however, yarns don't. Malik Fetty (Covington) Said: I am so excited to have this new line of size 3 sport weight crochet cotton lizbeth thread some suggested crochet patterns for lizbeth size 3 Crochet Conversion Chart Free Printable Earlier this year, I posted a printable that has since become my most popular download-the Knitting Conversion Chart . It's been a big hit, but I actually received several emails in email and some social media forums asking me to make one for knitting Memorize it or bookmark it, whichever you choose, to familiarize yourself with crochet hook sizes in both US and metric terms. Millimeter Size. US Size. 2.25 mm. B-1. 2.75 mm. C-2. 3.25 mm. D-3 Thread size and hook size are one of the key differences that must be understood to master the art of thread crochet. Once you understand this part, the rest is all in the details. So, let's dig in to get a better understanding of the way that crochet thread sizes are numbered and the right crochet hook sizes to go with them

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Weight #0 or Lace includes yarn type fingering 10-count crochet thread. This weight of yarn is usually crocheted using the US hook size of 6/7/8 (steel) and B-1 of regular. The metric equivalent is 1.6-1.4mm for steel and the regular metric hook size of 2.25mm 4-Medium, Worsted. (I-9) 5.50 mm, (J-10) 6.00 mm, (K-11) 6.50 mm. 5-Bulky, Chunky. 7.00 mm, (L) 8.00 mm, (M/N) 9.00 mm. 6-Super Bulky. (N/M) 10.00 mm, 12.00 mm. 7-Jumbo. (P/Q) 15.00 mm, (Q) 16 mm. I hope y'all found this Yarn Weight and Crochet Hook Size Chart helpful THREAD SIZE COMPARISON CHART Anecord® Nylon CF Twisted Multifilament Nylon Page 3 of 4. A&E Brand & Thread Construction Finish BT- Bonded SST - Soft & Stretch STX - Not Stretched Tex Size Yarn Construc-tion Metric Size Dtex Old Tkt Size US Gov. Tkt VT285E, Mil-DTL 32072 Avg.* Strength (lbs) Avg.* Strength (grams) Avg.* Strengt Some thread equivalents: thread numbers are very confusing, I agree. Crochet is usually worked on a relatively coarse scale compared to traditional needle lace. Crochet cotton 30 is a little thicker than a pearl 12. But machine threads 30 and 50 are much finer, and comparable to the sizes of quilting threads Enlarge to 1.3 times original size (for a moderately dense lace) For a looser less dense lace x =.2 /.125 x= 1.6 Enlarge to 1.6 times original size -----Thread size numbers can be very confusing. Crochet is usually worked on a relatively coarse scale compared to traditional bobbin lace or needle lace

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2-3/inch. 8-12/10cm. 8 or. fewer. 400-500. 13 - 15. 9 - 10mm. * An approximately equivalent Meters/Kilogram amount can be obtained by muliplying the Yards/Pound value by 2. Every issue of Vogue Knitting magazine has an abbreviated chart, with some differences in how they define yarn type or size by gauge This Crochet Hook Conversion Chart covers crochet hook sizes for the U.S., U.K. and Canada. The metric sizing is generally what I refer to here in Australia and so I have placed AUS/NZ in the metric hook size column. In each country, crochet hooks can differ in size and that is why there is a need for this crochet hook conversion chart Comparing different sizes of yarns. In the crochet world, the smaller the size of yarn, the thicker it is. There are three readily available sizes of crochet thread available- size 10, 5, and 3. I generally use a size 3 crochet thread if I am crocheting around a baby blanket because I think it is the softest This popular yarn weight (it's reportedly the most-used yarn in the US) is equivalent to UK aran. Worsted weight yarns are medium thickness and knit up on 4-5½mm needles, making them a good choice for beginners and winter knits such as jumpers and blankets. Light worsted is the same as DK in the UK. Note that the term 'worsted' can also. Here are the nearest equivalents: * #5 pearl/perle cotton is a little thicker than #10 crochet thread, but is suitable for most #10 cotton patterns. * #8 pearl/perle cotton is about the same as #20 crochet thread. * #12 pearl/perle cotton is about the same as #40 crochet thread. Posted by Artifax Labels: business news , crochet

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UK Crochet Hook Sizes. The UK crochet needle size ranges from 14 to 000, with 14 as the smallest and 000 as the biggest. Canada also uses the same sizing method. Based on the conversion table, the smallest size is equivalent to a 2mm hook and the biggest size is just the same as a 10 mm hook. Steel Crochet Hook Sizes Standard knitting needle and crochet hook sizes; US and metric

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Singles equivalent gives the single yarn size (1-ply) with the same weight as the thread being measured. For example, 30/3 is singles equivalent size 10, while 30/2 is singles equivalent size 15. Thread weight gives the yarn size of the 2-ply thread with the same weight as the thread being measured. For example, 30/3 is thread weight 20 (20/2. YARN WEIGHT CONVERSION* AUSTRALIAUSAUK2 plyLaceweight1 ply3 plyFingering2 ply3 plySock3 ply5 plySport4 ply8 plyDK/Light WorstedDK10 plyWorstedAran12 plyBulkyChunky14 plySuper BulkySuper Chunky *Approximate conversion CROCHET HOOK CONVERSION AUSTRALIAUSAUK2.75 mmC/2123 mmC/2113.25 mmD/3103.5 mmE/493.75 mmF/5-4 mmG/684.5 mm775 mmH/865.5 mmI/956 mmJ/1046.5 mmK/10.537 mm10.7527.5 mm-18 mmL/1109. For example, if you want to know what is US size 8 knitting needles in the UK, just look at the chart. You'll see a US 8 is equivalent to a UK size 6 needle. Or if you want to know what size is 4.5 mm knitting needles, looking at the chart, you'll see it's a size 7 Yarn conversion chart. Meters per 100gm. Standard Yarn Weight. UK Yarn Type. Australian Yarn Ply. US Yarn Type. Wraps per Inch. Suggested Needle Size. Tension/Gauge (4in/10cm Knitting Yarn and Crochet Thread. Printer-friendly version. Coats & Clark, America's #1 name in sewing and needlecraft products, has been gracious enough to give us permission to reproduce their hundreds of free pattern sheets so that they're available to a wider audience. Please consider supporting them through your yarn purchases by using.